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  1. Garnet Mimms - Looking For You - I'll Take Good Care Of You - Ex United Artists UK Demo. A few light inaudible marks and a sticker removal mark on "Take" side. "Looking" side slight wear over logo. £550 all-in to UK (inc. Spec Dely) ***************** O'Jays - I Dig Your Act - 7" - M- Stateside UK Demo. £400 all-in to UK (inc. Spec Dely) - SOLD ***************** Dennis D'ell - Better Use Your Head/ It Breaks My Heart - M- CBS UK Orange stock copy. £500 all-in to UK (inc. Spec Dely) ***************** Sly Slick & Wicked - Givin' Up On Love
  2. I played it once once or maybe twice at Birmingham Locarno all dayers in the very early eighties. Always felt it was a bit too fast though.
  3. May not have been mentioned, Len Barry "I'll Always Need You" (also 3 or four other tracks by him from the same LP)
  4. Not a bad prediction though. Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Harry Belefonte, Jackie Gleason, Eddie Fisher, Eartha Kitt, Victor Borge, all became stars. Even Champion (presumably "The Wonder Horse") is in there.
  5. Those two are just the same as the boots flooding eBay at £8/10, all with the wrong B side. It should be Voc / Inst. One for sale at £3000 at the moment.
  6. You can at the moment, and some sellers are still using Paypal. Having said that I've just read a post earlier from modularman that "it's worth pointing out that buyers can continue to use PayPal and other methods to send payments". So that's all good then.
  7. I haven't sold on eBay for a good while and don't plan on it anytime soon, so as a seller I haven't looked into this too much. However, as a buyer, I do occasionally use eBay, so how will it affect purchases? Presumably we would not be able to use Paypal, and have to use CC or DC, and be paying eBay, rather than the seller, much like when buying from CD&LP or Gemm when it was around.
  8. Excellent - many thanks

  9. Just noticed someone has put it on Discogs - apparently bagpussprince on discogs has a copy.
  10. I found an image on the net of both sides, and posted them up on Soulsource a fair few years back. Could never find them again. I personally don't think it's real, but yours seems better quality than what I remember.
  11. Hi Zander - Seems first enquirer (Mark) reserved it for you. Cheers Mick. Have pmd you my details etc. Cheers, Mick
  12. Milton Wright - I Belong To You / Like A Roling Stone - 7" - Ex First press from the seventies £400 all-in to UK (inc. Spec Dely) (SOLD) ***************** SouLutions - Listen / Philly Line - 7" Radio Edit - M/M- £275 all-in to UK (inc. Spec Dely) ***************** Capitol Northern Soul 7s Box - 7 record box set - Still sealed. £90 all-in to UK (inc. Spec Dely) ***************** ***************** Paypal OK - UK ONLY please. Please message me. Thanks Mick MiltonWright-IBelong-RollingStone.mp3 SouLution
  13. If you're on a PC or laptop then just click the reply button as normal, and at the bottom there is a paperclip and "Drag files here to attach or Click here to choose files to upload" message. Once the photo(s) are uploaded, they show up just below. To add them to the post, just drag and drop them into the post. Might be different for a mobile phone though.
  14. Such tragic news, hadn't seen him for a few years, but always had the odd chat with him. He will be missed.

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