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  1. scal


  2. scal

    Who Played What At Wigan ?

    Just reading over the "Who Played What At Wigan" thread I think that Russ does deserve a bit of credit for records like Detroit Soul, Tobi Legend, Keanya Collins " Love Bandit", Larry Santos, Smoky and The Fabulous Blades, Billy Prophet, Yvonne Baker, Teen Turbans, Jeannette Williams "All Of A Sudden", Starfires, Dean Parrish "I'm On My Way", Four Perfections...........I am not saying that he discovered them, but he persisted with them from my early recollections of Wigan and although much of the stuff was fed to him by Simon Soussan he had to make an effort to build them up, and some of the few above did turn out to become classics. Just my humble opinion of a bloke who so often gets forgotten or ridiculed.
  3. scal

    After Wigan?

    Why has no one mentioned Elaine Constantine....wasn't that her era?
  4. scal

    The Black Glove Incident...(Stafford)

    Probably an adaption of the footie thing from the early 1970's, around the time of Clockwork Orange, white Skinners, Grandad shirts, Butchers coats, the young kids wore Rally Drivers type gloves. Obviously not 100% related to The Scene, but the youth of that time, were quick on fashion changes. One week you were "in" next week "out"! Mind you never saw a football fan wearing a plastic ball on a string round his/her neck!
  5. scal

    Wigan Casino - The Movie

    Beer towels........! What about those naff plastic fists, one black glove and the Frank Spencer 'berets'.................."ooooh Betty!" Where were the Soul Police when you really needed them.....?
  6. scal

    Wigan Casino - The Movie

    Well if you can't see it you can hear Marvin Gaye "Love Starved Heart"...a bit out of context, but then again....!?
  7. scal

    Wigan Casino - The Movie

    Maybe they should have had a more specific title like.... "The Youth Club" or "What Are Those Kids Up To Out There?" maybe "Bouncing Up And Down On Pissed Mattresses In Dog Shit Alley" or even . "Get The Consultants In, We've Got A Budget To Blow!"
  8. scal

    The Film - Reviews

    I went to the pictures last Friday to see "Northern Soul", the cinematography was pretty good, no, it was excellent, as were the costumes, props, settings and dialogue. Recreating that era of forty years ago was always going to be a challenge, and again very well done. I appreciate that this wasn't a Hollywood backed jaunt into the past, so top marks for all the above, very authentic. Initially as the film plotline(s) loped off I got the distinct impression that I had seen this story before, this time it was just a more elaborate and better made film. But by the end of my journey into nostalgia I was wondering what was all that about really, what was the story, plot, outcome? It seemed to me that someone had had a massive decade long brainstorming session with many and varied parties, pulling in every piece of reference; records, characters, nuances, urban myth and innuendo and then just dressed up the bullet points, leaving us with just an animated list ? To finish, the chronolgy was all over the place, just look at the record aspect...it should have been of paramount importance not to have got that wrong, they did. And the actual ending.....???? A collage that became a list that ended up in a directionless fairytale. This is my review of the film, not a debate, for once I may have stuck to the Topic.
  9. scal

    The Film - Reviews

    I will post my open and honest review of the film on Monday, when I have access to a PC.....we are getting broadband connection tomorrow here in Burnsworth....it is such a "Sh+thole"!
  10. scal

    The Film - Reviews

    Are you the PCSO of the set up, thought the "Authorities" may at least of sent out an officer who was a little more 'cock'sure with himself, maybe of a Tartan hue, but I guess that one is deskbound these days!?


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