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  1. Looking for a copy of the song “cest la vie” by Terry Callier on vinyl. I can only seem to find CDs with the track. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. I bought a dozen of these when they first came out (2009 or 2010, I think) and I struggled to interest anyone in buying one. I ended up giving most away. The quality is nowhere near as good as the Audio Technica soundburger. It's made of cheap lightweight plastic and the USB connections were faulty to the point of causing horrible feedback when connected to my iMac.
  3. Think you missed out a few city names... Here's what I hear: New York City Have you heard Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC. The Philly Dog is the word. Cleavland Ohio Chicago Illinois Detroit Michigan The Philly dog opens doors Cause I know. Sock it girl I want you to git it girl Come on girl Philly dog around the world Philly dog around the world Git it, git it , git it, git it (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Philly dog around the world Philly dog around the world Git it, git it , git it, git it Richmond Virginia Norfolk, Newport News I'm the originator The creator Now tell me ain't that news Charlotte, North Carolina Atlanta Georgia I'm all over this land Now tell me ain't that grand come on now sock it girl I want you to git it girl Come on girl yeah yeah yeah yeah Philly dog around the world Philly dog around the world Git it, git it , git it, git it (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Philly dog around the world Philly dog Git it, git it , git it, git it Philly dog Come on now I want you to git up on the floor Come on and Philly dog some more
  4. Sorry, that one was already sold before I posted the list here. I've removed the pic to avoid further confusion.
  5. All records in excellent or mint condition. All records US originals Airmail post from US $15 for first record. $2 each additional record. Low-value declared at your risk unless insured for cost. Insured and/or Registered post extra. Please message me to reserve. Reasonable offers considered on unsold items after list has been posted to multiple groups and sales sites. PayPal OK. Twans "I can't see him again" Dade $1500 Sandy Wynns "Touch of Venus" Doc $600 Paris "Sleepless nights" Doc SOLD Cecil Washington "I don't like to lose" Prophonics $3800 Reese and Thrillers "Try it" One Way $1500 Candi Staton "Now you got the upper hand" Unity $2000 Vivian Carol "Oh yeah yeah yeah" Merben $2000 Devastations "What makes you feel this way" $3500 Caressors "I can't stay away" Ru-Jac $2200 Ellusions "You didn't have to leave" Lamon SOLD Freddie Chavez "They'll never know why" Look SOLD Gloria Barnes "I'll call you back later" Maple $2500 Soul Sounds Unl. "Word called love" June $2500 Deboniers "Why pick on me" Orr $750 Kenny Sheppard "What difference does it make" Maxx $750
  6. Subway Soul is organized and promoted by Dawn Carrington. Phreddie is the mainstay DJ, but I would calll this Dawn's event. The next event is tentatively scheduled for September. As pomonkey said, Mr Fine Wine's Wednesday night gig is still going strong (after 20 years!) There's also a regular (monthly?) gig in Crown Heights Brooklyn at a bar called "Friends and Lovers". Also some events in Queens. Email me closer to the time you'll be in town and I'll see if I can determine what will be happening while you're here.
  7. I've been after this for awhile myself, to no avail yet!
  8. A few of us are spinning rare soul 45s from 5pm-10pm on Sunday, 8 May at the Beast Next Door in Long Island City, Queens. It's a short subway ride from Manhattan or Brooklyn. There's a public facebook invite for it. Just search for "Sunday Soul Session". Address is 45-21 27th Street in Long Island City.
  9. Are these prices you're willing to pay for these wants? Or is this just a sales list you "inadvertently" posted in the wrong section?
  10. I attended premiere in New York in mid September, where Elaine spoke and answered questions after the film. Attendance was about 40 or 50 people. But the screening I saw was a one-off. I don't think it had any kind of general release or otherwise ran in any other theater.
  11. Nice! Would like great next to my Ivories. :-) They released a cover of the Masqueraders "I don't want nobody to lead me on" on Dionne Warwick's Sonday label.
  12. You can see them on his site. Just look at "Ending this week". Every auction that ended today is visible with final prices and remains visible until next week's auction. John Manship also posts the finishing prices to facebook.

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