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  1. Wanted: 7" Sophisticated Ladies "I'll Keep Coming Back" b/w "This Ain't Really Love" (Reflection CBL-9) Please PM with price and condition - thanks for looking!
  2. But has anyone ever seen an "Emidisc" label which omits the word "disc" and just has "Emi" at the top (see attached image to see what they usually look like)? I'm ALMOST feeling bold enough to stick my neck out and suggest they don't actually exist, except on this batch of singles! It wouldn't be costly at all - I could print them out on my inkjet printer, cut them out with scissors and glue them with pritt-stick.
  3. As mentioned previously, EMI Discs are acetates, there's no reason why they'd be on properly pressed singles, with matrix stamp numbers and serrated label stacking rings. And, as I mentioned before, they say "EMIDisc" at the top and yours just say "EMI" which I have never, ever seen before. Looks like somebody has just had a wee bit of fun and faked up some labels to make their collection a wee bit more exotic looking. Why would you do it to cheap records? If you did it to expensive records you'd actually be de-valuing them. The strange world of northern soul!
  4. Wow, amazing finds - that EP looks really cool... The Moving Finger single is great!
  5. Yes, but they don't say EMIDisc - they only say EMI at the top. I don't recall ever seeing this before - it's a bit strange looking to my eyes...
  6. Weirdly, many of your 45s look like they have acetate labels - so they shouldn't actually have any matrix stamps. The middles look a bit chewed up, they'd normally be pretty clean. Not sure if some are handmade labels glued onto regular releases? The ones with EMI at the top look like EMIDISC labels - I've never seen them with the word DISC missing. Can you post up photos without the company sleeves?
  7. I know yesterday was meant to be the last posting day (although I think they sold out before then) - but the post is pretty backed up. I'm sure you'll have them before Christmas - can't even imagine Christmas day without Northern Soul Pop Trumps after a turkey dinner...
  8. Argh! It sold, as well. Just wait for the bootlegs...
  9. [SOLD OUT] Limited edition (1,000 packs and less than 200 still available) - the perfect floor-filling sticking-filler Christmas gift (£11.99) available exclusively from: https://trunkrecords.greedbag.com/buy/pop-trumps-northern-soul-edition/ 55 cards, featuring top rarities (many from Richard Searling's collection) and floor-packing oldies - hours of holiday fun!
  10. [EDIT - NOW SOLD OUT!] Who played Top Trumps when they were wee? Just released by Trunk Records, Northern Soul Pop Trumps... Can Al Wilson beat Frank Wilson? Can the Honey Bees beat The Dogs? What's better - Great Tunes or Gene Toones? Card categories are Year, Rarity, Mint Value, Influence, Investment Value & Northern Soul Factor. 55 cards, featuring images from Richard Searling's collection... with rarities battling it out with classic oldies - hours of fun for the whole family! Limited edition (1,000 packs and less than 200 still available) - the perfect floo
  11. Without looking too closely, they all basically look like the same player with different branding. I wouldn't be playing any decent records on a Crossley type deck...

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