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  1. I'm sure there was a WCD cover up that someone (i thought Butch) was playing. Maybe i've made it up! Hazy memory...
  2. Am i going mad or was there also an 'Original Matadors' cover up and a 'West Coast Distributors' one that Butch was playing at one time?!
  3. Yellow - always been told dark brown is the first JA press / run - is this correct?
  4. Very rare Chicago mid temp rhythm & soul here in easily VG+ condition. This is the same label as Paulette. Soundclip (not from copy for sale) below. Looking for £400 on this one. Many thanks! o
  5. Looking forward to this tomorrow
  6. Hi Eric - fyi the original Dome events had / have nothing to do with VaVaVoom or vice versa. VVM was at a seperate venue (Boston Arms function room) that was on the side of the same building. It was never intended to be or billed as any sort of replacement or follow on from the Dome events run by Alan and Carl etc etc. Thanks for your treasured support all the same.
  7. Got to say i'm amazed it's anything past 1970, but if that's where the evidence points.... Must be like one of those r&b things that sound like an early 60s cut but are actually 70s releases. Who the dickens would of bought AW in 1975?! We know hardly anyone did but who were they targeting?!
  8. Are we talking about Arthur Willis - as in released in around '75? I would of thought it was a late 60's record? Amazed if it's from 75! J
  9. Only a day or so to go - been loads of interest on this - we're looking forward to seeing you all at Va Va Voom this Saturday!
  10. Shaping up to be another great party at Belair House on the 16th! Between us resident rascals you can expect to hear 45s like: Mr Lucky - Born To Love You - Stardom Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul Inell Young - What Do You See In Her - Libra Shirley Edwards - Dream My Heart - Shrine Talmadge Armstrong - This Life Is Tearing Me Down - Dap Emanons - Bird Walkin - All Brothers Masqueraders - That's The Same Thing - Soultown Benetia Miller - You Can Say Goodbye - Soul Groovers Ascots - Just A Few Feet From The Gutter - American Playbo
  11. Hi looking for this VG+ upward please. Shiptown copy only. thanks! j
  12. I reckon it's a great record in terms of soul power but i worry it might be a nightmare to try and dance to. Hopefully proved wrong - would love to hear it out full whack.
  13. Two for sure in the States with collectors. Another over here with a YouTube user. Prob more about? I contacted the lable owner's family ages ago with no luck. Gilly has a theory who it might be if i remember rightly. There are other soul / funk releases on the label - Soul Commanders etc.
  14. One for a snip at £7.5 k on a dealers site, mint ...or was on there...
  15. You can get this on blue Progress too
  16. Corbett80

    100 Club 6TS

    Where the dickens has this little lot come from?! Amazing!
  17. Would love this one back - EX upward please. NOW SORTED Many thanks,
  18. Looking for Three Jades ‘Makes My World Go Round’ / ‘I Care For You’ on Maurci and Patty Stokes ‘Is It True’ / ‘Good Girl’ on Miradon VG+ upward please cheers!
  19. Mighty lovers c/u Short clip here - doesnt do it justice. https://youtu.be/bvOcnklf1hc ultimate soul music

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