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  1. Yes. I would imagine there would be a video on you tube of him singing She Wears My Ring on top of the pops which was a massive hit in about 1967. Although when you listen to both records the vocals are very different. Also his real surname was levy which might be a clue as to when they released This Beautiful Day a second time it was credited to Levi Jackson?
  2. tobytyke


    Saw him at Warners about 4 years ago. He was brilliant! His output during the 60s was first rate mainly all the stuff that came out on Piccadily. Also he does the best version of Ain't no big thing and there are some great versions of that song.
  3. tobytyke

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Isn't that Gwen Dickey ?
  4. tobytyke

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Don't overlook the flip side just as good
  5. tobytyke

    Best Cover Versions

    Lots of covers of Bill Withers Who is he and what is he to you which in itself is a great record but the Creative Source version does it for me.
  6. tobytyke

    Male Voices

    Chuck Jackson from the independents had a beautiful voice. His solo album released over here in the late 70s also contained some top notch records. Not commercial but very soulful. He went on to have a great career writing and producing
  7. tobytyke

    Male Voices

    L.J Reynolds was a great addition to the Dramatics,but he cut some fantastic sides on Lawton that shouldn't be overlooked especially Let One Hurt Do
  8. tobytyke

    Little Richie on Manship

    Mine came in a soul pack from contempo 10 for a pound!
  9. tobytyke

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    Jimmy James and the Vagabonds for me
  10. Arrived Saturday 750 the number not the time
  11. tobytyke

    Muriel day nine times out of ten

    Because it still fills the dance floor whenever it's played.
  12. tobytyke

    Mr. Floods Party on JM's auction

    I paid a lot more for my copy of Kim Weston I'm still loving you 10 years ago than it fetched this week. So it can work both ways....or perhaps I buy the wrong records. I need an independent record financial advisor to tell me what or what not to buy!
  13. Yep. Mine arrived Saturday morning. Superb quality. When's the next release?
  14. tobytyke


    There's one in sales if that helps


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