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    Timi Yuro "It'll never Be Over For Me"
  1. cover-up

    Wanted - Ethel Beatty (Uno Melodic)

    Anyone?! Are there copies filed in collections or is it just very hard to find?
  2. cover-up

    Some info on this one please.

  3. cover-up

    Some info on this one please.

    No copies showing on popsike - is this quite a rare wee beastie?
  4. Maybe the "re-issue" will be the copy to own...
  5. Anyone have an Ethel Beatty 45 on Uno Melodic they want to sell me? Any PMs with price and condition much appreciated - thanks for looking!
  6. For sale: Geno Washington "She Shot A Hole In My Soul" b/w "I've Been Hurt By Love" (UK Piccadilly) EX £50 (inc. P&P) Great double-sider with the fantastic mid-tempo flipside. If paid Paypal as F&F, free P&P. PM to reserve. Thanks for looking.
  7. cover-up

    Wanted - Sophisticated Ladies (Reflection)

    Wee weekend bump! Any help appreciated - PM with price and condition, thanks!
  8. Missed the copy on Darren's list... looking for a copy of: Sophisticated Ladies "This Ain't Really Love" / "I'll Keep Coming Back" (Reflection) Any help much appreciated. PM with price and condition. Thanks!
  9. >early 70's to mid 80's soul funk jazz fusion, early 2000's soulful house, and some reggae Personally, I don't think the alcohol issue or finishing time would be your main problem - it's a playlist which tries to cover too many bases. As the old expression goes, you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time... I think trying to second guess what young people like is a tricky business - and sadly, most young folk don't really want to hang out with a bunch of old fogeys anyway. Just my experience...
  10. cover-up

    Has Sandy Golden On Masterpiece Been Booted?

    Reading this thread, Sandy Golden was auctioned by JM in 2013... I'm just curious what it sold for?
  11. cover-up

    Sebastian - info please

    "One for the DJ's who want to push the boundaries.." Aye, that's one way to phrase it!
  12. cover-up

    Darlene Love - Lord If You're A Woman

    Lenny mentioned Darlene Love's "Long Way To Be Happy" earlier in this thread - always thought this sounded amazing, was only aware of it from a Phil Spector 70s comp of unreleased stuff. Which is why I assumed "Lord If You're A Woman" was also 60s, and only released mid-70s - although it quite obviously has synthesisers in it, so I should probably have listened closer! The vocals DO sound very 60s though...
  13. cover-up

    Wanted - Shirley Nanette (Satara)

    A wee nudge for the weekend Soul Sourcers... any help appreciated!
  14. cover-up

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    Really? I would assume this is filled with nasty chemicals you want nowhere near your vinyl...
  15. Looking for a nice copy of Shirley Nanette "Give and Take" / "Heaven On Earth" (Satara) PM with condition and price. Thanks for looking!


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