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    Former Catacombs, Wigan Casino and Cleethorpes Pier resident DJ and major NS event promoter between 1986 - 2005.

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  1. Hi, Yes Soussan mass-bootlegged this on styrene, with some printed off centre like your photograph. Has yours got PB in the deadwax? I had some of the PB ones in my shop around mid 1976 and am pretty certain they were vinyl, with a very thin white border at the edge. More importantly they had the same orange coloured stripes as genuine originals, while the mass produced styrene bootlegs he did had more yellowish stripes. I had and sold hundreds of those in my shops in 76/77. I only had two/three of the PB ones. He only pressed perhaps 200 each of those.
  2. This is a confusing one! Have a promo of the Bell Sound edition, without any scratching out and matrix ZTSC 97700. It is slightly quieter than the other edition. Not sure which came first chronologically. Labels are reversed but deadwax matrix 97700 matches the one printed on the label, albeit the label says "What Did I Do Wrong"! (I said it was confusing). The other is a regular mauve issue of the Nashville edition, with ZTSC 97699 both in the deadwax and on the label. The #97699 is crossed through on the flip only and replaced by 97700. Accordingly the deadwax Matrix numbers differ on each edition, being 97700 for "DLMOB" on the Bell Sound edition (promo in my case), and 97699 for "DLMOB" on the Nashville mastered edition. So a mastering lab identification cock up at the very minimum! We should rely on Robbk for what he bought and heard on radio in Detroit at the time, so can deduce that the Bell mastered edition was the one chosen for general release. The main differences I can hear are that the Nashville edition is a bit 'softer' sounding with certain instruments and backing vocals slightly more prominent. The Bell Sound edition is a little more trebly with a more prominent lead vocal and sharper beat - so probably more suitable for the NS scene. The greater prominence of EL's vocal was probably the reason it was ultimately chosen for release. Undoubtedly the Bell Sound version was scarcer at the time, but as so often is the case, a UK dealer (John Anderson I believe in this case) found and exported a few of the 'unreleased' Nashville edition. All I recall were new/mint when they landed. Whilst the general release was undoubtedly common in sixties, most will have been binned/wrecked a long time ago. Accordingly they are probably equally scarce now, although I like most prefer the softer/thicker sound of the Nashville edition. Both are brilliant of course, as is the Billy Kennedy version released under the guise of E.Laskey, mainly I guess because no singer was identified on the master tape. It would have been far more interesting and exciting to say it was by Billy Kennedy. Anyway, hope that helps although it could only add to the confusion! Lol.
  3. Yes Sutty I agree, like I said in my last post, it would be the studio/mastering lab engineer who cut the lacquer who added his initials/stamp. Although mastering lab engineers obviously exist, every studio has one. They are arguably the most important person in the recording process. Certainly in my personal experience. Most studios in the UK had a cutting lathe in the 70s and some pressing plants offered a 1/4" to record one-stop service. Accordingly Phil Brown is most likely a studio engineer. Possibly a standalone-lab technician or owner.
  4. The PB counterfeits look very much like the Cattaneo ones, so best guess they were done at the same plant. I assume it was the studio/mastering engineer who added his initials, and he may have had his own studio/lab or Monarch had a lab where they also mastered third party product? Perhaps this Phil Brown had his own pressing plant? After all those famous early Led Zeppelin bootlegs also bore the PB stamp.
  5. Fair enough if the consensus is they're the engineer Phil Brown's initials, although the Soussan counterfeits in question were vinyl not MR styrene - the medium of choice for Soussan's volume product in the mid-seventies. The Soussan counterfeit Mel Britt with the white band was vinyl, although the right colours, whereas the later volume reissue of Mel Britt was styrene, but the wrong colours... replacing the orange with yellow. Some excellent lookalike vinyl bootlegs emanated from the West Coast in the mid-seventies. Most arrived on our shores via the collaboration of Bob Cattaneo and John Anderson.
  6. Most likely something as simple as the RCA Indianapolis pressing plant matrix. Some Hall & Oates 7" releases of the mid-seventies had PB prefixes. Soussan's lookalike bootlegs of 75/76 were designed to fool and the plant was probably chosen as it was one of increasingly few doing vinyl pressings. They were all short-run (perhaps just 100). George Blackwell and the Anderson Brothers were the hardest to tell from originals. Mel Britt probably the easiest, due to a thin white band around the centre hole and (ironically) the fact it was vinyl when the originals were styrene. Happy collecting everyone.
  7. The legendary KEELE ALL-NIGHTER... the North of England's longest running Northern Soul All-Nighter with over 30 years of Niters under its belt! Keele All-Nighter @ Keele University, Near Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs. The next quality soul All-Nighter is on Saturday 11th July (9pm - 6am) and features one of our best DJ line-ups ever, playing the biggest, best and most in-demand sounds and classics on the planet! Watch This Space For Full DJ Roster Details Fair price admission too... STILL Just £10 before 10 (£12 after) 15 TOP DJs across TWO rooms with big, quality sound rigs. All night bar and coffee station.
  8. BLUE BRICK "HARRY GIBBS R.I.P." SPECIAL - All Welcome - Free Admission A Night Dedicated To The Life, Music And Times Of My Dear Friend Of 50 Years Who Recently Left Us For The DanceHall In The Sky. Celebrated Today, The Day Of His Funeral, Giving Those Who Knew Him And Those Who Didn't A Chance To Say A Fond Farewell To One Of The Genuine Good Guys Of Our Wonderful Scene REST IN PEACE HARRY GIBBS Friday 13th March (8pm - 12.15) At the excellent BAGGERIDGE SOCIAL CLUB The Straits, Sedgley, Near Dudley, DY3 3AA DJ Friends: 'Pep', Ted Massey + Tony Perrott Playing the scene's biggest sounds and greatest classics of the last 55 years, paying attention to Harry's special loves, which were mainly Wheel/Catacombs/Torch/Plaza/Early Wigan oldies from the 66 - 76 period; the 'Golden Era'. Original music on original vinyl. Great 200 size room & fair price bar FREE ADMISSION - ALL WELCOME Everpopular night... don't be late. Let's give Harry the send off he deserves at this excellent, popular venue near where he used to live
  9. Amazing Night! Tinged with sadness due to the departure of two fine resident DJs. A special place; well run by lovely people. Attended by one of the friendliest crowds I have ever encountered - and what a crowd! So busy, but room to dance on the excellent floor. Can't wait to return next year! x Pep
  10. Pep


    The Fabulous KEELE UNIVERSITY ALL-NIGHTER kicks off the New Year with a bang. Over 30 years of Northern Soul All-Nighters! 9 of the Country's Top Soul DJs bring you the best in upfront, rare Northern Soul and Quality Oldies. Full DJ roster to follow. Saturday 9th January 9pm - 6pm Still only £10 before 10 (£12 after) Pay On The Door
    Fantastic night in a great club. Well run with great attention to detail. From the excellent sound system to the big screen video/footage. Very special - the kind of extras you only expect at the biggest All-Nighters. Big, super-friendly crowd were up for it from almost the off, and the dancefloor was rocking all night to quality original vinyl tunes presented by some of the best local DJs I have ever seen. I was given a great reception and thank you by all the 200+ in attendance. That said, it was my great pleasure to contribute to such a fabulous night. It restored my faith in this sometimes overlooked and unsung format. I look forward to doing it again next year, and will definitely be attending for a dance before that. Brilliant!
  11. Pep

    Baggeridge BLUE BRICK Soul Night

    BLUE BRICK SOUL NIGHT #4 Friday 14th February (8 - 12.30) At the excellent BAGGERIDGE SOCIAL CLUB The Straits, Sedgley, Near Dudley, DY3 3AA Top National and Local Soul DJs: 'Pep', Dave Rimmer, Keith 'H' Morgan and Glyn Coxsell Playing the scene's biggest sounds and greatest classics! On strictly original vinyl. Great 200 size room & fair price bar VALENTINE NIGHT SPECIAL! Just £4 on the door OR 2 for £5 Wow! Great value Popular night... don't be late. Our most requested venue!
  12. Can't wait!
  13. Looking forward to my first appearance at this excellent, popular club.

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