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  1. Better Use Your Head

    Sent you pm, cheers
  2. Bobby Bland Duke Demo

    Hiya, there were a quite a few on discogs not long ago. Two good sides. I have the issue but I also have it on tape which sounds far better, really crisp and a touch faster. Demo ? Album track ? Cheers
  3. Coalville Mini All-Dayer 25-02-18

    Hiya, really enjoyed the afternoon, shame we had to leave before the end of Simon hunts spot. Well done all, cheers pete
  4. Ha ha, just going to say exactly the same thing although I paid 25 off a good lady who knew I'd cocked up my order on release ( tech not my strong point ) she could have sold it that night easily and got 100. Good people are still around, cheers, pete
  5. Hiya, it was posted on here a short while ago that it would be available in the spring. Don't remember a specific date though. Cheers, pete
  6. Hiya, one on eBay, not sure if it sold ? Great record . Basic but brilliant, cheers pete
  7. tony mathews my wish

    Hiya, only on a 45 as far as I know ? Great record though, cheers
  8. Dark Horses

    Hiya folks, looking forward to this night Looking at the dj lineup it's a guaranteed night of quality tunes. Hope to see you there, cheers
  9. Soul II Sole

    Hiya. Really enjoyed tonight. Great friendly crowd and guest Chris played some great tunes. Getting busier every time. Only criticism needs a couple more hours. Well done everyone, cheers
  10. Cancer Research TV Campaign

    Hiya, maybe wrong advert but there is one being used again featuring ' helene smith - pain in my heart ' on deep city records, cheers
  11. Hiya, super rare but a great record. Not much help. I take it you know both sides did get a legal re issue a short time ago. Good luck, cheers
  12. time to start with the xmas tunes-

    Hiya, sleigh tly off topic, remember hearing the ronnettes- sleigh ride at Loughborough allnighter pre Christmas 1977. How about jj Barnes for the ' snowflakes' generation and there's always arty fullylove. Cheers
  13. Two 100 club anniversary singles

    Hiya mike, should be in sales ? Cheers
  14. hiya, Sandra richardson 2016 and Lorraine chandler 2017 singles- mint unplayed, £130 for both inc post signed. Bank transfer- no PayPal. From a mate who comes along but doesn't collect, pm if interested, cheers
  15. Hiya ady, I guess you're on about emmanons orch- bird walkin on the four brothers label. Couldn't  reply to topic for some reason, cheers

    1. adydj


      At last yes mate I do no there is a original pressed years ago

    2. Pga1


      Hiya ady, I have a copy on four brothers but it's the 7ts boot / re issue as far as I'm aware. Cheers


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