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  1. Yeah, I noticed too that the picture showed clearly boxes of Kent records. Danny White, Betty Bibbs, Troy Dodds, Timmy Wilson, Ansler Montel , Mel Williams. In my opinion Kent records are a great label known for a lot of reissues, and all of their records are correctly licensed. Perhaps some clarification is required. Were the criminals also booting Kent records ? Or were the criminals selling both legitimate and illegal records. Is the picture description incorrect? Thanks Mark
  2. Mark GF

    Frances Nero Keep On Lovin' Me

    Thank you to the Yank, Kegsy and Roundhead for the information and great pictures. Quite a number of demos were made of the Frances Nero record and these are of far less value than the standard issue. Based on the information that this is very likely to be a demo with standard issue labels, is the version I have less value than the standard issue, or is it rarer still and of more value? I know recently a standard issue sold for £300, possibly a fluke? There is currently another for sale at £190 + £8 pp. Just trying to get an idea of value, as it’s a record I do not play very often.
  3. Can anyone help with information and a valuation for this? The version that I own, I can not find listed on the normal price sites, it is not any of the three versions listed on a well known site. Mine in appearance is exactly the same as the standard issue pink-purple "Soul" label, the number is the same as the standard issue S-35020 , however the B side is not Fight Fire With Fire. The other side on mine plays Keep On Lovin' Me, and the label is exactly the same as the other side. On the run out stamped in type is T4KM-1792-1, also in written style is ALI-175314. This is the same on both sides except one side as an X with a line on top. Thanks From Mark GF
  4. Mark GF



    Hi Kev I accept that there are now no live acts. However regarding your question " Since when did Pontins Prestatyn advertise live artists for March 2018 ?" and your statement that " Cant see any ads". Can I recommend one of the main adverts www.prestatynsoulweekender.com try the Home page for March 2018, second paragraph. This probably needs either removing or changing to NO live acts. Hope this helps, and shows where the confusion as arisen. Kind regards....
  5. Mark GF

    Tiffany's Newcastle-Under-Lyme Revival All Dayer

    Where are tickets available from please, as I'm not on facebook.


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