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  1. JulianB

    3 UK originals

    Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied -London silver top EX £80 **HOLD** Contours - Determination TMG 564 strong EX £75 **HOLD** Pat Lewis - Hit and run - Goldmine sevens promo unplayed £30 Reg p&p £3 Paypal gift please. Thanks for looking - PM to buy
  2. This thing called love - PT 109 original with horizontal name EX condition £75 + £3 reg post. Regularly sells for £100+ on evilbay Paypal gift or bank transfer. PM to buy. Thanks for looking
  3. JulianB

    Quick Query - Johnny Sayles Can't Get Enough

    Hi Dave One resides here
  4. JulianB

    Trider,Black,Chandler etc

    Larry Trider - Carbon Copy - Coral ISSUE VG+ plays great, clean labels £130 Marjorie Black - One more hurt - Sue W/D EX £200 Lorraine Chandler - What can I do - RCA W/D VG++ £110 has name DON in red felt tip on What side Carstairs - He who picks a rose - Okeh VG++ £80 Pat Clayton - Someone else's turn - Silver Tip M- (looks unplayed) £75 Williams & Watson - Too late Dutch Epic picture sleeve EX+ £125 Arthur Conley - Keep on talking - French Atco VG+ has 3 names on light biro on Ha Ha side Copy P/S £60 Combinations - Bump Ball RCA P/S M- unplayed £50 Billy Butler - Come on over to my side - Brunswick. Looks unplayed but has 'FAST in biro on A side and Slow Nice Beat on B side, so I'm assuming this was played once when received and then shelved. £20 Postage £2.50 reg or £7.50 special. Paypal gift please. PM to buy. Thanks for looking
  5. JulianB

    Another Poll version battle.

    SB first played by Ian Levine at Blackpool Mecca
  6. JulianB

    Admirations (Aspirations)

    The bottom one is like my copy. Maybe the top one is a boot?
  7. JulianB


    I heard this true story yesterday from a well known DJ, collector and seller of records. Punter " I'll have this one please" Seller " You know it's a bootleg don't know?" Punter "Yes, I only need it for DJing" I won't name names, but happened in the North West recently
  8. JulianB


    Decided I'm going to do a Mecca spot 1971 -1974 with the possible exception of Cecil Washington for Sue, but don't hold your breath Sue!
  9. Chalky posted all the details earlier in this thread!
  10. JulianB

    3 hard ones!

    Just Brothers - Carlena - Garrison **SORTED** Pee Wee Shuck and Huey - Beside myself - Flagg Little Nicky Soul - I wanted to tell you - Shee Originals only in good nick please - realistic prices paid. PM with price and condition. Here's hoping!!!!!
  11. JulianB

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    I agree with your memory
  12. JulianB

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Don't remember the Triumphs being played
  13. Invitations - What's wrong with me baby - Stateside 478 issue copy strong VG++ clean labels £175 **SOLD** Contours- Determination/Just a little misunderstanding issue copy TMG 564 VG++ clean labels £125 Postage £2.50 registered or £7.50 special delivery. paypal gift or bank transfer please. PM to buy, question etc. Thanks for looking
  14. JulianB

    UK Demos Vs Issues Prices???

    I would love to meet the person who stuck a 'Not for sale' sticker on my HL Stateside issue
  15. JulianB

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Just seen a Skullsnaps - My hang up is you on ebay at £450


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