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  1. Always loved this, great Ashford/Simpson song. Then I found out it was Faith Brown on vocals... and then decided I loved it even more... Was there ever a US group who recorded this? Wonder how it ended up being recorded in the UK...
  2. Looking for a copy of: Nathan Bartell ‎– Ooh Baby, I Love You / If I Could Win Your Love (Soul-Po-Tion) Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. If it was in a radio station archive, it'd be the promo they were sent. I seem to remember when all the BBC stock turned up 15 years or so back, there was talk that the BBC had many titles in triplicate and, as previously mentioned, had libraries scattered around the UK which were being assimilated. So they were downsizing to "just" having everything in duplicate. I know somebody who visited the BBC library for a Record Store Day feature a year or two ago and apparently it was absolutely vast - just an insane amount of records. And lastly, apparently, there was a feature on a daytime show in the 80s where listeners got in contact with a story about a record they had which had gone missing - the circumstances surrounding it etc. I think they finished it when listeners would get in touch claiming to have lost their Tintern Abbey single (£1000 psych single, for example) while at a wild party, but eventually the powers that be clicked that a few of the stories might have been made up for nefarious purposes!
  4. Been enjoying Patti Jo again, which led me back to this thread. And while trying to find a way to hear Steve's "This Is The Price" acetate - I found a link to this site with Patti Jo releases on Allsun, including aforementioned "This Is The Price": Does anybody know anything about these?
  5. Never seen or heard of a Ska Beat company sleeve - would love to see one.
  6. Looking for: 80s Ladies "Turned On To You" (UK Streetwave 1986) UK 7" release - any help appreciated...
  7. A fantastic read, thanks Mark. Although I respectfully disagree with: "As Ian Clark predicts, that’s when this venue goes into NS history as an iconic club along side illustrious names such as the wheel, the Torch, Wigan, the Mecca etc." I don't think there's any doubt that the 100 Club already takes its place in NS history - long may it continue!
  8. Looking for: 7" Jesse Gould "Out Of Work" (P&P) Please PM with price and condition. Thanks for looking!
  9. Never seen one of these - can you post a label scan? Ta!
  10. Not sure that bills are going down - if you're charged 10% sales fee, then 10% is 10%, regardless of whether the bill is in dollars or pounds. You sell your record for £10, fee is 10% = £1. Converted into dollars, then back into pounds - doesn't really make any difference what the exchange rate is, you'll still pay the same fee. Except paypal will rip you off with their crap exchange rate...
  11. It's not 20% of the total sale, it's 20% VAT charged on their 8% sales fee. So, 20% of 8% = 1.6% (so fees are now 9.6%) - on a £10 record you're paying an extra 16p.

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