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  1. Fred Williams is a great track but that's a lot of money, cheers
  2. Pga1

    100 Club On-Liner


    Hiya, that's got to be Andy's best ever 100 club backdrop, cheers
  3. Pga1

    100 Club On-Liner


    Hiya , thanks for putting this up and well done 100 club team. Just watched sections of all 3 so far. Thanks again, cheers
  4. Hiya Rob, I hope the cauliflowers are bigger than those trees you grow, cheers
  5. Great stuff, Joe bataan- cycles still sounds great, cheers
  6. Hiya, as I said well done everyone. I really enjoyed myself but shit I missed my virtual train, freezing !!!! Cheers
  7. Next up- ishola muhammed_ open up your heart, followed by jnr walker_ I'm so glad, then back to the 6ts with viola wills_ together forever. Somewhere in that lot is Tolbert family singers_ ride the gospel train & GC cameron_ no matter where. All oldies but different oldies, ps. No thought or reason to these spins, bloody hell there's hundreds here and that's only in my boxes, enjoy the music, it's all great, cheers ps. Wanted to put wherever you go but not applicable, cheers
  8. Great fun folks, back to the real world. And I'm back. First tune- Danny woods _ I want to thank you . Followed by the Woodward avenue players_ fire him hire me and then it's Frankie newsome_ coming on strong, cheers
  9. Yes please, Guinness, cider, vodka, or just one of those if money's a bit tight but thanks for the offer. Can't help you carry the drinks 1.5 metre rule, but thank you, cheers
  10. Oh no, 'jeanette' ( DJ banter) is this played more than the ssssn / do I ......... Yep !!!! Cheers
  11. No one in toilets, have they nicked all the big roll and pissed off !!!! Money men these days, not bothered about the scene, shit gotta go !! Mates just been rolled, cheers
  12. Looking forward to this. Just catching the stream train after not watching the city slickers knock Chelsea out of the FA cup 8 - 7 schmeichel diving header 89th minute for the winner. Been told the journey to bury takes virtually 'no time' ( thanks John & his weird mates for travel info) hope not to see you, cheers
  13. Pga1

    Soul Express

    Hiya, looking forward to tonight with two great guests - Catriona jakeman, always top quality. Plus rarely spotted behind the decks, me old mate panch, who's got some great tunes. If you fancy a night of quality music, come and give it a try, cheers

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