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  1. Wanted VG+ or upward please! Thanks!
  2. Ann Robinson world of happiness

    I think it works really well as an instrumental - it's got a sort of dark sound to it without the vocal.

    What a legend. Truly one of the greatest artists ever. God bless Fats! x
  4. Sultans - I wanna know

    Hi gone now i'm afraid - thanks for the mention though Floyd! Cheers! J
  5. Big list of rare Detroit wants

    as you do!
  6. Mega rareity ROBERT TANNER

    Yeah i don't think i could drop a neddle on that. It's TOO mint!
  7. Mega rareity ROBERT TANNER

    flipsticks - that is mint plus!
  8. Info on Rudy Ray Moore aka Marcus

  9. Jimmy and The Sun Dials on JM

    Seconded. Good work sir!
  10. Jimmy and The Sun Dials on JM

    Nearly 4.5! Someone must be having a few jars with a smile on his (or her) face.
  11. Need both of these please: Butlers VG+ upward Martha Starr 'No Part Time' EX upward. Thanks! J
  12. Rhonda Davis Can You Remember Duke

    Suppose it makes sense when we're in a world where Celeste Hardie is now a £1200 pound record In vg!!!!!
  13. Rhonda Davis Can You Remember Duke

    I thought this had had it's day circa 2005 ish?? Where's it getting played again? Great record though!
  14. Black Issue / VG+ plays with a very light touch of noise - but i'm being a bit picky. Happy to refund if not pleased with 45. £80 Thanks!
  15. Some sales - reductions

    Chocolate Balloon Company / Little Girl, I Love You So / Chocolate Ballon EX (former Regents cover up - rare Miami funky group soul) £250 7 Showmen / You’re Worth It All / R&B / VG+ (very rare group mid tempo) £250 £200 ...