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  1. Mr Fred

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    Further to my last comment this question was on the Chase the other night re who sang jackie Wilson Said? When Jocky Wilson was playing darts in the background.
  2. Mr Fred

    Mr M's Wigan

    Great atmosphere in there, records were all oldies twisted wheel etc Frankie Booper used to dance in front of the stage. The Dj's that come to mind were Mike Rolo, Dave Evison, Kenny Spence, Brian Rae and Steve Whittle.If I've missed anyone apologies as it was a long time ago. Regards Fred.
  3. Mr Fred

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    yes , thanks for putting the record straight. The old grey matter isn't what it used to be LOL Regards Fred.
  4. How about:-Benny Troy (R.I.P.) I Wanna Give You Tomorrow. Young Holt Unlimited:- California Montage. Taken from the one and only Leeds Central Soul Club nights. Syl Johnson:- We did it Jimmy James & The Vagabonds :- A man like me. Taken from The Frobisher Suite Wakefield Soul nights. Regards Fred.
  5. Mr Fred

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    I Remember when the ex boxer Jackie Wilson was on top of the pops and featured in the video was Jocky Wilson throwing darts. BBC's Cock up of the Century LOL. Regards Fred.
  6. Mr Fred

    Leeds Central Soul Club Christmas Alldayer

    History in the making. Leeds Central Soul Club.Original place, Original Dj's Original Leeds Central $oul $ounds. See you there!
  7. Mr Fred

    first three records to start a set

    If you're doing the first spot pick 3 records that fit in with the venue /"soulies" i. e. Oldies, crossover, modern etc. If you're not doing the first spot you need to evaluate all that has been played before you and from this in your experience will I'm sure pick three sounds that will blow the roof off! All the best Fred
  8. Mr Fred

    Leeds Central Soul Club Christmas Alldayer

    Anyone wanting to catch my spot, I will be on 2.00-2.40 All the best Fred.
  9. Mr Fred

    Leeds Central Soul Club Christmas Alldayer

    Christmas at "Leeds Central" always takes me back to one Christmas in the 70's when lots of snow had fallen and we had a hard time getting there from Huddersfield. The "Central" was full and the lads from Dukinfield arrived (Barry & Charlie) much to our surprise as getting over the pennines due to the snow was as we thought impossible.I asked them how the hell did you get here? they replied we followed the snow blower over the tops, then they asked the question is there a petrol station around here as we're in the red.All those years ago, but that was the draw of the "Central" and still does draw lots of "Soulies " from all over and this year will be no exception and am glad to say Barry & Charlie will be with us once again.I am looking forward to spinning a few sounds in amongst really "Soulfull friends,Dj's and the music creating that "Central " atmosphere. See you all on Sunday. All the best wishes for Christmas and a happy new year.Fred.
  10. Mr Fred

    Dave Wakefield contact details

    Apologise I automatically put it on here as references to Dave Box's passing and funeral details were posted on here. Regards Fred.
  11. Mr Fred

    Dave Wakefield contact details

    Hi, Does anyone have contact details for Dave Wakefield (South elmsall). I am wanting to inform Dave that Dave Box's funeral is on Thursday the 13th of this month and not Wednesday. His laptop is currently out of action so can't visit us on here.Or if anyone knows Dave please convey this message to him. Many thanks Fred Ward .
  12. Mr Fred

    Top Ten Northern Soul Towns

    I would be inclined to agree with you Julian on these towns as a massive contingent of "Soulies" hailed out of West and north Yorkshire. All the best Fred.
  13. Mr Fred

    Dave Box RIP

    Dave a dear friend and such an unassuming humble person. Dave's knowledge of soul music was vast and inspirational and had acquired a vast collection of records over the years. He was passionate about the music and truly put a lot into the soul scene, from the early days of the all-nighters at Normanton baths in his hometown,the Early bath in Castleford, the Crystal bowl/tinned chicken also in Castleford, the Wilton Ballroom in Whitwood and the Frobisher Suite. This was a very popular and successful venue which Dave & Val , Jacque & Fred Ward ran for 12 years 1995-2007. Dave was responsible for bringing live acts over to the uk from the States such as Jackie Ross, Syl Johnson, Ann Sexton, Debbie Taylor and Richard Caiton. Dave & Val were regular visitors to the States and many of our hero artists were personal friends of theirs. Our deepest sympathy go out to Val,family and close friends Dave you will always be in our hearts R.I.P. Jacque & Fred Ward
  14. Mr Fred

    Dave Clegg

    So So Sad news. Absolutely in Shock. I've just read the terrible news. Dave one of the Original Huddersfield Wheel crowd and a true friend. Was with him this summer.Was always a pleasure to be in his company. God bless you Dave R.I.P. Jacque & Fred Ward.
  15. Mr Fred


    Keni Burke, always takes me back to Leeds Central. Never gets played anywhere. Regards Fred


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