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    Flip of this is brilliant too!!
  2. Well hopefully John's notes put the rumours surrounding the Goldspot to bed... now at £344!!
  3. So Soussan was responsible for the GAR boots (even mis spelling Kenny's name!), and there are no Goldspot boots from the same period? Can anyone confirm?
  4. From the link above, for ease: "However, there's a good chance you would not be holding this CD right now if it weren't for one song in particular: "Lord, What's Happening To Your People?". Issued in 1971 as the first and only release on Kenny's own Goldspot label, (originally titled "Lord, What's Happened?"), the record was written to cash in on a particular trend that Kenny describes as the "Jesus-rock era." "It was just a market or a trend that was going on at the time, so I thought it would fit," Kenny explains. Some label owners from Chicago thought that it would fit as well. They picked up "Lord..." to re-release on their General American Records imprint. However, General American had bigger things in mind for Kenny than the Billboard charts. They made him the Publishing Director of the company and the host of their new television show: Soul Street. Soul Street, for which Kenny also wrote the opening and closing themes, was broadcast in 36 markets around the country and featured a range of guests from local artist Tommy Wills, to more well known acts such as Lynn Collins, the Ohio Players, Little Royal, the Detroit Emeralds, Gladys Knight and James Brown. Soul Street ran for ten episodes, the first nine of which were hosted by Kenny. Behind the scenes, things were falling apart for GAR. A new host was brought in for the tenth episode, and that was it as the studio pulled the plug on the show due to unpaid bills. Kenny was out of his element in the television studio. By the early seventies Kenny was a seasoned performer and a regular on the regional club scene. Used to the gritty and aggressive atmosphere of the nightclub, the cold, sterile television set was an environment with which Kenny was unfamiliar. Besides being a fish out of water, Kenny was face to face with people who he previously considered to be his idols. ""I got intimidated a little bit, by these people ...I used to worship ‘em. James Brown, you know, I did all his stuff, danced like him, everything else. And all of a sudden, here I am in control of this guy, askin’ him questions." However, "Lord, What's Happened" would provide Kenny with recognition yet again in a strange and unexpected way. The song failed to ride the gospel-rock wave that Kenny had tried to latch onto in the U.S., but it got a second shot at success across the Atlantic in the dance clubs of Northern England. A couple of years after its release in the States, the British Northern Soul scene discovered the record and it became an anthem at the legendary Blackpool Mecca. Demand for the single from British dj's and collectors was high enough that in 1976 that Kenny was tracked down by the infamous French rare soul dealer and producer Simon Soussan. The original contract between Kenny and Soussan's Soul Galore Disco-Sound Productions details how Smith was paid $300 in advance for the right to reissue "Lord What's Happened" for the Northern Soul market and a promise of royalties to come for any copies pressed up and sold. Look more closely, however, and one notices that it is doubtful that any "commercial" copies were ever pressed up, because Soussan had 1000 to 1500 "promotional" copies made beforehand, after which there'd be no need for any commercial copies. As with many revered performers of the past, financial success eluded Smith. But his name was firmly fixed in the canon of rare soul artists. He would have further contact with the Northern Soul collectors and dj's through other records. His very rare release on the Flo-Roe label, "One More Day" has become a hot item for collectors only recently. "Just Your Fool", penned by Smith, but performed by Eddie Whitehead is another record that failed to make the cut here in America, but found posthumous fame across the way."
  5. To backup Dave and Andy once again, here is all you need to know on the first issue of this track on Goldspot: “ If so pretty sure this is the 1971 original QCA pressed first issue, with GAR following on.  The lowdown from Kenny's own mouth can be found here: http://www.shakeitrecords.com/cincinnatisoulspectrum/smith/index.html “ I’ve never seen a 70’s Goldspot counterfeit but it was pressed on a lookalike a few years ago - easy to tell. Can anyone confirm if there was a Goldspot counterfeit from the 70’s (and what the details are) or is this just more rumour associated with this release? Thanks, J
  6. Original copy on Cash. VG very light pops and crackle in a few parts but music way overpowers condition. Full refund if not happy. Label looks great. £600 ono. Cheers! Clips not from item for sale:
  7. “Hunting For Your Love” pt.1 & 2 Sounds North East Records. Hardly known disco / boogie dancer from 1980. Only a handful of known copies. £550 Clip not from copy for sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqvz_-Te6TY
  8. For sale: 7 Nombres "Listen People" Daywood Great mid tempo 70's / sweet cut from Ohio on a Lou Ragland associated label. Fairly tough to locate, really nice condition. EX few light marks, plays great. £350 (clip not from copy for sale):
  9. corbett80

    The Performers M-

    nice record!
  10. corbett80

    A few Detroit wants

    Looking for these VG+ upward please. Fantastic Four - Can't Stop Looking For My Baby - Ric Tic Linda Griner - Goodbye Cruel Love - Motown Jimmy soul Clark - I'll be your winner, I'll be your champion - Soulhawk Thanks!
  11. corbett80

    Rarest on UK Sue

    Imagine if someone did find:Gerri Hall, Who can I run toWI 4026 They said Darrell l Banks didn't exist!
  12. corbett80

    Worst Cover Version Ever? Any Genre

    Would love to see the reaction if you put this on somewhere. Imagine if everyone started to do synchronised crazy dancing to it, including the door and bar staff. Could be epic.
  13. corbett80

    Worst Cover Version Ever? Any Genre

    Proper 100% bag of steaming sh*t. Hang your head in shame Minogue!
  14. corbett80

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    Cor! Is it an alt take?
  15. Hi, Am after : St James Infirmary 'Don't Take Your Love Away From Me' / Mazel Superlatives 'Won't You be My Baby' / 'Don't Ever Leave Me' / Dynamic VG+ upward please! Thanks, J
  16. corbett80

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    Sold mine for around £400 i think. Also would very much like it back....
  17. corbett80

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    I used to play Hometown Boy at mod clubs years ago - I sold this and have always deeply regretted it. About a 1000 times rarer than Little Tommy. Love both sides. J
  18. corbett80

    100 Club

    Thanks for the excellent review Geoff - just a quick note to say it was Wayne who played the Imperial C's, much as i'd like to claim that one Also a few people asked me who some of the last mid tempo tracks were by - i can't remember exact order but they included Carol Morgan on Born, Mitzi Ross on Cougar, and The Passions 'If You See My Baby'... Was a real pleasure to do the last spot but some rather big plates to fill with the boss taking a break
  19. corbett80

    Timmion Record Carving?

    Had no problem with them at all - Jukka is the contact i've used a few times. They do get very busy so it may just be a case of backlog, but have no fear you should recieve a reply and the item soon. Also try info@timmion.com and sami@timmion.com. J
  20. corbett80

    100 Club

    I thought all the guest DJs played a varied mix of great sounds, plenty very obscure and rare but also classic sounds too. Big ticket baddies, through to barely known spins with a dash of r&s thrown in too. Hats off to Matt once again for curating another great night down the little stairs. x
  21. EX+ condition, beautiful copy. £375 Cheers, J
  22. corbett80

    Maureen Bailey 'Takin My Time ' Embee wanted

    Still after this one, cheers!
  23. Looking for RCA original - EX upward please. Thanks!


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