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    A lil' lovin' sometimes
  1. JulianB

    first three records to start a set

    Del Larks - played out - you need to get rid of it. Give me a call!!!!
  2. JulianB

    first three records to start a set

    Last time I djed I started with;- Aspirations on peaches, , Combinations kimtone and. Cleveland Robinson love is a trap Went down very well
  3. JulianB


    Well, that's one of my 'set' sorted
  4. JulianB

    Ramsbottom Soul Night

    Will there be cake?
  5. JulianB

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    I can only make a decision from the experience of meeting and chatting with her. Perhaps she's mellowed with age.
  6. JulianB

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Just had Corrie filming all day here - Maureen Lipman ( what a lovely lady) Tyrone and James. Crew arrived 7.50 and have just packed up at 10.15. They built a false wall with double doors, put up curtains ( it was a night scene) for the inside filming. All the outdoor stuff was done this evening. Never seen so many vans and personnel in one spot, no wonder films cost so much to produce! Can't tell you the story line but it's being screened on the 25th January. Enjoy.
  7. JulianB

    Pee Wee Shuck and Huey & Combinations

    Still looking for Pee Wee
  8. Ian and a few of his pals were caught out a couple of years ago bootlegging about 20 records. These were done specifically to 'fool' collectors as they went to great lengths to copy deadwax markings etc. A few collectors were taken in and bought them before the deception came to light. There will be a lengthy discussion on here somewhere. You need to search for it.
  9. Breaking News - From the Reuters News Desk Hundreds of Northern Soul events are facing closure with numerous DJs facing redundancy as their suppliers of vinyl records are imprisoned. As spokesperson for the Non Original Vinyl and Bootleg Only Promotors Society ( NOVBOPS) said ' Many of our promoters are facing ruin in the light of these imprisonments, as well as our 'new; DJs losing their livelihoods as record supplies 'dry' up. An emergency meeting of NOVBOPS is being called in the hope that some of those affected will be able to 'rustle up' sufficient original records to continue with the odd event. However the spokesperson stated that this scenario was unlikely as most promoters and DJs don't know what an original 45 looks like and finding people with any knowledge of original vinyl records was proving an almost impossible task. Check in with Reuters for future updates on this breaking story
  10. JulianB

    Dave Box RIP

    Just heard that Dave passed away earlier today. Sorry don't have any further news at this moment. Great guy and one of the 'stalwarts' of the scene. RIP mate.
  11. JulianB

    Knee injury from dancing

    I swear by my metal knee!!
  12. JulianB

    Andy Dyson contact details please

    Thanks Guys
  13. JulianB

    Andy Dyson contact details please

    Hi Steve Popped his name in members lookup - nothing! Is he listed under 'dysonsoul'? Cheers Julian
  14. Hi can anyone help me please? PM me please. TIA Julian
  15. JulianB


    Hi Sue Can you reserve sales tables for Andy and I please. Cheers Julian


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