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  1. Hiya, one on e bay at the moment. Good tune, cheers
  2. Hiya, try soulfly a member on here, he sells stuff like the one you're after. Good luck, cheers
  3. Hiya, it sounds like a later re make ( a show recording ) or taken from one of those budget cd's where some tracks are re mastered or re made or as you say an impersonater, cheers
  4. Hiya, out of curiosity I checked some sales over last year or so. All copies around vg / vg+ and all around 50 -60 dollars. So I would say marshman is correct. Maybe demand is on the up ? I've only heard it a few times, cheers
  5. Hiya, rye label. Probably around £40 / £50. I'm sure some of the r'n'b guys on this site will know more accurate prices, demand etc, cheers
  6. Hiya, last record I played tonight at our do - I can't wait until I see my baby's face. Loads of great versions but always go back to this. Really is all time classic, cheers
  7. Pga1

    Soul Express

    Looking forward to tonight, three great guests with fantastic collections, cheers
  8. Pga1


    Hiya, she sounds out of control. Regarding my offer, I've just noted that some of collection have been booted, cheers
  9. Pga1


    Hiya, re - sock. I have some spares in my collection if you're interested, cheers
  10. Pga1

    Soul Express

    Hiya folks, if you fancy a night of quality soul, try soul express. Something for everyone. This month's guests are Ady cope and Martin Dixon. 6ts rare to modern. You will hear a mix of some you know, some you don't and forgotten sounds, always quality music in a nice venue with a good sound system, all vinyl and no boots, cheers
  11. Hiya Rhys, there is a thread on here from a couple years ago about this but lots of conflicting views. Cheers
  12. Hiya Rhys, try playing an album it might play through. Those all in one things ain't great but normally have light tracking (ie stylus weight) probably best get a new turntable. Must say though people get a bit confused about this stuff. People rave about tecnichs 1210's etc but the reason why they are so good is not the sound, it's because they are rock solid and super tough with a powerful direct drive motor and because of that, for home listening they are not that great. Try project decks or similar. Cheers
  13. Great tribute, I personally missed the first decade, as I was told ' you might like some of the music but you won't like the club' ( I know so wrong). Start of the 9ts, ady supplies a few of us with memberships and says come along you'll enjoy it, see what you reckon. It's down south, not Midlands or up north to classic venues. From my first visit, it's the best regular all nighter ever. I wish I could attend more. I guess four in one year is the most I've attended. Some of the best music ever!! Maxine, Carla, the dj's but one track sums it all for me---- early hours, crowd thinned out and it's 'willie Kendricks - she'll be leaving you' haunting!! Basement club, take a bow Ady and crew, cheers, Pete (inkleh).
  14. Hiya, Jackie wilson - night, I'd be up for that. Stafford had the ' by some the Jackie Wilson room'. So many styles, would it be overkill ? I could give it a whirl. A few decades and collaborations. Bring your Jackie tunes and spin em. Cheers
  15. Hiya, drug use for battle, hunting etc goes back centuries. ' beserkers' !! Makes you wonder what's out there now ? Only caught part of the programme and was interesting to see amphetamine in survival kits to keep awake to stave off hypothermia, obviously worked because the Wigan vest passed the test, I'll get me coat. (If needed) cheers

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