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  1. Went to pub on Monday and just back from pub a few minutes ago. Happy days
  2. Maybe the vendor has decided to keep it?
  3. Bus pass out, camra discount vouchers in pocket, mates sorted. Wetherspoons here I come. Not a grouse in sight (well, maybe later to warm up!)
  4. Personally, for me, the best thing is number 51, Alexander Patton. When I DJed at Prestwich with Alexander on the bill, he said, and I quote " you're the guy in the book?" yes, that's me. Still got the UK Capitol RW demo. It's been my all time favourite since '67 ( it was deleted on Capitol 66 series when I first heard it) Thanks Kev. Julian
  5. One of the problems regarding the playing of new releases may be that 'occasional' DJS who only do a few events is that they are booked to play what they are known to possess on original vinyl. Maybe the breaking of new stuff should be left to those who are DJing on a regular basis as generally the more you hear something, the more acceptable it becomes.I have bought a few recently and think I will give them a spin at the next charity event I do to see the reaction. I'll let you know the reaction in December (if we're out of lockdown by then). Just my take on this discussion and qui
  6. Always classed as the poor man's Fuller Brothers back in the 'day'
  7. Lovely WD of this classic tune in very strong EX condition. Plays perfectly. Very slight bit of discolouration on stereo side, please see photos. £50 + £3.50 registered post. PAYPAL F&F or bank transfer please. Thanks for looking. PM to buy, questions etc
  8. Good morning everyone, Any idea of value of this in minty condition? TIA Julian
  9. Just changed Mrs B's from LV to Hastings. Slightly better cover and over £100 saved. Used Go compare website.
  10. Used to get parcels from Simon Soussan opened by the customs on a regular basis. Maybe they knew he was a shady character even then
  11. I remember (well partly) going to one 'do' there. Before it started I spent a few hours in the Dragonara Hotel with Chris Burton, Keith Minshull and the group - trouble is, I can't remember who they were. Think they were an all girl group. Can anyone fill in the gaps in my memory?
  12. There are 2 red ones residing a few hundred yards from here! Trouble is, they don't appear to be leaving their current home.
  13. Anyone know how this will affect buying in $ from the States etc?

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