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  1. Sad, sad news. Fantastic player and a real character. RIP frank
  2. I do like the avalanches stuff, have heard since I left you at northern type do's over the years. Who would have thought folks would be dancing to sound of Klaus wunderlich, cheers
  3. I don't need to say anything but YES and I've aged quite a bit, cheers
  4. Re issued recently on hit and run records 7", cheers
  5. Great result, how much did that mean to nach. Well chuffed, cheers
  6. Hiya, one just posted in sales, cheers
  7. Happy birthday Nicola, Pete & Irene, cheers
  8. Looking at the team before ko, I thought is Brendan trying to be too clever again or does he want out of the comp ??. Grim, cheers
  9. Len, check your spelling again. Bottom line, he he, cheers
  10. Have i or anyone previously mentioned - Laura Lee _ are you doing me wrong, cheers
  11. Always thought Benjamin & the right direction sits right next to Gary Tom's empire, cheers
  12. Thee Lakesiders in clown form, cheers
  13. I'm quite liking that Mike, cheers
  14. Hiya, very much in the the style of chaka khan & montell Jordan, standing in the shadows of Motown, cheers
  15. Plenty of goals Paul, cheers

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