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  1. Hiya, it's great to hear from a neighbour on planet ' skintoid', cheers
  2. Hiya, I thought it was sonic wax label. According to a local paper ' Lee bought Frank Wilson, got married and bought a ferrari, all in the same week. On a personal level, I've just had a similar week. Saw a ferrari, didn't get married and I've just been the pub and bought Frank (a pint), cheers
  3. Hiya, I'm sure I've heard this a few times. Great track for film or TV. Cool, cheers
  4. Hiya, Chris has one for sale (midas touch records). Mine is the same issue as that one ( pink Paula) lovely nick but I'm deliberating wether to sell or not, cheers
  5. Hiya mate, it was played as chuck Jackson (as per previous reply) but can't remember title (s). Funny I said to you some years ago, it sounded like ' Dean Parrish ', cheers
  6. Hiya, what a great name - Aloysius valatone, cheers
  7. Hiya, well done mate. Can you tell my wife to buy me a copy, cheers, pete
  8. Hiya, been getting regular spins on radio 2 for a while. Good tune, cheers
  9. Hiya, besides all the other things going on, accommodation will be a problem. I've also heard (rumour ?) That next year a July date has been mentioned. Obviously high season so less caravans available and a huge price hike for the ones that are available and I really don't fancy staying in a hotel, travel lodge etc. Who knows what will happen ? But I really hope it just doesn't fizzle out, cheers
  10. Hiya, thank you but I don't use Facebook. I did join years ago when my kids moved away but never really used it, I wonder what my password was ? Thanks again, cheers
  11. Hiya, I've got three buckets ready, engraved with my name. Black for Guinness, Apple green for cider and p*ss yellow for lager, cheers
  12. Hiya, didn't know about virtual weekend. Our mob has been going since the first one and yep we all missed it, was looking at a picture of me and Mary love from the first one and another of Tony Middleton dancing, cheers
  13. Hiya Tim, oh dear. The build up, the aquasition, the crushing disappointment. It's fantastic in a really bad way. The intro sounds like someone on the bog after a dodgy curry and fifteen pints of crap lager. Made me smile this morning, cheers
  14. Hiya, have to agree. I sold a mate about 40 singles last year for £500. I checked prices and individually some were well into the hundreds, mainly UK stuff. I was happy as I didn't really play them and they went to a good home. So he got a bargain and I went straight to the pub, cheers
  15. Hiya Robb, sail,sail and it's for sale!!!! It's one of those 'hmmm looks interesting, I'll buy it blind.' purchase made. Buying deaf should be recommended, cheers

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