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  1. Pep

    KEELE ALL-NIGHTER (Multi-Room Special)

    KEELE NORTHERN SOUL ALL-NIGHTER Keele University, Keele Road, Keele, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, ST5 5BJ SATURDAY 12th JANUARY (9pm - 6am) The Legendary All-Nighter Venue Re-Opens Its Various Rooms Once Again To The Sound Of Northern Soul, Rare Soul, Oldies, R&B, Modern & Funky Flavas, Mod & Scooter Scene Grooves TOP SOUL DJs & SPECIALISTS (Watch This Space) 9 HOURS OF GREAT MUSIC across MULTIPLE ROOMS capacity 1600 EarlyBird Tickets... JUST £10 A Connoisseurs Consortium Production Text: 0772 882 6453 eMail: souljockpep@gmail.com
  2. This was showing as available at Juno a couple of days ago? Is it in stock there? If not will it be in August? What about the 'promo' copies? Can't seem to order that edition.
  3. Pep

    Summer Sizzlers Special List

    Not a problem. Just trying to help.
  4. Pep

    Summer Sizzlers Special List

    Formatting not good on a smartphone!
  5. Pep

    Northern For A Tuesday

  6. Voltaire's wanted. PM with price and condition.
  7. Pep

    Loads of UK stuff

    I have purchased the entire balance of these records and sent a substantial amount to Liam via F&F. I am not now getting any replies to my messages and am quite concerned. I trust these are not still being sold as I have bought and paid for them! Could Liam please get back to me. Regards, Ian Pereira.
  8. Pep

    A Few more with An R&B Flavour

    Hi Al,will pm.
  9. Pep


    Superb 300 capacity venue! Polished, sprung dancefloor with balcony. See photos above.
  10. Pep


    ANSTICE NORTHERN SOUL SESSION The ANSTICE, Anstice Square, Park Avenue, Madeley, Telford, TF7 5BD SATURDAY 23rd JUNE (8pm - 1am) The Fabulous Shropshire Venue Opens Its Doors Once Again To The Sound Of Soul, Following An Ongoing Internal Refit Which Includes A £4k Dancefloor Buff & Polish (See Photos... Amazing!) TOP NATIONAL & LOCAL DJs: Special Guest (making it TWO original Wigan DJs!) .... DAVE EVISON 'PEP' BrianTaylor & Gary Wibberley Bringing you the best in Northern Soul, R&B, Quality Motown, 70s, Crossover, etc ... On Original Vinyl 5 HOURS OF TOP SOUNDS AND GREAT OLDIES! £5 on the door MSC Promotions eMail: souljockpep@gmail.com
  11. Pep



    Brilliant, successful First Weekender here in Stourport. Around 500 through the doors over the 3 days. Great venue, great dancefloor with a very strong DJ roster. Friday featured probably the best music I have ever heard at a Soulnight with Mick H, Ted Massey, Dave Thorley, Chic Mullineux on top form. Saturday was the 'piece de resistance' with around 350 enjoying themselves on the dancefloor to some of the scene's greatest classics. KENNY BERNARD bless him was not familiar with our tastes, but got it right on Sunday night. Sunday was a bit slower - mainly down to the hottest weather we've had in a very long time. Still very good. Soul Sam headlining and doing a great job. Not a mega-weekender or a money-spinner by any stretch of the imagination. Not done for that reason. Done to create something worthwhile in the region at a popular inland resort town on the River Severn. That said it did have a DJ Roster worthy of any mega-weekender, and an amazingly friendly admission price of just £20... Including a 13 hour All-Nighter, a live Soul Act and a 10 hour All-Dayer. Plus of course the 7 hour 'Rarest Of The Rare' Friday night opener. Hard to imagine how it could be improved!
  12. Pep



    STOURPORT WEEKENDER DJ TIMES: (Subject to variation) FRIDAY 4th MAY 7 - 8 Matt Blackmore 8 - 9 Graham Bratt 9 - 10 Chic Mullineux 10 - 11 Dave Thorley 11 - 12 Ted Massey 12 - 01 Mick Heffernan (Mick H) 01 - 02 John Vincent SATURDAY 5th MAY 5 - 6 SoulTime Steve 6 - 7 Craig Leonard 7 - 8 Keith H Morgan 8 - 9 John Weston 9 - 10 Mick Bennett 10 - 11 KENNY BERNARD 11 - 12.3 0 Michael Taylor 12.30 - 1.30 Brian Rae 1.30 - 2.30 Dean Carr 2.30 - 3.30 Dave Rimmer 3.30 - 4.30 Daz Dakin 4.30 - 6.00 Ian Pep PereiraSUNDAY 6th MAY 4 - 5 Mick Bennett 5 - 6 Graham Bratt 6 - 7 Matt Blackmore 7 - 8 Keith H Morgan 8 - 9 KENNY BERNARD9 - 10.15 Soul Sam10.15 - 11.15 Hitsville Chalky 11.15 - 2am Pep All subject to variation. All the best, Pep.
  13. Pep



    A 'Rarest Of The Rare' Friday Soul Night till 2am + a 13 hour Saturday All-Nighter + a 10 hour Sunday Long-Dayer until 2am + Soul Legend KENNY BERNARD (twice) + 20 very good DJs In a great venue with a superb sprung wooden floor. EASILY the best value Weekender EVER! Individual Day Tickets also available... Friday : £8 Saturday : £15 Sunday : £10 Tickets from Stourport Civic Box Office via Debit/Credit Card, just click on this link : https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/FGLEHL Or through PayPal: ryvita@live.co.uk (friends & family) ALTERNATIVELY PAY ON DOOR.
  14. Pep



    KENNY BERNARD now appearing TWICE on both Saturday and Sunday! No extra charge!


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