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  1. Mr Fred

    Dave Clegg

    So So Sad news. Absolutely in Shock. I've just read the terrible news. Dave one of the Original Huddersfield Wheel crowd and a true friend. Was with him this summer.Was always a pleasure to be in his company. God bless you Dave R.I.P. Jacque & Fred Ward.
  2. Mr Fred


    Keni Burke, always takes me back to Leeds Central. Never gets played anywhere. Regards Fred
  3. Mr Fred

    Leeds Central Soul Club October Alldayer

    Leeds Central Soul Club, the home of Northern soul in Yorkshire. Still in the original venue with the original dj's playing sounds that guarantee to get you up on the dance floor.Only the best in Northern Soul is played here to the "Centralites" that create the legendary atmosphere that hits you when you go down the stairs into the club. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Regards Fred
  4. Mr Fred

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Never went to this place. But One of the Dj's names got the grey matter working wasn't Al Kent from Bradford as I met him many years ago in Bradford. Regards Fred Ward.
  5. Mr Fred

    Cats Whiskers In Leeds?

    The Cats Whiskers Meanwood. I remember a girl who got barbed up and tried to drive her car out of the car park and bumped about 6 cars in the process. Regards Fred.
  6. Mr Fred


    A big thanks to Julie &Richard for having me on again . Now in my 66th year, I've been remembering the $oul Clubs over the years and the Soul Sounds that made them. So I've tried to formulate a range of records that will reflect this and keep you all entertained on the dance floor Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Regards Fred.
  7. Mr Fred

    Yorkshire Soul Venues -- 60's / 70's

    Hi Roburt, Yes you're absolutely right, I think I got carried away with my enthusiasm, I've just looked at an old flyer for a Christmas bash at the Tracky Club for 1990 and it was it's 4th xmas bash so I recon the soul nights must have started sound 84 / 85 but don't know for sure. Who knows we might have met there. Do you know any of the following people Rob Chappel R.I.P. (Tubby) his best mate Snoz R.I.P. Dave Liversedge R.I.P. Chalky, Andy Oxley.Tony Fell.Chip. Bob Mellor and Denise Mellor and of course Eddie Ratch, these were/ are good friends of ours. Good times! I don't know when the Londoner started but I think maybe before the Tracky Club, I don't remember much as me our Rob R.I.P. , Phil Haigh. R.I.P. and myself used to go when it was Monk Bretton Social club which became the Londoner, we used to arrive well blasted as we used to drink Carlsberg Special Brew and by the time we got there the dance floor used to be swinging from side to side LOL. All the best Fred.
  8. Mr Fred

    Yorkshire Soul Venues -- 60's / 70's

    Here's a few names and places that spring to mind and am sure there'll be a few members on here can recall. Barnsley: Tracky Club run by Derek Greenhoff and Bub . The Londoner again if my memory serves me correct Derek and Bub were the Dj's.The Ace Ballroom in Royston great venue. Normanton:- Normy Baths all nighters was run in the 60's to I think early 70's Ran by Dave Box and Howard Taylor The Carlton Club Run on Friday nights by Chris Pell and Mouse (John Greenwood). Dj's were Pelle mouse. Tony haigh. BUB Ray Hudson R.I.P. The Frobisher Suite:' Run by Fred&Jacque Ward / Dave & Val Box ran from 1995 to 2007 a very popular venue and over the years had Dj's residents Dave & myself Fred Ward. plus dj's that come to mind Butch, Mick Smith. Martyn Ellis R.I.P. Mick H .Rod Shard and Tim Brown.I'm sure there were others which at this moment in time can't recall. Live acts included Snake Davis&the Suspicions on numerous times also backing Jacque Ross& Syl Johnson. Wakefield:- Intercon wkfld centre Dj's Paul Rowan, Mick Starkey, Phil J, and Arthur Fenn plus others. Tiffanys: mid week Djs in main Hall Rick Vaughan and Frankie. Upstairs in the Bali Hai The man himself Mr Tony Banks. Unity Hall All nighters Ran by Mac Burton I can only recall a few Dj's as it was such a long time ago but I'm sure If Malc reads this he'll put me straight Dj's I can recall were Derek Greenhoff, Bub, Rick Scott, Pat Brady plus as I say others. Huddersfield:- Lord Jims Run by Julian Bentley and Resident Dj, opened just after the wheel in manchester closed and ran for about three years again Julian will put me straight if he reads this.The Starlight/ King of clubs Dj's Barry Downey the owner Ian DewHirst plus others. The Crescent Dj was John Simms wed nights. The royal Swan ran mid week and Sat again John Simms Dj'd. The Albion:- midweek venue various Dj's can't recall who sorry grey sells playing up. The Hi Fi club great Club a place where the Huddersfield twisted wheel crowd used to go before tripping across the pennines . The Dj's were Eddie Sykes as Alan Kudarenko. all the twisted wheel sounds were played here. The place had a fully sprung maple dance floor upstairs and a large bar downstairs with a juke box full of soul sounds.and alternate weeks a dj on as well as upstairs. I hope this is of some interest All the best Fred Ward.
  9. Mr Fred

    Dancing In Trainers

    I know this is not a direct answer to your question Patto but it is relevant in my opinion. Given that most venues have banned talc on the dance floor due to the culture where there's a blame there's a claim crew. How can anyone dance in trainers as surely they have and been designed soles to stick to the floor! You only have to look at the scenes top dancers both then and now and you'll see non of these wear trainers.I used to try when I was in my teens but in the end struggled with the twisting in my ancles and not being able to shuffle on the dance floor. Apart from that there is the culture of a Soulies wearing sallatio shoes, brogues and loafers.Do we want to let our standards go?. Regards Fred Ward an old Soulie.
  10. Mr Fred

    Motown/soul only. NO NORTHERN SOUL!!

    Without sounding to be talking down at you all these record labels are covered by the term Northern soul, and Northern soul is not obscure but known by millions. . Can you be specific in your choice of records so that I can possibly help you and recommend some venues, Albeit they will be in yorkshire as I'm a yorkshire lad. Regards Fred Ward.
  11. Mr Fred

    Leeds Central Soul Club' Summer Alldayer - 50 Years This Year

    Another fantastic day at the "Leeds Central Soul Club" with the original venue,the Dj's the music and of course the Top "Soulies all culminated into an truly Soulfull experience. Now in its 50th year being part of history and making history is a moving experience just to be there.A big thanks must go out to Steve and his team not forgetting all the Centralites for making our day. We look forward to another superb All dayer in October. All the best Fred.
  12. Mr Fred

    Just What Is Crossover

    In my Opinion, Crossover is a recording that is not in a soul category i.e.Oldie, newie,modern and is in between, neither one or the other hence the name crossover as its crossing over between the two. However You can ask a 1000 soulies what is crossover and you'll get a 1000 different replies. All the best Fred.
  13. Mr Fred

    RIP Aretha

    So So Sad to hear of Aretha passing. Such a talented singer, one which every singer would aspire to. Aretha leaves us with some of if not the most Soulfull songs the world has ever known. R.I.P. ARETHA Jacque & Fred Ward.
  14. Mr Fred

    Hosepipe Ban

    Yeh, they then announced that it was not going ahead.Our supplier Yorkshire Water they said following an appeal for customers to use as little water as possible and their responses they didn't heave any plans to introduce a hosepipe ban for the forseeable future. Regards Fred.
  15. Mr Fred

    Casino Club advert

    Nice to see the posters that were and still are works of art. Little did the creators of such work realise that their work would be a valuable item in the future changing hands for large sums of money. It's a shame that the advert always had the date on and was relative to that year albeit very few actually included the year, still nice pieces of Northern soul history and lots of memories are connected to them. Regards Fred.


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