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  1. Dusty- Long After Tonight Etc

    Probably wrong, but it looks like a label that has been taken off something else, original text at 10'oclock obliterated, green tape stuck over remaining text, and Dusty's name added. It does look old, but so do 70's emidiscs. I can think of no reason to...
  2. Henderson & Jones I'm gonna get ya' Quality Blend

    I thought about £1000, but on checking, the price seemes to be much higher, maybe £2000 (One example did hit $2800) On popsike, I could only find four, going back to 2014, but there were at least that many listed about 6 or 7 years ago, which were genera...
  3. Bunny Sigler R I P

    I found a couple of places that state it, http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/bunny-sigler - and also on a youtube comment for the Phil la song. It's bugging me because I remember reading that one of Bunnys regrets was not recording a song with Benny, just...
  4. Bunny Sigler R I P

    Yet another great to leave us. Very sad. Just one thing though, I thought Benny Sigler was Bunny's brother, seem to have this in my mind. Cheers Mick
  5. This is an edit of... ?

    Obviously not this, but it reminds me a bit of Chic - Le Freak.
  6. The better LP is probably the Redifusion release, as as has the same recording but WITHOUT the fake crowd tht was sequenced in on the Plexium release. Both date from 1971, as does the Blue Sharks single.
  7. Price needed please The Majjestees on Mutt

    Did I read somewhere that Jay Traynor was the Jay in "Jay and the Americans", or am I thinking of someone else.
  8. supremes stoned love (long version)

    Yes, it say 2:49 on label, but is much longer due to the extended intro / sax. That 2:49 must be a printing error, taken from the standard released single and no one thought to change it. (Same on yesteryear).
  9. Mike, Do you mean the preference between 60's and 70's music, or the preference of being around in the 60's or 70's Cheers Mick
  10. Dana Valery - I'll Remember Summer - South Africa Cbs LP

    I've sold a couple over tha last few years - £100 for a so-so copy (to a friend) and £250 for a minter. I've only been aware of it in the last 4 / 5 years. Craig Moerer had one up for $200 but that's now gone. Hope that helps Cheers Mick
  11. Fred Mark

    I've noticed all the Fred Mark tracks with audio above, and "I Got A Feeling For You" are exactly the same "vocal" tune. I'm sure there's a few more Liza Mae on both of the two labels, plus "If These People Could Hear My Story" on 20th Century Plaza acetate, ...
  12. Larry Houston Let's spend some time together

    Just checked mine, fine both sides. Price seems to be about £30 upwards on discogs.
  13. the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Although the original intro is there on this newish release, I can't hear anything extra at the fade out (It's possible there may be about 0.5 / 1 second extra, but I couldn't be sure). I believe Gloria Jones has something to do with the label (A previou...
  14. paris sleepless nights on doc

    I think that'll probably be it Kev. Smiley Brothers becomes Shiny Brothers but both with Rydal Pa in address. If not identical recording, then maybe a version or variant of it. Don't know which release came first.
  15. paris sleepless nights on doc

    Robb, I can't find a clip of "The Brush", where did you hear it ?