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  1. Rich people who do all the big money 45 buying will still be rich in a years time so i don't think much will change. Things that have gone silly money recently will probably return to a normal price.
  2. Verble Domino - I’ve Been Fooled Before - Toi EX+ great shape rare Chicago crossover £160 Carolyn Crawford - Ready Or Not - 6ts 40th Kent M- selling this copy for a friend £250 Sensational Manhattans - Guess That’s Love - Yours VG visually plays VG+ Very rare Carolinas soul two great sides £220
  3. Looking forward to a great night down the little wooden stairs - especially now the venue is protected as a national Historic place alongside Abbey Road and Shakespeare's birthplace?! Blimey!
  4. Think Martha Starr is one of the finest records ever made. Haunting, sublime and ultimate soul music. Always sounds perfect echoing round the 100 Club too. Ward's take ain't shabby either!!! Just a great song.
  5. Looking for this vg+ upward please
  6. Missed yet another copy on facebook... does. anyone have one for sale please? thanks, J
  7. Corbett80

    100 Club 6TS

    Had a top time at this and thought Matt really pulled it out of the bag and delivered a great night - busy floor right through. Lars and Lisa were fantastic and we had a good healthy mix of classics and newies from across the board - 60s and 70s. Was also great when all the younger crowd like Zac, Scarlett and Jack came down from a local party and brought the vibes along with them. Top work all involved! J
  8. Sounded awesome at the 100 on Sat!
  9. STILL looking for one of these vg+ upward please. Cheers! J
  10. Hi, I have a spare of this if anyone is interested. Reasonable offers accepted. SOLD to a lovely gentleman. Cheers! J
  11. Just missed another copy of this on FB - so trying again. VG+ upward please. Thanks, J
  12. Charles Brimmer 'Sitting Down Thinking' / 'Now She's Gone, Gone' ABS 105 Wanted. Any reasonable condition considered. Cheers!
  13. Just had a look at my issue and think that it might be CJS not G. also the L i think is maybe actually a small triangle? I’m also missing the X. i also have MR stamped - or very neatly scratched in - on one side. Maybe just slightly different between issue and promo? anyone else have the same? Cheers!
  14. Anyone with a spare of this wanted vg+ upward please. cash waiting! thanks
  15. Great article and agree with Will - brought a lump to my throat too. Huge thanks to the chief Ady, Butch, Mick and all the dedicated DJs and crowd past and present for giving us such a wonderful thing to call our own.

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