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  1. Last part of "Boogie Lock Down" mixes, 70 & some 80s tracks:
  2. Here's the link to Mixcloud. Ask for Artist and title if interested.
  3. All in Excellent condition. Pictures 1-3: The Night. 4-7: Get Ready, writing on cover. 8-9: Our day will come. All together including signed & tracked postage to UK: 70 pound. PayPal only.
  4. It's The Secrets Baby save me. Cheap 45 on scepter wand.
  5. Thanks again, it's The Secrets Baby save me. Cheap 45 on scepter wand.
  6. Condition VG+ only, Plays great but has audible scratch at the very end. 25 Pound including Postage. Listen to the Soundsample. I recorded the start and the end: Listen PayPal only!
  7. Part 3 - 70s & some 80s Soul Mix - 45s and some LP Tracks. Etta Jones, Bongi & Judy, Runette Roberts, Ruby Winters, Impressions, Dionne Warwicke and more. No track list but can tell if you are interested in particular record.
  8. Made a second mix with 70s Soul, Modern and Disco. 45s and some LP Tracks.
  9. 90 minutes of 70s and 80s stuff mostly 45s.

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