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  1. Has anyone seen / got one of these . . . Music Merchant # 1008 released July 1972 Just Brothers " Things Will Be Better Tomorrow " / " Sliced Tomatoes " It appears in a few discographies, but I've only ever seen the promo with "Things Will Be Better" on both sides.
  2. Both are styrene. Here's a better images that show MR on the demo Turn To Me side at about 5 o'clock . . . . . . and probably on the Issue (at about 3 o'clock). Cheers Mick
  3. I quite like the other side (What else . . . )
  4. Sorry, no. It's a 70's boot (alongside Ron Holden, also with red text throughout. Originals have title and credits in black
  5. I just sold a white test press, as earlier post, but unmarked label (no signature), for only £500, (so so condition), which was not much more than I paid about 10 years ago.
  6. Rob, is Sharon's version of "Where There Is Love", in the can for a future date? Cheers, Mick
  7. I've never heard that version, and I find it strange that out of 12 million plus views, only a couple have commented on it being by another artist. There may be others further down the list, but I stopped looking after a couple of minutes.
  8. I don't think there is any alternative press or label variation. The image on the YT clip above is a bodge job. It's just a scan of the other side (hence different times / 2567 etc.) and it had been positioned / photographed slightly rotated (about 1 degree clockwise). After that, the new text has been added to the scan (the new text is exactly horizontal). Why the YT post is like this is anyones guess, maybe he could only find the b side at the time. This only explains the visual side of it. As to the different take, it's probably an alternate CD version, much as weingarden says.
  9. The four tracks they were talking about are releasing are "Hey Mister", "Nonstop (Paradise)", "I'm So Glad" and "The Man I Love". PDF of all their releases are here, http://www.allsunrecords.com/images/Releases2017S.pdf Having said that, the reference to the Matt Lucas forrthcoming release has been on their site for a few years now, and I don't think a single release has emerged.
  10. Well there was the Gordon's Gin Theme music used in cinemas, put onto a 7 inch. All 30 seconds of it.
  11. It's never happened to me so I may be missing something, but there should be nothing to prevent you listing it again. Discogs may not like a direct relist, as it counters "item not available", but a fresh, yet identical listing shouldn't be a problem. Maybe change the description slightly, add a comma or full stop.
  12. Toss up between GC and DB, think it has to be George Carrow for me

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