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  1. eBay UK - Ordered 2, only Got 1 - How do I claim

    Yes, It's only a large pack of socks, so won't be in desperate need, I'll just get 'em when I get 'em.
  2. eBay UK - Ordered 2, only Got 1 - How do I claim

    Thanks Kev, it was the direct link to resolution centre that I couldn't find. Claim now started. Cheers, Mick
  3. I'm sure this is possible, but is there a method of starting an eBay claim for an order shortage. I've been through the available questions / reasons etc. and I can't see it. Basically I ordered 2 identical items from a seller (ie QTY = 2, as opposed to ...
  4. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    One funny one I remember was that David Cassidy was David of the Giants.
  5. Bill Brandon & Lorraine Johnson: Full time groover: orig vs boot

    Seem to remember the boot had a matt finish, wheras the orig was a more glossy finish - Haven't had a real one since about 75, lent it to a local "friend", but never got it back
  6. How rare are some of the 70' boots

    Alondside the PB lookalikes, Some of the other SS boots are quite rare, like the Willie Hutch second boot as James Conwell Jr on Patches - The Duck / Love Runs Out, whereas the first boot as Richard Temple - Duck / Duck is very common.
  7. id track please

    Indeed Adam - but are we right ?
  8. id track please

    Could be Bobby Patterson or Entertainers "I'm In Love With You" , can certainly hear "aaaahhh ah ah ah aaahhh, I'm In Love With You" in the Entertainers version.
  9. the old Joanna

    The Group / Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose
  10. Lets clean up the ghetto promo's

    OK thanks Paul. The image example used three posts above is the Boston edit, and the Atlanta was new to me until maybe six months ago.
  11. Lets clean up the ghetto promo's

    Paul - Never seen Memphis, do you know the Number ? These are the fifteen I know to . . . Atlanta AE7 1132 Boston AE7 1133 Washington AE7 1134 Miami AE7 1135 Philadelphia AE7 1136 Baltimore AE7 1137 Detroit AE7 1138 St Louis AE7 1139 ...
  12. Collection of UK Acetates

    That's very interesting, I have a Helen Shapiro acetate from an Abbey Road session in '65 - same handwriting, with KS initials. It always reminded me of Max's handwriting - I even asked him once, and he said, no, not him.
  13. records worth more than car I drive😁

    It's a '65 . Yes, I liked the wheels too, they came with the car. Somehow they lasted all the time I had it and didn't wear out (apart from a few punctures).
  14. records worth more than car I drive😁

    I sold a lot of my records in about '83 to buy my car. This was me with it a few weeks after I'd got it, at my mates house. I kept it until about the turn of the century, but it had been off the road for about 5 or 6 years by then. Just a coupl...