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  1. I really like the version of "Trust In Me"
  2. Mick Holdsworth

    100 Club 6TS

    I really liked the version of Trust In Me
  3. Mick Holdsworth

    Ronnie & Robyn

    To answer the other half of your question, the pink copies were bootlegs.
  4. Mick Holdsworth

    Jimmy Delphs - Almost - Label Variations

    I used to have an ATCO copy, but I think it may have been Canadian. Gave it to John Pugh many years ago as it was one title he was trying to collect all the label variations on.
  5. Mick Holdsworth

    News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

    Same here - even today! - Merry Christmas everybody.
  6. Mick Holdsworth

    Poll: Version Battle - I'm So Glad I Found You

    O'Jays version for me, but only just above Linda Jones
  7. Mick Holdsworth

    Bill Brown - Apple Tree - Demo

    Looking for a copy of the Bill Brown / Soul Injection demo of "Love Under The Apple Tree". I missed it on when they were released a couple of weeks ago at £20.00 Quite happy to pay a bit more if someone has a spare, maybe £30 (Is that reasonable ?) Cheers Mick
  8. Mick Holdsworth

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    I've also used this method many times and once you get the hang of it (ie. leave for 24, or even 48 hours, and make sure the covering is 100 percent on the play area - into the runout but not up to the label, and right up to the outer edge), then it works great. It should look like the picture from Russ. Solid white / cream when it is wet, and going clear when it begins to set. See about 3 o'clock on the One-Derful record. If, after a long time you still see a single spec of white, don't touch it, just wait until it is fully clear. When done, gently tease off a start on the outer edge and it should peel off. If it flakes and little bits stay on the record, just recoat it and the flakes will bond with the fresh glue. Remember, this is a deep clean method, it won't repair damaged records. Cheers Mick
  9. Mick Holdsworth

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Did a re-edit of Dante for Soul Sam a few years back, but never clocked the Curtis song. Really like it.
  10. Mick Holdsworth

    Poll: Version Battle - What I Want

    This could go either way
  11. Mick Holdsworth

    Mirettes 'He's alright with me' rare Mirwood label.

    There are a few of the 5531 without "The Mirettes" printed on the label, but most are printed correctly.
  12. Mick Holdsworth

    I've Found Dena Barnes

    It's another thread in this forum. Tim started it last week . . .
  13. Mick Holdsworth

    Music Stack Gone??

    Back up now.
  14. Mick Holdsworth


    Nice one Tim, never thought I'd ever see a photo of her. Did you snap that pic yourself in '91, or did she give you a photo of herself from sometime earlier ? Cheers Mick
  15. Mick Holdsworth

    Music Stack Gone??

    I see my commissions were auto paid on 1st Nov, but hadn't checked since. it does seem to be down though. Have to wait and see.


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