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  1. Hiya chalky, thanks. Never read that before. I guess someone told me info when it was getting played after being uncovered. Easy mistake with the jail link (youth club). Cheers
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  2. The inmates - this is my day on koppit if I remember correctly. There's loads out there (in there) cheers
  3. Pga1

    Soul Express

    Hiya folks, just a reminder. Soul express this Friday 5th July, 7pm till 12.30am. music_ 6ts to current new release. Raries, cheapies, a proper mixed bag. Two class guest DJ/ collectors with varying styles, Catriona j. And Rob gray. Soul music for every taste from r'nb , to modern and all in between. You will hear northern classics, some you forgot and some you may not know. Like it should always be. Hope you can join us, cheers
  4. Hiya, not read all the thread but is ' when I feel the need ' by nick Ashford on there ? Bought another copy a few years ago and it's great but when I heard marvyns version it took the song to another level. Prob 25 / 30 years when I first heard marvyns version and played it to death and it still blows me away. Awesome!!!! Just shows a good song with class arrangement and a great singer changes everything, a true spine tingler. Cheers, pete
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  5. Hiya, I know it was popular at the torch etc and was booted on ootp. As for the singers, they were known under another guise but can't remember at the moment, Johnson sisters ? Someone will give you better details. Cheers
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  6. Hiya, I remember seeing a picture/ scan of the volumes on pama but I don't think the record has ever turned up. The scan was probably how the track would have looked. If I remember correctly the track was put on a pama upcoming release sheet. Who knows ? Fork in the road turned up and of course darrell banks. Cheers
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  7. Sent you pm, cheers
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  8. Hiya, there were a quite a few on discogs not long ago. Two good sides. I have the issue but I also have it on tape which sounds far better, really crisp and a touch faster. Demo ? Album track ? Cheers
  9. Hiya, really enjoyed the afternoon, shame we had to leave before the end of Simon hunts spot. Well done all, cheers pete
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  10. Ha ha, just going to say exactly the same thing although I paid 25 off a good lady who knew I'd cocked up my order on release ( tech not my strong point ) she could have sold it that night easily and got 100. Good people are still around, cheers, pete
  11. Hiya, it was posted on here a short while ago that it would be available in the spring. Don't remember a specific date though. Cheers, pete
  12. Hiya, one on eBay, not sure if it sold ? Great record . Basic but brilliant, cheers pete
  13. Hiya, only on a 45 as far as I know ? Great record though, cheers
  14. Pga1

    Dark Horses

    Hiya folks, looking forward to this night Looking at the dj lineup it's a guaranteed night of quality tunes. Hope to see you there, cheers
  15. Pga1

    Soul II Sole

    Hiya. Really enjoyed tonight. Great friendly crowd and guest Chris played some great tunes. Getting busier every time. Only criticism needs a couple more hours. Well done everyone, cheers
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