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  1. £177 with one hour to go! Anyone could have a carver done for a fraction of the price. What will the winner do with it? It's not like you can show it off anywhere....is it?
  2. Francis Nero "Keep on Loving Me" 26 bids £102 with one day to go on e bay...........on the Stadust label!
  3. Kenny Chandler was fetching twice that 20years ago! Strange world of northern soul.
  4. Two of my all time favourites! The Majestics and Bobby Parris
  5. Great version of Sam Cooke classic. His father is superb!
  6. Any record with the whip sound in it does it for me......Reperata ,Shakers,Legend of Xanandu All favourites!
  7. My money's on Minsk!
  8. Some of the early numbers are starting to fetch big money. Is this because so few were pressed? How many of each? Was it a similar number to the Kent anniversary singles? Must say the standard of the records was very high and the quality and thickness .of the vinyl used is excellent
  9. Sean Chapman's got the Mad lads sugar sugar if you're quick!
  10. Thank you zanetti for the download,just checked manship site and quite a few of the sold records have already been removed
  11. Have you got them back yet? More importantly did it work?

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