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  1. Hiya, here's a few. The relations - puddin ' n' tang. Willie and west- Attica massacre. Lightnin' rod- sport, cheers
  2. I put the radio on a short time ago and they were playing ' spurs are on the way to wembley' not helping, cheers
  3. Hey Rob, tomorrow's headline - jose' marine low, cheers
  4. Think the girl on the left (white top) is Catherine from Hinckley. Remember 5th anniversary very well. Went on the back of my mates trail bike, not recommended, cheers
  5. Yep, my first game was 68 v Sunderland. I rarely go now and have never had a season ticket, as I remember. Loved filbert street, cheers
  6. But which one ? I think I'd actually go for the fa cup, cheers
  7. New car, my previous car had a tape deck and that was last year, cheers
  8. Must say, that it's been a long time since I watched a cup game feeling so laid back. Would love a good cup run, cheers
  9. Ha ha, I have to get my wife to put games on for me and every few minutes I shout, it's gone off etc. The red button eh, I didn't realise Rob, right it's to the TV. Brilliant goal from Justin as I was thinking ' who's gonna get us a goal', cheers
  10. I hope but doubt city will play a full strength team. I only ever wanted city to win the fa cup. I think I moaned rather a lot when we lost against Huddersfield a few seasons back but it didn't turn out bad in the end, cheers
  11. Use everything, cd, tapes, I pad etc but mainly on the old turntables a few times a week. This week everyday so far, can't see the point of having records and not playing them. I flog them if they're not getting played or desperation when I'm skint, cheers
  12. I agree Rob. Except for the ps. At the end of your comment, cheers

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