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  1. NorthernJordan


  2. NorthernJordan


    The best way I can describe it is a picture blog...
  3. NorthernJordan


    I though I'd give Instagram a wirl and would like to follow some people doing some interesting scooter/mod/soul related stuff. Here's a link to mine: https://www.instagram.com/lambrettajet230/
  4. NorthernJordan

    lambretta chopper frame for sale

    How much for the Jet 200?
  5. NorthernJordan


    How much are they?
  6. NorthernJordan


    HI all, I am looking for a Lambretta. Ideally a 125, but any CC considered. I don't mind a project scooter or restored. Please PM me if you anything you want to move on. Jordan
  7. NorthernJordan

    Vibrations - Cause Your Mine - EPIC DEMO

    I no longer want to sell, it was my ultimate want at the time and I remembered how much I love the tune when I played it again. Sorry guys!
  8. Hi All, Selling my copy of the Vibrations Cause Your Mine for £75 plus the post. Just after what I paid for it to fund an upcoming holiday. The label is a bit scuffed and battered and the track has some surface noise at the start. The excellent B-Side I Took An Overdose is in excellent condition. If you are interest PM me for pictures and sound. Jordan
  9. NorthernJordan

    Web Hosting

    I'm wanting to start a blog and want full control over it, and I was thinking of using WordPress as it seems to be the standard choice. So I'm just after any suggestions regarding where would be a good place to host at a reasonable cost?
  10. Will take 17.50 each for the Ben Sherman shirts!
  11. Fred Perry Polo, Now SOLD!
  12. "Vintage" Ben Sherman Button Down Shirt, 25 quid posted! Size Medium/large! Lovely shirt with great rounded collar details! "Vintage" Ben Sherman Button Down, size large, £25 including postage I say vintage with these two shirts, I'd guess they were made in the 90s. Fred Perry Polo, Size Medium, £15 posted! Brand new Britac Shirt, size medium, £20 including postage! Gorgeous shirt made in Spain with all the mod details!
  13. NorthernJordan

    Fred Perry Polo + Britac Shirts

    Blue Britac now sold, I will take £20 plus the post for the other one! I will also accept £15 post for the FP Polo!
  14. NorthernJordan

    Fred Perry Polo + Britac Shirts

    Open to offers, as I'll never wear them. If you haven't heard of Britac shirts they're a brand made in Spain with all the mod/skinhead details, button down collar, good collar roll etc etc


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