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  1. Sounds like the exact same track to me, although mixed slightly differently - I hadn't really noticed the pianos during the "bridge" or middle-eight section - but listening back to The Precisions, they're definitely there, just lower in the mix and with harmonies over them. And the strings sound more prominent in the Eddie Spencer version due to the lack of backing vocals... I'd have to say that, in my opinion, The Precisions beats Eddie Spencer hands down, just the male vocal harmonies blending with the strings totally makes it, along with the effortless lead vocal. And that knock-out group harmony "whoooooooaaaaaaaaa!" sucker punch before it even begins - you're floored from the start! Eddie Spencer's version just sounds a bit too rushed, like he's singing slightly ahead of the beat (maybe this gives it some urgency for some?) and a bit empty without the group backing. Then again, it probably all just depends on which version you heard first - BUT... if you don't like either, you don't like northern soul!
  2. cover-up

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    And there's the old "sorry, I snapped it while packing" chestnut. I usually say "oh, I'd still like it - it was just to put in a frame" to which the reply is always "sorry, my bins got emptied this morning..." My bins get emptied about once a month!
  3. cover-up

    Poly record sleeves safe

    And the brown card poly-lined sleeves are the worst - if the vinyl is in direct contact with polythene (and additionally housed in a PVC outer sleeve) then it's like the perfect storm... It's more common with albums - prog rock seems to be especially vulnerable (Vertigo albums etc.), probably because there's more chance of it sitting on a shelf unplayed for decades (some would say, rightfully!).
  4. cover-up

    The Supremes "Stoned Love" red vinyl demo

    A polite wee bump on this... can anyone help?!
  5. For sale: Charles Williams "Love Is A Very Special Thing" (EMI Finland) Ex/Ex £275 (inc. Tracked & Signed postage international) Superb seventies soul, inc. the lovely "Standing In The Way" - nice copy, including the rare lyric insert. Happy to do free postage if paid Paypal as "personal". PM if interested.
  6. For sale: Charles Williams "Love Is A Very Special Thing" (EMI Finland) Ex/Ex £275 (inc. UK postage) Superb seventies soul, inc. the lovely "Standing In The Way" - nice copy, including the rare lyric insert. Happy to do free postage if paid Paypal as "personal". PM if interested.
  7. For sale: LP Isley Brothers "Tamla Motown presents" (Music For Pleasure) EX/EX £10 (inc. p&p) The original way the magnificent "My Love Is Your Love Forever" was released in the 70s, album only. Paypal as "personal payment" if you want free UK postage. PM if interested - thanks!
  8. Looking for The Supremes "Stoned Love" US demo on red vinyl. Any help much appreciated!
  9. cover-up

    Help finding a sampled soul song

    It's quite a short sample - sounds like it could be an old Syl Johnson track, or even a recent Charles Bradley song? Sorry, not much use!
  10. I've asked before and I'm asking again! Any help finding the following very much appreciated: 45 Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face" (West End) I've got the 12" already, only looking for the 7" - thanks for looking!
  11. It was allegedly withdrawn, but that's maybe an asumption based on its rarity. Backing band is the Small Faces, so it's possibly more in demand from psych mod collectors.
  12. cover-up

    slow/mid-tempo New Orleans - any suggestions?

    Pat Brown "The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad" (Seven B) - took a while to find a clean copy...
  13. cover-up

    slow/mid-tempo New Orleans - any suggestions?

    Art Neville "Heartaches" - can't find the 45 version on youtube, it's even better than the one posted:
  14. cover-up


    Anyone else have a spare? I'm also looking for a nice copy!
  15. cover-up

    USA company sleeves wanted!

    Hi there I'm hoping to tidy up my collection and get some 45s into proper covers. Can anyone help me with the following USA company sleeves - originals only, not interested in the replica ones (shudder!) - any help appreciated. Might have a few sleeve trades. List here: Oliver Tower (multi-coloured design - not red/black - to match this: https://www.discogs.com/The-World-Column-So-Is-The-Sun-Its-Not-Right/release/5455935) Flying Dutchman Tico (latin label) Solid State Don (to match this label: https://www.discogs.com/label/119395-Don)


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