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    Looking forward to spinning a few sounds, a big thanks to Julie & Richard for having me on..A top venue for top "Northern soulies".All roads on Saturday lead to Eggborough soul club! See you all there. Regards Fred.
  2. Leeds Central

    Quite a number of years ago, would you believe I used to practice Karate in the Central on Saturday afternoons. Regards Fred (Nidan)
  3. Junction 36 Soul Club Barnsley

    A BIG thanks to Mick for letting me loose behind the decks on Saturday. Have got some nice $ounds lined up. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Regards Fred.
  4. Gladys Knight at the Fiesta Club in Stockton

    Quite a few years back I was a budding food sales rep.and was out canvassing for business, in the ferrybridge are of west Yorkshire I was on my way home and had to call in to see a customer who ran a restaurant.When I walked through the door on the wall was a massive signed poster of Gladys Knight and the Pips, to which i said to my customer "I didn't know you were into soul " , his reply was i'm not but last night as I was closing a massive bus pulled into the car park. Out came this lady and said to me hI aam Glaadys (American accent) Knight and these are the Pips could you rustle up a bite to eat for us all. He cooked them a meal and had a wonderful conversation with them all.As they were going Gladys came back from the bus and gave my customer a signed poster. Regards Fred.
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    John Carmody (Weasel) RIP A very good mate and sadly missed, i'm sure many "Soulies " on here knew him . Weasel strong as an ox, i remember it as it were yesterday when we were all staying at the Salisbury hotel in Scarborough our kid (Rob Ward) couldn't open his room window for some fresh air when Weasel came to the rescue.Not only did he open the window but somehow through sheer brute strength twisted the window in the frame. Good times. Regards Fred
  6. The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

    Absolutely! Regards Fred.
  7. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Jazz Funk, now that takes me back.I used to live in Huddersfield and whilst first and foremost into Northern soul went to a few jazz funk events. My fave jazz funk record just has to be :-Eddie Henderson Prance On with say you will on the b side I.M.O. absolutely brilliant,in fact I bought it at the time on a 12inch single and still have it. Regards Fred.
  8. The Worst Beer You Ever Drunk ?

    Watneys Red Barrel always made me poorly the next day. Needless to say I soon moved on to other beers. Regards Fred.
  9. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Ok here's a few in no particular order:- Rufus Lumley:- Im Standing Paul Anka :- I can't help loving you . The Crow :- Your autumn of tomorrow .Van Morrison:- Domino Lynne Randall :- Stranger in my arms.Bobby Parris :- I walked away, Night Owl ,Personally. Barbara Mills:- Queen of fools . Dusty Springfield:- What's it gonna be. Babe Ruth:- Elusive Benny Troy:- I wanna give you tomorrow. Frankie&Johnny:- I'll hold you. Michael Mc Donald :-Sweet Freedom. Lisa Stansfield :- All around theworld MitchRyder&the Detroit wheels :-Breakout, You get your kicks Chris Clark :-Loves gone bad Bob Brady & the Con Chords :- Everybody's going to the love in, More More More of your love Connie Clark :- My Sugar Baby Spencer Davis Group :- Gimme some Lovin, Trampoline Shades of blue :- Oh how happy Regards Fred
  10. Northern soul and where it was played

    There's a book all about the Twisted Wheel in Manchester called Central 1179 by Keith Rylatt and Phil Scott.Even lists the records played.Hope this helps Regards Fred.
  11. M People - How Can I Love You More

    Released on the Deconstruction label 14/10/91 on 7inch single.The video was played I think on mtv at the time.This was their debut record. Hope this helps Regards Fred
  12. Clifton Hall

    I remember one night we were on our way and couldn't find the place.We were all well blocked and must have passed this police sergeant three times who was standing on the corner of a street and looking suspicious at us.As we were passing the local police station. Psyco (Chris Jenkinson) who was in the car with us suddenly said "stop the car and i'll go into the station and ask the old bill the way." Talk about bottle, we were amazed at Chris.Needless to say he came out with directions and as they say a good night was had by all. One record always sticks in my mind from Clifton hall,I think it was a Searling cover up,Over the top by Roy Dawson covered up as the Chicago gangsters. Regards Fred
  13. Gucci Does Northern soul

    As already said superb music, however the music and the clothes don't go together. Might also send out the message that us Soulies dance and dress like that .It also shows that you can't manufacture our scene. Regards Fred.

    Rudy's Scarborough, brings back memories, some good and some not so good.Sadly the manager John Rona (from Barnsley ) got kicked to death in an alley near to the club.And I think the murder was never solved. On the pleasent and funny side Bub was a regular DJ at the club on bank holidays and was always up for a laugh, on one occasion I remember Bub setting off a fire extinguisher and covered a bouncers head with foam to which Bub was barred from the club. All of us were just rolling about on the floor laughing! Regards Fred.

    The Brian Philips mentioned above,is it the legendary Brian 45 Philips? Cheers Fred.