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  1. what would you expect

    People are being remarkably restrained here! >If you went to a night with all of the northern symbols of KTF fist in circle northern soul record labels etc Would it be fair to assume Northern Soul Top 500 oldies, possibly even, gulp, re-issues?
  2. Daybreak

    Any love for the UK Main Ingredient take of "Everything Man"? I reckon it's decent and it's approximately a hundredth of the price...
  3. For sale: The 5th Dimension "Too Poor To Die" b/w "Go Where You Wanna Go" UK 1967 (Liberty LIB 12051) M- £40 Nice copy on UK Liberty, in correct company sleeve - few light scuffs, looks played a couple of times. Free UK postage if paid "pers...
  4. Daybreak

    Photo pinched off another site...
  5. Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You

    The other difference between the French and the UK 45 is you can add an extra zero to the price... good luck!
  6. Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You

    French or UK? Or daft question?!
  7. MARGO and the MARVETTES

    One on Facebook for £150: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1964544437154279&set=pcb.1439645532738134&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  8. Divine has moved to first Saturday of the month - next date is Sat 7th October, Memphis 68 launch party with Stuart Cosgrove and Lenny Harkins. In the event section on here...
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: MEMPHIS 68 : Book Launch Club Night - A soulful evening with Stuart Cosgrove View full article
  10. Divine, Polygon Books, Glasgow City Music Tours, Waterstones & The Admiral proudly present: *** MEMPHIS 68 : Book Launch Club Night *** (A soulful evening with Stuart Cosgrove) Stuart Cosgrove will be launching "Memphis 68", the highly antici...
  11. For sale: Margie Joseph "One More Chance" b/w SAME (Volt) demo M- £150 inc. Special Delivery postage Timeless crossover dancer, lovely copy - demo copy, same track both sides. Paypal preferred - PM if interested. Thanks for looking.
  12. Memphis 68 LAUNCH PARTY with Stuart Cosgrove

    Divine, Polygon Books, Glasgow City Music Tours, Waterstones & The Admiral proudly present: *** MEMPHIS 68 : Book Launch Club Night ***(A soulful evening with Stuart Cosgrove)Stuart Cosgrove will be launching "Memphis 68", the highly anticipated sequel to the universally acclaimed "Detroit 67", at The Admiral in Glasgow with an exclusive evening featuring spoken word and a Q&A session, followed by book-signing and, later on, spinning a DJ set at a Divine northern soul special."Memphis 68" begins with the tragic death of the city's most iconic soul star Otis Redding and follows the story of Stax and Volt Records, before Memphis is back in the headlines with the assassination of Martin Luther King... Stuart will be reading excerpts from his new book, introduced by Alison Stroak (Glasgow Music City Tours), before turning to the audience for questions. At 10pm the lights dim, and the Divine sound system powers up for a club night of northern soul, funk and crossover with Stax and Memphis recordings featuring heavily on the playlist. Joining Stuart on the twin tables of soul will be legend of the Scottish soul scene Lenny Harkins (Caledonia Soul / True Soul) and Andrew Divine (The Funk Room / Goodfoot). Advance tickets: £7 (STBF) inc. entry to club night - available from Tickets Scotland, Monorail Music and The Admiral Bar. Tickets: http://tickets-scotland.com/events.html?event_method=viewevent&event_id=b455c129-7f74-11e7-9ba4-22000b2080a0 Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/168813873689959
  13. Getting An Old Friend Back

    So Pete, do you quite like it, then? 😂
  14. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    But what is "the best"? Everyone on here can compile a Top Ten of what they think is the best (I'd love to see them!) - and every single one of them would be unique and personal to each compiler. If you opened The Guardian and read a "Butch's current top ten ...
  15. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    Who said it was meant to be an "all time best northern soul top ten"? It's one person choosing ten northern soul tracks that THEY happen to like - fair play to them, thought it was an intelligently written feature. What's the famous quote? Northern Soul ...