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  1. Hi I was very confused with this too having the same label release.


    Going on this link below it seems that it all hinges on the matrix. The real ones have a more roughly scratched in matrix as can be seen here:


    Four_Brothers_45-452_Matrix REAL.png


    The boots have a clearer scratched in matrix as seen here:


    Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 12.43.16.jpg


    That's how i've understood it - i may well be wrong though as there is a ton of confused info on this.


    Check it out here:



    Hope that helps.





  2. Hi, been asked to put up another mate’s copy of the Hytones. Other recents sales collated below:



    1.) 37th Anniversary - Hytones 'Runaway Girl' / Sandra Richardson 'After You Give Your All'  £70  M-   NOW £65





    2.) 32nd Anniversary - Quotations 'I Wanna Thank You' / George Soule 'Midnight Affair'  £50 M-  NOW £40 HOLD





    3.) Little Soul / Hold On (Confidence) / Solid Soul


    VG+ (banging uptempo 60's dancer, as good as his other 45"Problems", with highly regarded deep soul flip.) £300  £250 FINAL REDUCTION

    Watermarked label both sides, superficial marks on vinyl NAP. Deep side has slightly more. Light greying of grooves, NAP. Can send scans.




  3. 1 hour ago, KevinKent said:

    Well maybe Steve. If you happen to be part of the European scene or one of the enthusiastic youngsters on the current UK scene, then there is a distinct possibility that many of the classics that started us on our journey will be unknown to you.

    I once had a young lady, and latter day regular of the 100 Club exclaim to me "My God - I heard Right Track for the first time. What a tune!!" I didn't ridicule her. I was chuffed that she was so excited by something that got under my skin all those years ago. Did her a CD of similar tunes all unknown to her and it might even have included LCAG.

    :hatsoff2:- Kev

    That's happened to me loads. I think i asked Adam T what Night Owl was once at Cleethorpes. He looked at me like I was nuts! Depends what angle you come into all from I guess...

  4. Hi, have got a copy fo this rare rhythm & soul stormer for sale.

    Condition: vinyl is marked with superficial scratches and wear, label is also worn. Top side 'Yes Man' plays through great though - 'fine for DJing' to use the classic schpiel.

    Flip side plays less well with some noise: mainly pops and crackles, but plays through.

    I'd call it overall VG.

    Looking for £300. I can't provide a soundfile but rest assured if you aren't happy with the description above full refund will be given.








    ps. clip not from copy for sale:  


  5. On 8 October 2016 at 05:59, elantique said:

    Finally if you think not, consider this; worst case scenario, there is no scene in years to come and our collections end up in 2nd hand shops and boot sales.

    Please god let this be me that finds them all in a boot sale.

  6. Hi - selling these for friends - all mint

    x 2 x 1 copy of 37th Anniversary - Hytones 'Runaway Girl' / Sandra Richardson 'After You Give Your All'  £65 each BOTH SOLD

    x 1 copies of 35th Anniversary - June Jackson 'Port Of Happiness' / September Jones 'Better Know Why'  £30 been given another to sell SOLD

    x 1 copy of 32nd Anniversary - Quotations 'I Wanna Thank You' / George Soule 'Midnight Affair'  £50

    Thanks for looking.

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