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  1. Does anyone have a spare battery cover for a Sound Burger? Don't know if anyone does spares or repairs... It's a longshot, but any help appreciated!
  2. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    Do you mean the Chris King copy? Definitely came out a year or two after the original. The superb "It's A Desperate Situation" on the flip seems to get over-shadowed... https://www.discogs.com/Marvin-Gaye-This-Love-Starved-Heart-Of-Mine-Its-Killi...
  3. Constellations "I Didn't Know How To"

    Still looking, help wanted!
  4. Looking for a nice copy of: Constellations "I Didn't Know How To" (Gemini Star) Not fussed if it's a demo or issue, let me know if you can help at a reasonable price! Thanks...
  5. For sale: PERSONAL TOUCH "It Ain't No Big Thing" pts. 1&2 (US PAP 001) EX £150 Superb Patrick Adams production (same label as Daybreak), earlier funkier and more soulful version of Donna McGhee. Disc has few light paper scuffs, plays superb. Re...
  6. Rockabilly tracks at Mod Events?

    I wouldn't label Link Wray as rockabilly, just straight up (very good) garage punk to my ears... and mod dos play psych, garage, soul, funk, Latin, r'n'b. Would fit in perfectly as far as I'm concerned, then again i'm not a mod...
  7. was it really worth.....

    The thing you are missing is... an auction sniper. And a decent night's kip.
  8. What's you biggest sales cock-up?

    No, that doesn't count, that's retrospective regret... I'm talking about IMMEDIATE regret, phone constantly ringing, 300 un-checked emails, 200 PMs!
  9. I'm always curious what records people have sold, only to realise that they have, perhaps, spectacularly goofed up... I don't mean "20 years ago I sold Purple Mundi for a tenner and now it's worth £500" - more, you list a record for sale, sell it after t...
  10. If you play records in public, you're a real DJ. If you play records in the house, you're a wannabe DJ. As Yoda famously said: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
  11. JManship Auction results 17/05/2017

    £182 for Brenda Holloway acetate is cheap, no?
  12. Where can I get nice large 45 record boxes?

    Jazzman are making another batch of the vintage boxes, so keep checking back...
  13. value Reggie Alexander

    Copy just sold on Facebook for £750.
  14. [SOLD] Charles Williams. Rare finnish 45.

    Sent you an email!
  15. Tito Puente-Hit the bongo (Tico) Ex.

    Sent you a PM!