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  1. 11 hours ago, themroc said:

    It's just good manners really. I was brought up to believe that "if you've nothing nice to say then don't say anything" Don't say things online that you wouldn't say to people's face, and I should know, I've put my foot in it and sucked so many lemons in the morning. I was outside a famous London venue one night when this sweet girl came out through the door in tears. I asked if she was OK? "I've just been told to leave the dance floor because I wasn't dancing properly" My fuckin days!! She went on to say that she was really loving the music and had never been to a soul night. I was so ashamed. 

    Cringe! What a shame. Can't imagine who might of said that to her... 

    If people aren't taking the piss and enjoying it who the f*ck is anyone else to tell them to leave a dancefloor. Grow up and get over yourself!

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  2. Hi,

    Selling these two 45s for a good friend:

    Limitations - I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled - Bacone  £650    Now £600

    EX - few light marks, plays beautifully. Labels are great.

    Rhonda Davis - Can You Remember - Duke (issue)  £450   Now  £420

    VG++ again few lights marks but plays beautifully. Labels also in great shape.

    Will only send by special delivery - £7.50.



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  3. 3 hours ago, Twoshoes said:

    First off let me say I'm not on the "upfront scene", to me rightly or wrongly whatever I hear played out I just take as the Dj's view  of Northern Soul, whether I agree or not is by the by but if the person putting the record on the deck considers it to be I'll respect his opinion, after all he has the courage in some cases to stretch what probably most would consider the boundaries. Seeing Geeselad quote Burnley as one of the main venues we went there sometime ago.  All I can say Ed without quoting any actual tunes is I used to think I was pretty well versed in all aspects of the music played on the scene , I knew less than a dozen of the tunes I heard that night, really enjoyed it , it was a refreshing change to hear something different. I am a prodigious downloader from youtube so I'm pretty sure if I was to go to a similar venue now I would know more of what was played. If you look on Mixcloud for Dean Andersons TNT soul show there is one featuring Colin Law who I believe either runs or helps run the True Soul in Edinburgh  mentioned above, that should give you a good idea of what is played rather than a few tunes posted on this thread.

    I'm sure as always tunes will filter down into the mainstream, pretty sure some will have done already, Geeselad or Ahoy will probably put me right but I think Line and Track started off the "upfront scene" .

        I have always fully respected anyone's opinion as to what Northern soul is to them be it top 500 ,RnB ,Modern whatever, it's all Soul to me , hope this helps  


    Shameless plug here - Colin Law will be jocking at Va Va Voom Feb 24th in London if anyone wants to hear 'upfront' soul music first hand. Kitch and Russ Vickers are also on - both fantastic jocks with enviable collections of obscure but fantastic rare soul music. Burnley of course known for breaking new sounds...

    Dean Anderson's show is excellent for hearing cutting edge stuff and new discoveries - and Dean himself always plays rafts of upfront stuff when he DJs.

    So much good new stuff out there to hear and enjoy - all mixed :)up with the classics - why not!!!! :thumbsup: 



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