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  1. My copy is signed by Jackey. The story I was told was that this copy ( and others) were given away at a car dealership trying to promote the record. I assume the owner was a pal of Jackey's. The SWONS?
  2. Come on, own up!

    Quite a few on evilbay as I type!
  3. Come on, own up!

    Who's bought a purple vinyl Frank Wilson?
  4. Rocket allnighter 2002

    Hi Chalky PM me your email address. I have a 'flyer' and a couple of news sheets I can send you. Hope you're well. Julian
  5. Rocket allnighter 2002

    I was there that night - went with Alan (RIP) and Judi Pollard + John & Carol Vare. Think the Jeremy you talk about is Jeremy Hanson. I met him that night for the first time. We had communicated prior to this via Levine's 'Advanced Northern Soul' cha...
  6. Talking pies- your best

    Just tucking into a Metcalfes of Cleckheaton pork pie. Fabulous crunchy water pastry and a pork filling to die fore. Got a tub of pork dripping for my toast as well. Happiness is here ( not the 45)
  7. Is it me, but?

    Celeste Hardy is going for quite a bit of cash at the moment. £1200 is not 4 times it's current value.
  8. Is it me, but?

    Just revisiting this thread. Not naming names, but have you seen the recent sales where the asking prices are around 4 times the actual value (imho)?
  9. my Northern Soul Moan

    Having read the poems in this thread, all I can say is bring back William Wordsworth
  10. You have friends who don't collect originals? Shame on you Chris Hope you're well mate. Julian & Carolyn xx
  11. Ray Agee on Soultown auction

    That's what I thought
  12. Talking pies- your best

    Won't the pastry go soggy?
  13. Talking pies- your best

    Not sure Johnny Mutton will appreciate this!!!
  14. Talking pies- your best

    Used to try theirs when Mrs B owned a business about 5 doors away! Still not as good as Metcalfes though
  15. Talking pies- your best

    Best pork pies are from Metcalfes Butcher in Cleckheaton - delicious ( ask Phil Dick if you don't believe me!!)

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