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  1. Sorry I can’t work it out
  2. I got one about a month ago off eBay
  3. Pm your PayPal mate, I’ll have it
  4. Carole Anderson on whip. Pm price
  5. Hear, hear mate. But I still belive our tunes will go in the skip, but f##k it
  6. Tim I think your right. I certainly didn't build my Lambretta as a investment, I spent more than I would get on ebay. Same with my records. I bought them because I wanted them knowing one day they will loose money.
  7. Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong topic section. Right I'm into Lambrettas and all things linked. Scooters are bringing eye watering values at the moment. But they have 15 years left. As the scooter boys die and kids aren't interested in being part of a cult (they seem to be happy being generic) supply will outstrip demand and they will be worth the scrap value. Do you think the same will happen with 45rpm rare soul? Discuss!
  8. Swap for original Ramsell, Wade Flemings, Jeanette. Plays good, few marks on lable. Swap must be vg
  9. There's one on discogs mate. £500
  10. Trade up. I've got a copy of Jeanette on ramsel. Plays good. Want a copy of naughty boy. In box me

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