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  1. Carol & Gerri

    I always felt the inclusion of the track on the CD was just a mistake, as Fifth estate were an all male group. Maybe the tape was found along with the other Wadlams / Askew compositions / recordings and it was just presumed to be them. Just my impression. and...
  2. Carol & Gerri

    There's far more instrumentation on the MGM version too - I think the Fifth Estate was a work in progress, more of a basic recording, albeit 99% finished.
  3. Kent Anniversary 45's

    Some of the early ones are quite cheap too. I think people just want some titles more than others, I doubt if there are extra copies being pressed, or any lowwering of the quality, it's just down to demand. Cheers Mick
  4. Curious, L. J. Johnson, orig US Philips Issue?

    Popsike doesn't pick up everything, often thinks are there and then they disappear for some reason. In this case though, if any sold on eBay they may have been under the price threshold used by Popsike, eg. £2/3 etc. It's listed on discogs ... https...
  5. Amazing he got every word and every syllable in exactly the right place. Brilliant.
  6. Rare Argentinian LP - Various Artists from 1965 of USA ABC / Dunhill releases - This includes the classic Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out. Vinyl is excellent, and B side label had a promo stamp. Front cover had small price sticker. £500 UK - UK post inclu...
  7. eBay - Place Bid or Make Offer

    Thanks chaps - For me it was more of an academic Sys / Tech query, rather than something I was holing to use on any of my listings. I ageree though if, using above £100 example, an offer was made and accepted for, say £120, it may have gone for more on normal...
  8. eBay - Place Bid or Make Offer

    I've never seen this on eBay before. Usually a "make offer" is for the "Buy It Now" type listings, I've just found one for a normal auction with an option to make an offer ... Is this a new thing, I've had a look around and can't find any info. ...
  9. Ebay watch list

    If there was some listing violation eBay themselves can independently pull it, and the listing then vanishes completely. It's happened a few times on things I was looking at, luckily never on my own sales though. Cheers Mick
  10. Butch & Newports 'I'm only a man' Black Rock G+ £35 Free P&P

    Have PM'd you. Cheers, Mick
  11. Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases (merged)

    Never seen those two Kev (Exciters / Ila Van) - Nice.
  12. I think she also appeared in a movie with Jon Voight, and I seem to remember hearing she was in an episode of Banacek.
  13. As this thread is called " . . . Related Artists", can we have Morris Chestnut (the singer) who has a famous son, Morris Chestnut (the Actor).
  14. Whats a good day for ebay?

    I remember a documentary on TV a fair few years back and they reckoned the best time was either Sunday evening, or midday on Thursday. I can understand the Sunday evening, but could never get to grips with Thursday. (Maybe that was when people ordered stuff t...
  15. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Big record for Soul Sam in early to mid 90's, maybe 1993 or so. I think it was fairly new (to Sam) about then. It may have bee around before then, but that's the first copy I ever saw. Cheers Mick

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