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    Hi all use to be on here a few years ago, here goes with a bit about me. Don't get to as many venues as I wish but still look forward to them no matter a small free one down the road or a full  weekender. These days I like taking photos at any soul venue I are lucky to go to. A couple of years ago I started collecting records again ( I know I must be mad) only Detroit sounds. Love the Motown Northern sounds. Modern ? like some but must admit don't know a lot. Same with the R&B stuff

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    Time edwin starr

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  1. Wanted in good nick Chuck Jackson- Ain't no sun since you've been gone
  2. Taste of honey by four tops and Supremes on 45 in good condition wanted
  3. I collect Detroit record labels but only northern
  4. Like I said Lawrence a few beer I never said how big they were
  5. Every now and then I will be at a soul venue with my old mate Vinnie and after a few beers( well maybe more than a few) one of us will say " after all these years who would think we would still be doing this ". But we are in our own ways maybe not a 4 hour round trip maybe not a all-nighter (well not many) but I still love the like minded people the music and maybe I don't get on the dance floor as much as when I was a young'un , but when I do I still get that feeling that I got the first time I got on the floor. The scene has changed over the years but we still go and still have a good time,

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