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    Turner Street Soul presents VAVAVOOM Sea-Side Jolly. Featuring – Ady Lupton – Joel Maslin – Yann Vatiste

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  1. Missed yet another copy on facebook... does. anyone have one for sale please? thanks, J
  2. Corbett80

    100 Club 6TS

    Had a top time at this and thought Matt really pulled it out of the bag and delivered a great night - busy floor right through. Lars and Lisa were fantastic and we had a good healthy mix of classics and newies from across the board - 60s and 70s. Was also great when all the younger crowd like Zac, Scarlett and Jack came down from a local party and brought the vibes along with them. Top work all involved! J
  3. Sounded awesome at the 100 on Sat!
  4. STILL looking for one of these vg+ upward please. Cheers! J
  5. Hi, I have a spare of this if anyone is interested. Reasonable offers accepted. SOLD to a lovely gentleman. Cheers! J
  6. Just missed another copy of this on FB - so trying again. VG+ upward please. Thanks, J
  7. Charles Brimmer 'Sitting Down Thinking' / 'Now She's Gone, Gone' ABS 105 Wanted. Any reasonable condition considered. Cheers!
  8. Just had a look at my issue and think that it might be CJS not G. also the L i think is maybe actually a small triangle? I’m also missing the X. i also have MR stamped - or very neatly scratched in - on one side. Maybe just slightly different between issue and promo? anyone else have the same? Cheers!
  9. Anyone with a spare of this wanted vg+ upward please. cash waiting! thanks

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