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  1. In no order:

    Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See - SOS

    Toni & The Showmen - Try My Love - Ten Star

    Paulette - Love You Babe - Contact

    Bobby 'Guitar' Bennett - You Did It Again - Junior

    TC Lee & The Bricklayers - Up & Down The Hill - King

    Little Kenneth & The Rhythm Makers - You Can Go On Home - Carl

    Sydney Barnes- You'll Always be In Style - Red Bird

    Gerri Hall - Who Can I Run To - Hot Line

    The Appointments - I Saw Her There - Delite

    Al Williams - I Am Nothing - Palmer

  2. Goodluck with the Paulette (the title of which is actually Love You Babe)

    I've been after one for nearly two years. Not 100% sure of price, I've heard its gone up. I'd want £400 in my grubby mitts at least, for a mint one.

    Shifty had one on a list a few months back £250 in vg condition......take from that what you will.

    What a ridiculously brilliant record though. Pure magic.

  3. Dayo> I work in the West End for advertising agencies editing their test adverts, and believe me, none of them are savvy when it somes to good music.

    The reason its done is exactly what Mikey said. I understand there is nothing you can do to stop it (although I once managed to stave off the use of Marie Knight and Sugar Pie deSanto on something although I doubt they would have tested with those tracks on) but it still fills me with horror everytime I hear a great record used as filler or backing to some peice of banal television, like a man wallpapering for example.

    Surely these records are worth more than that? If they are going to be used by the media by all rights they should be being lauded as great undiscovered peices of music (and the right money going to the right people) not treated as another bit of backing filler as you would with perhaps 'Shuddupayaface' or 'Pass The Dutchie'. :):)

    I know thats slightly in the realms of fantasy but its only because of the love of the soul records really.


    Joel :)

  4. I think its atrotious that records of such quality can be mercilessly abused for the sake of a bit of cheap television. I know they mean more to us than the rest of the population (and we just have to live with it etc etc) but it still makes me want to hide behind a cushion with my teeth gritted when I hear a record like that plundered.

    Felt similar when hearing The Delites on 4's Wife Swap. And when they splash Sue and Prestige stuff all over Changing Rooms and crap like that.

    I can handle it when a record is used well and has been specifically of the few cases is the use of Derek Martin's 'Daddy Rolling Stone' in 'Sexy Beast' with Winston. That was tastefully done and well chosen.

    I don't subscribe to the idea that hearing a snipett of The Trends on a tacky ad for an even tackier programme will have flocks of new people eager to discover the scene. In fact it probably went mostly over their heads, therefore use Britney or some shite like that.

    I'll be popping my soap box back in the van then. :(:)



  5. Johnny D'Vigne has been getting plays on the mod scene for ages.......a brilliant bit of hard as f*** r&b. I thought you were looking at at least £250 upward for it, but I could be wrong.......

    Btw...anyone know of where I can find a soundclip of The Appointments - I Saw You There on Delite??



  6. James>

    We met briefly on Saturday night when I introduced myself re: your radio shows.

    I think the track you might mean is Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul

    just pop it in there for a realplayer blast to see if its the one.

    Lookign forward to the next deepfunk radio session btw.



  7. This Hymes discussion reminds me of the Elvin Spencer record 'Lift This Hurt'.......the one on Twinight is no where near the earlier version on Winner. Apparently theres another version or the same release by him on a different label under a different name??

  8. Gotta agree with Matt on this re: young people finding their own style. Thats what I did and still am doing whether I look shite on the dancefloor or not.......

    ......also a venture like this is bound to cause cynicism, it would be odd if it didn't particularly in this current climate of northern soul adverts and cash ins. Still fair play to the fella, his own dedication to the scene can't be questioned and if people are interested then what else is there to say?

  9. Gotta say I agree as someone who has only been collecting for a year or so now (being only 23 and listening to the rare soul for about three years). Its fine when you are buying off respected dealers, but its all the ebay buys and going through boxes in record shops where this bootleg problem gets frustrating. I was stung with a Mickie Champion 'second issue' blag........not the fault of the seller, though, he genuinely believed that to be true.

    Its the non obvious boots that do the inexperienced collectors head in....and like the previous poster said, it can be embarrassing when you have to ask.

    And its always Pete Smith I end up emailing or ringing Roger B! Lifesavers! :)

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