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  1. What dates are Davey Scott , Hoss, and John Parker on if they are all on the same night that would be some night out .....
  2. Made the first Sunday session, brilliant night, brilliant raw R&B, great crowd, spot on venue and cheap bevvy. Needless to say, hotel is booked and looking forward to this Saturday night. Not sure about daytime shopping in Manchester with the duchess first tho!! this is not to be missed and I am sure it will be busy. Linda, if you recall Paul & Pauline from up north, Pauline is the little blonde bit who can talk a glass eye to sleep,,, we'll be knocking on the door, see you there. Paul
  3. Paul H

    MOTM Northern Soul Alldayer

    Are you posting the DJ,s and times mate
  4. Paul H


    Is this venue far from the station, I might pop up for this, from durham / newcastle
  5. Paul H


    Johnty what time are the guest DJ spots, i might pop over tonight its been a while since i was at the welfare
  6. Paul H


    Hi Dave i am sure you'll have a good night, beware she'll find out that you have been hitting that auction site when you start spinning the discs, that's not good for your health..... OR....... just say you've had them ages ( like women do, when they unvail new shoes and frocks, knowing quite well we wouldn't remember anyhows) your bang on with conversations !! and don't be arguing with yourself on the way back !! (you won't win that one either, i never do) Mrs 33% has been in tip top form, never missed a sesh !!!.................... does beach and bar go together.......??? she seems to think so.......a bit like .........." like summer and sunshine" we go together I am on my 3rd peel and can now just hold a full cuppacoffee............. Pop the tunes and puff the talc, have a great night at a great soul club............ yours The Pink Man
  7. thanks all for the replies, might just drop in that one, what's the nearest tube station. thanks again Paul
  8. Hi All, i suppose everyone is getting ready for the festive season and getting up the eyes in debt, well its a weekend down the smoke on Friday and Saturday and the missus is going to hammer the plastic..... to ease the pain is there anything on in London with some good Northern and R&B that is worth a visit, staying near Russel square. any help much appreciated......... merry xmas and may thanks Paul
  9. Hi all, me and the dutchess are coming down the smoke on friday from the NE, to go and have a shot at the crossfire. although we have been to many nighters never done this one so we thought why not. it was a toss up between crossfire and blackburn KG hall. i hope we've picked the right one . i am after a bit of advice, if anyone can help is there any northern / R&B on friday night, and is there a warm up on Sat night.we will be staying central london although haven't booked a hotel yet many thanks Paul
  10. I heard a whisper before xmas that Tony's might be kickin off again, has anyone heard any crack about it?? i hope its on again......... top nighter, great crowd.

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