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  1. On Television Tonight

    Bee Gees, Dusty (Wishin) Lisa Stansfield (Around the World) Annie Lennox, other things, - To be honest I wonder if the Channel transmitted the right show. I recorded it at 9pm, as the schedule said, but there was no introduction or finish to the show, so it i...
  2. Motown experts required!

    HA - No wonder the face looked familiar, I was trawling through B & D images only 10 minutes before to get Hal David pic !
  3. Motown experts required!

    No, I've just done an image source etc, and this came from Discogs, but couldn't find it anywhere else, but the face is familiar. This is Hal David Cheers Mick
  4. The Metros-Since I found my baby-Australian RCA

    Looking at the two little white dots on the middle (2 o'clock on the centre hole, and then again just above it) this is the very same copy, so presumably that is where Ben got it from.
  5. The Answers - Thinking of You (Scorpion)

    Quite like the B side too (not uptempo, just like it)
  6. Moses Smith

    Yes, just once in 2002 (plenty of boots since then) The flip side was a "slightly" different and longer version on TGATS Cheers Mick
  7. Does this look kosher LOL

    I can't find it, anyone got a link
  8. The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

    Yes, "No Baby" is the B side of the German release. I don't think I've ever played it before, quite like it though. Cheers Mick
  9. Clean Up The Ghetto - Boston & Detroit "City Edits"

    Yes, in all cases it is printed as "Special Boston Edit" or whatever city. It's found in small print above or below the left or right hand side credits. Here's typical one ... Cheers Mick
  10. Clean Up The Ghetto - Boston & Detroit "City Edits"

    Just thought I'd give this a bump, now have the Boston , so I just need Detroit AE7 1138 .... And AE7 1131 which may or may not exist but no idea which city. Cheers Mick
  11. Jimmy James - Help Yourself

    One here ... http://www.ebay.ie/itm/JIMMY-JAMES-and-THE-VAGABONDS-Why-Help-yourself-Original-1970-TIGER-TROJAN-/142367958523?hash=item2125caa5fb:g:iJ4AAOSwSlBY3r7T
  12. John Peel's unknown soul record from 1975?

    Was this something JP played on the radio and simply never said who it was, or is the recording just edited down without his comments at the beggining or end. Just wondered.
  13. Gucci Does Northern soul

    Is that the same ? Often wondered, but never had an LP - It might explain where the incorrect 4:23 timing comes from on the 45
  14. A few nice things finishing this Friday evening (May 5th) about 7pm UK time. Betty Lloyd Test Press (slightlly different version) Jimmy Macfarland Acetate (slightly longer version to release) Dana Valery - You're Gonna Love My Baby !! South African L...
  15. Original Acetates/one offs

    can we see the label ?