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    Dj at shirebrook something different soul club

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  1. Wanted lewis clark i need your lovin so bad. on tiger town label. pm please
  2. Still looking for big dee irwin.you satisfy my needs on rotate pm me please
  3. Has anyone on here experienced anything like im about to moan about. The Wants list you put the record on the listing and what your looking for & for pm.a week goes by then boom pm comes hi ive got the record your looking for a vg+ issue.oh by the way what does it usually go for. me i give them the john manship book price .& say im very intrested what do you want for it & i was willing to go to the book price .then the conversation goes dead they dont message you back.so your back to square one this has now happened twice to me.or is it just me
  4. Arthur alexander.i need you baby.on monument good condition pm me please
  5. Looking for a big dee irwin.you satisfy my needs on rotate label good condition pm me please
  6. Its the beat i have sent you a private message
  7. Hi im looking for a eddie holland magic mirror /will you love me.on united artists label in good condition pm me please cheers
  8. Ray pollard the drifter on american issue united artist very good condition pm me please
  9. Looking for a esther phillips while it lasted on lenox label good condition pm me cheers
  10. Im after a lewis clark.i need your lovin so bad on tiger town label.in good condition pm please
  11. Sammy ambrose this diamond ring on musicor label good condition pm me please

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