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  1. Tony Blackburn played it Saturday morning. Great track!
  2. Some of their later recordings on Avco were very good, Especially like "La La La At The End"
  3. For about 10 years 1971-1981 she was the number one female soul singer. Gladys and Aretha and Doris were great during that period but Millie Jackson was better, Both of the caught up albums lovingly yours and the album with Isaac Hayes were all superb! Saw her at the Victoria Apollo about 1980 fantastic show. They was before she started to overdo the rapping.
  4. Any chance the Real Things version could appear as a 7" in the future? Would be nice to have.
  5. Where can I find a current price guide for the above. Manship did a brilliant one one which must be getting on for 20 years old now and the record collector annual edition seems to be miles out in it's soul record valuations.
  6. Darrel Banks for me. Came out twice on English Atlantic. The first issue is great ,but the 're issue' sound quality is very poor in comparison
  7. What a fantastic group they were,This is a great track from a superb album. They should have been up there with the temptations and the four tops. They have a back catalogue to be proud of.
  8. Never seen this before. Superb track from an outstanding album! They had one of the great lead singers and should have been so much bigger than they were ,up there with the temptations and four tops.
  9. Didn't one of the early Gold mine norhern soul cd have an extra track on it that shouldn't have been there.
  10. 100 Proof aged in soul cut some great sides but the most soulful in my opinion has got to be "Since you been gone" superb vocal. Steve Mancha?
  11. Talking of instrumentals I seem to remember the b side to Lee Charles "Sitting on a timebomb" had a great one on the flip

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