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  1. Sad to lose another great. Was told it was not the Fayette artist though.
  2. I've never heard the Brothers Two, but I've often wondered about things like this. An example that springs to mind is the Fuzz - "I'm So Glad". I think there's something else on Calla too, just can't remember. I can't see any of them being deliberate, but suppose they could be some sort of effect.
  3. That's me on the back row, 6th from the left (black top). I mostly did downstairs, but came in on the upstairs modern room. I don't think it lasted too long though, maybe 5 or 6 months ?
  4. From what I remember the Pye release was just the first half of the original, doubled up, with a crowd effect added. The was a version without the crowd, but car horn instead, but same looped first half only. I used to have a Pye acetate of another version, with a "kids laughing"effect (could have even been a baby crying ?). On this one I think the underlying track that was the full version as per Roulette.
  5. Here's the release on Discogs https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/11421946
  6. Yes, mine has reversed labels, but I brought this up a few years ago on a previous thread and someone said their copy had labels the correct way around. May only be a few though. As a matter of interest, I wonder if the vocal got a Aanadian release, or were they all instrumentals.
  7. Only just picked this up, so sad to hear. I only spoke to him a couple of weeks ago.
  8. You could be right Steve, my first hearing was a JM unknowns tape, but that could have been after Dave R.
  9. When this turned up un the late seventies ( I think John M turned it up on on one of his unknown tapes), I only ever saw Blue / Yellow issues. I don't recall any white demos, but clearly they must have been around.
  10. Has anyone seen / got one of these . . . Music Merchant # 1008 released July 1972 Just Brothers " Things Will Be Better Tomorrow " / " Sliced Tomatoes " It appears in a few discographies, but I've only ever seen the promo with "Things Will Be Better" on both sides.
  11. Both are styrene. Here's a better images that show MR on the demo Turn To Me side at about 5 o'clock . . . . . . and probably on the Issue (at about 3 o'clock). Cheers Mick
  12. I quite like the other side (What else . . . )
  13. Sorry, no. It's a 70's boot (alongside Ron Holden, also with red text throughout. Originals have title and credits in black
  14. I just sold a white test press, as earlier post, but unmarked label (no signature), for only £500, (so so condition), which was not much more than I paid about 10 years ago.

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