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  1. My UK ACTION 45 collection is now complete.

    Well, it got released two years later in 1976 on Miami (http://www.45cat.com/record/mia401) - but you've never seen an Action one? Weird because the numbers before it and after it were both released...
  2. My UK ACTION 45 collection is now complete.

    ^^^^^^^ THIS! Been looking for one for several decades and have my suspicions it was never released...
  3. willie pickett

    Which label? Two slightly different versions on slightly different labels...
  4. Kiki Dee - On A Magic Carpet Ride

    If you have no luck with the 45 I've got a nice UK copy of the Patterns LP for £20 if it's any use...
  5. Background to "Julian Covey"

    Soft Machine "We Did It Again" - never thought I'd be posting THAT on Soul Source (and most will wish I hadn't... 🤓 )
  6. Cody Black - I'm Slowly Moulding King

    Maybe not the answer you want, but one on auction here: https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/shop/auctions/?category_id=9
  7. When these tracks were being released, most people were just looking for 60s stompers and new sounds were still turning up. Thirty years on, these 80s tracks are now even more retro than listening to 60s tunes was in the 80s...
  8. Any links to copies for sale? I blinked and missed it...
  9. what would you expect

    People are being remarkably restrained here! >If you went to a night with all of the northern symbols of KTF fist in circle northern soul record labels etc Would it be fair to assume Northern Soul Top 500 oldies, possibly even, gulp, re-issues?
  10. Daybreak

    Any love for the UK Main Ingredient take of "Everything Man"? I reckon it's decent and it's approximately a hundredth of the price...
  11. For sale: The 5th Dimension "Too Poor To Die" b/w "Go Where You Wanna Go" UK 1967 (Liberty LIB 12051) M- £40 Nice copy on UK Liberty, in correct company sleeve - few light scuffs, looks played a couple of times. Free UK postage if paid "pers...
  12. Daybreak

    Photo pinched off another site...
  13. Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You

    The other difference between the French and the UK 45 is you can add an extra zero to the price... good luck!
  14. Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You

    French or UK? Or daft question?!
  15. MARGO and the MARVETTES

    One on Facebook for £150: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1964544437154279&set=pcb.1439645532738134&type=3&theater&ifg=1