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  1. tobytyke

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    Jimmy James and the Vagabonds for me
  2. Arrived Saturday 750 the number not the time
  3. Still waiting...………...
  4. tobytyke

    Muriel day nine times out of ten

    Because it still fills the dance floor whenever it's played.
  5. tobytyke

    Mr. Floods Party on JM's auction

    I paid a lot more for my copy of Kim Weston I'm still loving you 10 years ago than it fetched this week. So it can work both ways....or perhaps I buy the wrong records. I need an independent record financial advisor to tell me what or what not to buy!
  6. Yep. Mine arrived Saturday morning. Superb quality. When's the next release?
  7. tobytyke


    There's one in sales if that helps
  8. tobytyke

    How much?

    Just over 700 pounds if I remember right
  9. tobytyke

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Nipsy.. is that the correct spelling? Used to be played with two bits of wood and a house brick. I seem to remember there were actual local leagues in the 60s
  10. tobytyke

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    No question ....it has got to be The bells by Billy Ward and his dominoes with the superb Clyde Mcphatter breaking his heart . Could someone post it please?
  11. one just gone up in sales
  12. Agree both are 1st class but the poll is not asking which is better, just which version does it for you. I prefer D.Bs version but that doesn't mean its any better than J.Js.
  13. A must have book. Awaiting the postman!
  14. tobytyke

    UK Demos Vs Issues Prices???

    Didnt know it was withdrawn. Anyone know the reason why?


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