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    Been into soul since the early 60's collecting records and visited most venues to name but a few Lord Jims,Hifi,Bin lid,uke club,Tiffs wkfld&halfx,Bay horse,leeds central  pendulum,Torch,vavas,okehclub,Casino,blckpool mecca,,mnchstr ritz,cleethorpes peer/wintergdns Morecambe pier  Brighouse Ritz Corner pocket Empress Mexboro  Drax,kgb,samanthas sheffield, and more. dj'd at various clubs leeds  central,Brannigans leeds,RitzBrghse,Longfield suite,Drax soulclub,Empress ballroom,Bankhall miners club,Knottingley town hall ,Kellingley social club Metrodome Barnsley Co promoted Coach house Wakefield and For almost 13 yrs co promoter of the Frobisher suite wakefield alongside Jacque,Val and Dave Box. Highlights over the years co promoting Live appearence of Jackie Ross and syl Johnson both awsome. Love dancing, Dj ing, the scene and nice people I've had the pleasure to meet.

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    west Yorkshire
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    A lil lovin sometimes -Alexander Patten

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  1. Keith Mr "Kingspinner" Really Sad to hear of Keith passing. An inspiration to us all and played a big part in the Soul Scene. Condolences go out to Keiths Family R.I.P. Keith Fred & Jacque Ward.
  2. Very Sad to hear,Dave has been on the scene for many years a true friend always had time to speak.he will be always in our hearts.Condolences to Dave's family R.I.P. Dave. Jacque & Fred Ward
  3. In these times of lockdown it's really nice to hear stories taking us back to our youth. It's exactly what we need,great to read all the stories of the clubs and what we used to get up to ,the characters on the scene and times that touched us individually and that you will hear a soul sound somewhere that will trigger the old memory cells and in an instant you will be teleported back in time and on your way to a nighter,Maybe the Torch, Blackpool Mecca, The Pendulum in Manchester and of course many more .Those moments are priceless. God bless all those who are no longer with us and those that
  4. I'm gonna run away from you was championed by the Northern soul Scene at the time in particular the Wheel crowd. This is how the record got into the charts and resulting in Tami appearing on BBC's Top Of The Pops. R.I.P. Tami. Fred Ward.
  5. Very sad News, Tony was a legend and truly inspirational. R.I.P. Fred Ward.
  6. How about Makin' up Time, The Holidays or the Only way is up,Otis Clay. Regards Fred.
  7. OMG Very sad to hear this news. Geno was a really good friend of my late brother Rob Ward R.I.P. and used to see him at the Cleethorpes pier/Winter gardens All nighters. I also new him,he was ever so polite and humble. Always was happy to be able to walk with us on the same side of the street. At the time was not allowed in South Africa. He used to tell us his Dad ran a Cane furniture busines called Mmanto Shikane and exported cane furniture all over the world.. Geno came over to the UK to have a good education. Loved Northern Soul and was a really good dancer as it was in his blood. R.I.P. Ge
  8. Leeds Central Soul Club always on top.Playing the sounds we all grew up with and love. All set in the original building, with the original Dj's creating that "Central" only atmosphere that hits you as you descend down the stairs. Northern Soul & Motown at its finest. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Regards Fred.
  9. Ey up Steve,I'm only 67 years young. Regards Fred.
  10. Hi I've just read your ad re the venue and noticed you use Slipperine, not sure if you're aware, one of the ingredients is boric acid which has health implications if inhaled or ingested. If you download the data sheets it will confirm this or alternatively ask the question online and see the results. I just thought you should be aware. Hope Friday goes well! Regards Fred.
  11. Ey up Steve, and I'm only 67 years young, I'm privileged and looking forward to spinning a few sounds at the famous "Leeds Central Soul Club's" Christmas cracker, and hearing the top sounds spun by original central Dj's and guest Richard.Creating that unique atmosphere and being amongst top "Soulies" culminating in a truly soulfull experience and fantastic day. See you all on the day. A merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.
  12. Mr Fred


    can you tell me what time it starts and finishes.Regards Fred.
  13. By a mile it has to be 1st George Carrow because like already said its the first to be spun at various venues across the country and it's the best version.2nd Darrell Bank"s take on it. Then the others don't come anywhere near. I.M.O. Regards Fred.
  14. My old mate Martyn, Used to knock about with him quite a lot. Martyn passed away 18/9/2002.Much too early. He used to go out with Liz from Huddersfield for a time.He was one of the largest characters on the scene.Talk about a Dj when he was on at the Torch his words would all flow into one but he was up there with the best i.m.o.He Once Dj'd for me at the Frobisher suite and turned up with bits of toilet roll stuck all over his face as he'd cut himself shaving. Seriously though he's sadly missed and have many memories of him in many places. Always a pleasure to be in his comp

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