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  1. A few more for discussion. I got all these in a job lot approx 20 years ago. Interestingly there was some paperwork from Keith Prose (the impresario) enclosed with them. I think the Jamo Thomas acetate is genuine.
  2. One on ebay if you want to pay a new world record price
  3. Hi, these are normal 45 pressings with deadwax numbers.
  4. As promised I attach the photos. All the records have the correct deadwax stampings. I hear what you say about maybe labels being stuck on but my question would be 'why bother with cheap 45s?' surely if you're going to 'fake' something, you would do high value stuff? Just my thoughts.
  5. Found 37 without 'disc' on them. I'll post up tomorrow + 20 Decca Group Test Pressings including a Jamo Thomas Acetate.
  6. I'll have a sort through and post photos of all of them
  7. Human Beinz - Nobody but me - Capitol M- company sleeve £80 Little Anthony - Goin out of my head - United Artists vinyl EX skmr (see photo) no damage to label. Should be easy to remove the residue company sleeve £30 Or buy both for £100. Postage rates have gone up, so £3.50 to sign for or £8.00 PayPal F&F or bank transfer please Thanks for looking. PM to buy
  8. Surely VAT is not charged on secondhand goods?
  9. Been treated to a fabulous display courtesy by Fred Done of Betfred fame. He lives nearby and has just spent a lot of gamblers money! Happy New Year to everyone on Soul Source. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up again this year. Julian and Carolyn
  10. Does anyone think that John bids on the 'good price' sale prices?
  11. Hi, got lots of these. Here's a few of them. I assume they are real, got the correct deadwax readings and who would go to the trouble of 'faking' common and cheapish 45s? Any ideas of value or how best to sell them? TIA Julian
  12. Hi Rod, just having a bit of banter. Hope you and Clare are both well. Cheers Julian

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