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  1. I reckon it's a great record in terms of soul power but i worry it might be a nightmare to try and dance to. Hopefully proved wrong - would love to hear it out full whack.
  2. Two for sure in the States with collectors. Another over here with a YouTube user. Prob more about? I contacted the lable owner's family ages ago with no luck. Gilly has a theory who it might be if i remember rightly. There are other soul / funk releases on the label - Soul Commanders etc.
  3. One for a snip at £7.5 k on a dealers site, mint ...or was on there...
  4. Still after this one vg+ upward. Thanks! J
  5. You can get this on blue Progress too
  6. corbett80

    100 Club 6TS

    Where the dickens has this little lot come from?! Amazing!
  7. Would love this one back - EX upward please. NOW SORTED Many thanks,
  8. Looking for Three Jades ‘Makes My World Go Round’ / ‘I Care For You’ on Maurci and Patty Stokes ‘Is It True’ / ‘Good Girl’ on Miradon VG+ upward please cheers!
  9. Mighty lovers c/u Short clip here - doesnt do it justice. https://youtu.be/bvOcnklf1hc ultimate soul music
  10. All my arm (and back) hairs just stood up listening to that recording. F**KING PROPER STUFF
  11. It's proper on every level. Smash the place up northern. Then when this one ends you get the Mighter Lovers - wallop.
  12. Wanted VG+ upward please
  13. Flip of this is brilliant too!!
  14. Well hopefully John's notes put the rumours surrounding the Goldspot to bed... now at £344!!
  15. So Soussan was responsible for the GAR boots (even mis spelling Kenny's name!), and there are no Goldspot boots from the same period? Can anyone confirm?

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