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  1. Mr Fred


    A big thanks to Julie & Richard for having me on again, and nice to be playing the same night as Tom. I'm sure as well as Richard we'll keep the floor buzzing! Regards Fred.
  2. The Brickyard in mexborough that counjers up memories our kid (Rob Ward ) R.I.P. used to go across with The Dj John Simms and a few other lads from Huddersfield. Lou Johnsons unsatisfied always flashes me back to The Pendulum in Manchester.R.I.P. Lou.
  3. Now in its 50th year and being the longest running Soul venue in the country,still in the original building,what better place to be at,the mecca for Northern Soul,The Leeds Central Soul club 2019 easter All-dayer and to be in the company of top "Soulies",top original Central Dj's spinning Top Northern sounds you can't sit down to. All this culminating in that unique "Central " atmosphere. Everytime i decend down the stairs the memories come flooding back ,the music, the people and the good times. I look forward to seeing you All on Easter Sunday Regards Fred.
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  4. Sorry to hear of the closure and having been in the same situation with the Frobisher Suite in Wakefield i can emphasize with Julie and Richard.A big thank you for putting together such a memorable venue.Eggborough will go down in history as one of the top Northern Soul Venues in the home of Northern Soul Yorkshire.It has been a priveledge to do guest spots at this extremely popular Venue.Moving forward its good that Julie & Richard.Have been able to secure some extra nights at the sister Venue Drax. I'm a great believer that one door closes and another door opens and i'm sure that it wont be long before another Venue will be located and continue where Eggborough left off Onwards and upwards All the very best wishes to Julie & Richard. Fred Ward.
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  5. Can't make this one,but without a shadow of a doubt it will be another alldayer setting the bar! Look forward to the April Easter All dayer! In answer to Hill 868's question as said previously the format is Vinyl with an analogue recording Vinyl is old technology and has been almost unchanged for the past 40 years,that's because it's the closest to the perfect device for listening to music .It is far more high quality, no audio data is lost when pressing a record.It sounds as great as the producer artist or band intended. Regards Fred.
  6. Hi, please pass on my congrats to H F E All the best Fred Ward.
  7. Hi Julian ,I hope you are both well. I lost 2 great aunties from The Netherlands,and my mother spent 5 years as a teenager under Nazi rule in occupied Netherlands. One day a knock came to my mothers house in the Hague where she lived with her family and two german soldiers were at the door and said Nalus my Mothers younger brother had to go with them. they never saw him again. as far as im aware my mothers family were all arian Dutch, but never got to know the reason why my great Aunties were taken to a concentration camp.Whilst this has no direct link with Holocaust day, the war did affect many people all over the world and just thought I'd share this Regards Fred.
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  8. Mr Fred


    Had a really good night.A good assortment of music all night. Rob Smith played a blinder spot. A top venue, run by a top couple.Music played by top Dj's top sounds for top "Soulies". As the record says "Keep on Keeping on". Regards Fred.
  9. Further to my last comment this question was on the Chase the other night re who sang jackie Wilson Said? When Jocky Wilson was playing darts in the background.
  10. Great atmosphere in there, records were all oldies twisted wheel etc Frankie Booper used to dance in front of the stage. The Dj's that come to mind were Mike Rolo, Dave Evison, Kenny Spence, Brian Rae and Steve Whittle.If I've missed anyone apologies as it was a long time ago. Regards Fred.
  11. yes , thanks for putting the record straight. The old grey matter isn't what it used to be LOL Regards Fred.
  12. How about:-Benny Troy (R.I.P.) I Wanna Give You Tomorrow. Young Holt Unlimited:- California Montage. Taken from the one and only Leeds Central Soul Club nights. Syl Johnson:- We did it Jimmy James & The Vagabonds :- A man like me. Taken from The Frobisher Suite Wakefield Soul nights. Regards Fred.
  13. I Remember when the ex boxer Jackie Wilson was on top of the pops and featured in the video was Jocky Wilson throwing darts. BBC's Cock up of the Century LOL. Regards Fred.
  14. History in the making. Leeds Central Soul Club.Original place, Original Dj's Original Leeds Central $oul $ounds. See you there!
  15. If you're doing the first spot pick 3 records that fit in with the venue /"soulies" i. e. Oldies, crossover, modern etc. If you're not doing the first spot you need to evaluate all that has been played before you and from this in your experience will I'm sure pick three sounds that will blow the roof off! All the best Fred

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