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    This was the first one of 2018 and the place was buzzing. The dance floor was full all night with a good mix of sounds from all the DJ's. A brilliant night. Looking forward to the next one in February Regards Fred Ward.

    First one of 2018 and the place was buzzing! Brilliant night. All the best Fred Ward.
  3. RIP Ray France

    Very sad to hear this news.A great Dj and person.Deepest Condolences. Fred & Jacque Ward.
  4. Denise LaSalle R I P

    So sad to hear this news.The lady that brought us the Twisted wheel classic "A love reputation". R I P Denise Fred.
  5. Back cueing & damaging records

    As long as the stylus is not worn as most decent Dj's will ensure they are always in top condition, winding the turntable in reverse when cueing shouldn't damage the run in on vinyl. Regards Fred.
  6. Cueing options for vinyl other than headphones

    An Error occurred and this posting can be read above.Regards Fred.
  7. Cueing options for vinyl other than headphones

    Most vinyl decks have a row of l.e.d.lights that illuminate gradually across the row of lights as you spin the record so you know bang on where the track starts.If not on the decks you can get mixers with the lights built in. In this way you don't even need ...
  8. Continental Coffee Bar, Bradford

    We, that is myself Fred Ward,Howard Lockwood,Howard Earnshaw and Des Harris used to get over to the Vic lounge one night during the week. Vinny the landlord was always pissed.Al Stephenson was always there and Geoff Armstrong.If I remember correctly wasn't Al...
  9. Merry Christmas

    We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and soulfull 2018 Jacque and Fred Ward
  10. Is this you

    A very unreasonable ultimatum.I'm blessed as I met my wife at a soul night.I have lots of friends who are into Northern Soul and their partners/wives arn't and just don't get it, yet they still are together and have lots of other things in common. As myself I...
  11. time to start with the xmas tunes-

    James Brown:- Hey America ! Atb Fred
  12. Leeds Central Xmas Alldayer with Keith Minshull

    Really looking forward to another Christmas all dayer at the Legendary Leeds Central Soul club.Got some nice $ounds lined up .See you all there. A merry Christmas to you all Regards Fred
  13. Worst /Best rhyme in soul?

    Absolutely spot on, and all those years I got it wrong, I put my hearing aids in and listened to it Wow. A big thanks for enlightening me.Regards Fred.
  14. Worst /Best rhyme in soul?

    What about in Percy Sledges "Baby Help Me" about half way through the record Percy comes out with the line " you think you've got me dangling on a string, balls to everything.Well at least it sounds like that to me. Apologies in advance if i've got it wrong L...