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  1. Never seen or heard of a Ska Beat company sleeve - would love to see one.
  2. Looking for: 80s Ladies "Turned On To You" (UK Streetwave 1986) UK 7" release - any help appreciated...
  3. A fantastic read, thanks Mark. Although I respectfully disagree with: "As Ian Clark predicts, that’s when this venue goes into NS history as an iconic club along side illustrious names such as the wheel, the Torch, Wigan, the Mecca etc." I don't think there's any doubt that the 100 Club already takes its place in NS history - long may it continue!
  4. Looking for: 7" Jesse Gould "Out Of Work" (P&P) Please PM with price and condition. Thanks for looking!
  5. Never seen one of these - can you post a label scan? Ta!
  6. Not sure that bills are going down - if you're charged 10% sales fee, then 10% is 10%, regardless of whether the bill is in dollars or pounds. You sell your record for £10, fee is 10% = £1. Converted into dollars, then back into pounds - doesn't really make any difference what the exchange rate is, you'll still pay the same fee. Except paypal will rip you off with their crap exchange rate...
  7. It's not 20% of the total sale, it's 20% VAT charged on their 8% sales fee. So, 20% of 8% = 1.6% (so fees are now 9.6%) - on a £10 record you're paying an extra 16p.
  8. Nice of them to include a free 70s disco Casablanca sleeve with it...
  9. Looking for: Jesse Gould "Out Of Work" (P&P) on 7" in decent condition. It's maybe a bit disco for members on here, so might be lurking in someone's sh*te box. Any help appreciated - PM me with condition and price. Thanks for looking!
  10. The text on the label looks very slightly different to my eyes - exact same layout, but the small print just looks slightly thinner...
  11. Looking for a 7" of: THE SOURCE feat. CANDI STATON "You Got The Love" (UK Streetwave) The 1986 single on Streetwave, not the house/techno version which charted. Please PM with condition and price - thanks!
  12. I've got a bunch of UK ones - would be happy to trade for US ones I need...
  13. Does the original not play for a bit - even if it's in the dad's imagination?

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