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  1. Just seen a green and white demo of this. Seems strange to be in the middle of the TMG run of red and white demos. Can anyone explain this anomaly? TIA
  2. I've probably posted this before on this theme but December 1964 the Jazz Club Halifax (Plebians). It's been a long and happy journey
  3. Think a Ward Burton sold for $2500 last week
  4. 40 minutes of Andy and Jacko is more than enough for everyone
  5. Sorry we can't make this. Great list of djs giving their time for free. Make it a brilliant fund raising event in the memory of Angie. Julian and Carolyn xx
  6. Due to prior commitments we can't make this one. Great music from great DJs. Make sure you get there and support the first of many nights planned for the future. Run by Dave and Bev Moore who know a thing or two about putting on successful do's!! Julian and Carolyn
  7. Unlucky Alf - oh bugger! Just been for a good few beers with Mrs B. Unfortunately in conversation I mentioned that I'd booked my flights to Hitsville in Benidorm in May. Who is the artist? Melvin Davis I reply. He's my favourite! Oh bugger she's just booked flights. Sorry drinking friends, I may not be able to enjoy your company quite as much as previously agreed Have a great New Year and feel sorry for me ( and drinking partners, Bruce, Charlie, Gary, Denny, Mick,Pete, Kev, etc etc) Julian
  8. Looking forward to spinning a few tunes tonight. See you in a few hours
  9. With it being the season of goodwill I won't tell you to f*** o*f We know it's going to be a difficult time for you but stay positive and enjoy yourself. Best wishes Julian and Carolyn xxx
  10. Hi Fred, John joined soul source yesterday. He's alive and well and living in Skipton. I've pm'd him but not had a reply yet. Hope you and Jacqui are both well. I'm djing at barnoldswick on the 27th if you fancy a trip to Lancashire!!!
  11. Always remembered the name batman from the wheel. Famous alongside booper etc. Obviously I knew the two John's were not the same person
  12. Hi Chalky, I think we may be getting mixed up. The John Bollen I knew in the late 60s/early 70s was from Skipton/Earby area and was a pal of Franny O'Brien, Les Cokell etc and used to come to Lord Jim's in huddersfield before we used to travel over to the wheel. He introduced us to Dave Godin who he met in London whilst at art college and introduced Dave to us northerners. Dave visited Lord Jim's and wrote about it in blues and soul. Googling john bollen, it comes up with a furniture design business in Skipton and one of the pictures does look like an older version of the John Bollen I knew back in the day! Perhaps someone on here in the Skipton area can confirm?
  13. Thanks Sam, the last I heard of John he was back living in Skipton near Franny O'Brien. Julian

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