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  1. What a fantastic group they were,This is a great track from a superb album. They should have been up there with the temptations and the four tops. They have a back catalogue to be proud of.
  2. Never seen this before. Superb track from an outstanding album! They had one of the great lead singers and should have been so much bigger than they were ,up there with the temptations and four tops.
  3. Didn't one of the early Gold mine norhern soul cd have an extra track on it that shouldn't have been there.
  4. 100 Proof aged in soul cut some great sides but the most soulful in my opinion has got to be "Since you been gone" superb vocal. Steve Mancha?
  5. Talking of instrumentals I seem to remember the b side to Lee Charles "Sitting on a timebomb" had a great one on the flip
  6. Bet the Isley Brothers don't get a single mention.
  7. Why didn't the politicians tell us all this before the referendum! It might have been a different outcome
  8. I thought I'd bought an original Mickey Moonshine a few years back ...just found out it's a 're issue . Won't be able to play this one out again
  9. The easiest way to tell with the John E Paul 45 is the XDR number is upside down on the originals but the right way up on the re- issue
  10. Is this available to buy and if so where from?
  11. Great record that I've had and listened to for years. But where is William Bell on this recording? Always puzzled me...am I missing something or is it just Judy Clay?
  12. Ojays.There's someone waiting on Neptune.

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