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  1. Hiya Andy, thanks for that but didn't notice any info on singer but have found a basic demo credited to ' Joseph wood', mystery solved ??, Cheers
  2. Hello Andy, the DJ Shadow track , I used to play as a new release at a weekly do. Got to be around a dozen years or more ago, it then started jumping so haven't heard it in yonks. If I remember it was an unknown artist (indie type singer). Is the singer now known ? Ps. One mate of mine used to request it but sadly no one else. Cheers, pete
  3. I recognise that fat bald bloke clapping and dancing next to nogsy. The clip was cut where I crash into him, cheers
  4. Version I couldn't think of was by love foundation, cheers
  5. Ramping up, Kenny Williams ' you're fabulous babe' followed by Arthur prysock ' when love is new' , all fantastic groovy tunes with hints of love boat and great fun, no guilt, pure pleasure, cheers
  6. I've just come back from alldayer, lots of rare tunes and a great day. So I'm gonna dig out ' Walter murphy' and Vickie sue Robinson etc and boogie all night, native New Yorker anyone, cheers
  7. Oh no, I love California strut. Put your dancing shoes on, we're gonna have a party, it's a disco party- Walter rules, cheers
  8. There's a few sharing backing track. Got one in sales box, red label, group sound. Brain not in gear at mo, cheers
  9. Hiya, Dave pinches had one for sale on here yesterday, cheers
  10. Hiya, pretty sure it's on Kent, cheers
  11. Hiya mark, hope all well and good. I had a look through some of my records and found one demo which I bought forty odd years ago but I did have two for definite but I may have flogged it in recent years ?? Steve Hayes or Joe k. If it turns up I'll be in touch, cheers
  12. Yep, major Lance, Williams & Watson + ' oh my darlin' got any northern mate, cheers
  13. Blimey, I could write a good list of missing records but some have turned up in multiples. Moaning one day about stolen records and Colin Chamberlain said - Pete, I've found a little pile of your records behind the radiator in the green rooms. Beer has been involved a few times, cheers
  14. Never felt so laid back watching this. We won the FA cup, cheers
  15. Yep, agreed. A bit like defining northern, cheers

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