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  1. Never take more than 100 for an hour's spot
  2. RCA WD in EX+ condition. Lovely clean labels, plays perfectly £150 ONO Paypal gift or bank transfer. P&P £3 PM to buy, question, offer Thanks for looking
  3. Can I bring a sales box? Julian
  4. It was either 71 or 72 - blinking heck it's 45+ years ago. I can't remember what I had for breakfast!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sure do. Didn't we get lots of Fidels, Furys and Jo Lovejoy from here as well?
  6. You should have go into Bostocks warehouse ( Bradford Market) - to quote Howard Carter ' I see wonderful things' Then again, I think I was the only person to get into their other warehouse ( a derelict terraced house in Undercliffe) - single copies of far too many to mention!! Talk about the good old days Julian
  7. Julianb


    Hi Sue Can you save Andy and I a 'sales' table please? See you Sunday. Cheers Julian
  8. If you want rare original vinyl in the sun, get to Hitsville in mojacar in Sept 2020
  9. Vala Reegan - Fireman - Atco WD in company sleeve - strong VG++ plays perfectly £200 Niteriders - Come get these memories - Niterider Records - EX - plays perfectly - a single scratch mark ( like a knife cut across part of the label into deadwax one one side only )NAP £100 Drizabone - Pressure - 4th B-WAY - 7" single - P/S - both vinyl and sleeve in EX condition £80 Reg post £3, special delivery £8 - paypal gift or bank transfer. Full refund if not happy. PM to buy, question etc. Thanks for looking, Julian
  10. Two interesting articles in the news today. Sodium hexaflouride is 23500 times more warming than carbon dioxide. It's used in electrical switchgear that has seen a massive increase in use due to wind farms and other 'ecologically friendly' systems of electricity production. The other states that the ozone hole is the smallest in years. Maybe we are all being conned to get us taxed more? Just a cynical thought.
  11. Hi Chalky Many thanks - I've bought some ( not 200 as I don't think I'll ever get to use them as the 45s I want are few and far between!) Julian
  12. Looking to buy some new ones. Can anyone recommend the best out there? TIA Julian
  13. Hi Can anyone tell me how much this went for? TIA

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