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  1. I figured out the other song, Delta Cats I’ve Been Hurt.
  2. Yes, thank you so much for discovering that. I never would have found it.
  3. This may be what I have Popsike Listing because mine has a plain blue label as well. As for the I'll be heard record, I'm still not sure.
  4. Matrix: FCD - 7859 f+R (or ftr) C(maybe e) DOP GAMES DYNAMO RECORDS 001 x1 (xy) DYNAMO RECORDS 002 x1 (or xy) I hope that helps, they were hard to make out, hence the alternatives I put in parenthesis.
  5. Hi, I have some blank 45s I can't figure out the artists of and was wondering if the forum could help. I'll try to give as much context as I can. The 2 unknown tracks is the same song on both sides that seem to have slight variations to each other. The 3rd upload sounds like I'll be Heard is the song title, but I couldn't find that version anywhere. The back side I already figured out is Winston Francis, Games People Play with no vocals, which I didn't feel necessary to upload. I'd appreciate any information you could give me, and I'm glad to have joined the forum. Thanks, DmantheVinylKing Unknown 1 MP3.mp3 Unknown 2 MP3.mp3 I'll Be Heard MP3.mp3

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