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  1. Cringe! What a shame. Can't imagine who might of said that to her... If people aren't taking the piss and enjoying it who the f*ck is anyone else to tell them to leave a dancefloor. Grow up and get over yourself!
  2. How many copies that we know of now? 3-4 including this?
  3. The surfaceof the label has that funny texture you get on modern records - as Steve points out sort of swirly. Moody f*ckers trying it on again.
  4. Have to say had an amazing time at this last year - really was good - the guys put a whole ton of work into it and it really showed. See you there in July!
  5. Looking forward to Va Va Voom's next stint - this time by the sea! Another incredible venue snagged as well this time thanks to Kavel's hard work from Turner Street Soul! Roll on the 14th July!
  6. Inspirational talent! An artist in the highest sense of the word!
  7. My flatmate is quite friendly with Steve Ellis and said he's a really nice bloke. I've loved Everlasting Love ever since i was a small child, such a fantastic peice of music. Think the guys have done a really nice job with this new effort - great hook in it.
  8. That Clara Hardy is amazing - haven't heard it played for ages sadly.
  9. Hi, Selling this 45 for a good friend: Limitations - I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled - Bacone was £650 Now £600 EX - few light marks, plays beautifully. Labels are great. Will only send by special delivery - £7.50. Thanks!
  10. Corbett80

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    Looking forward to getting down the old place and blowing the cobwebs out!
  11. Anyone got a VG+ upward of this please? Thanks,
  12. Cheers! Funnily enough i think he has a copy....
  13. Hi, Selling these two 45s for a good friend: Limitations - I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled - Bacone £650 Now £600 EX - few light marks, plays beautifully. Labels are great. Rhonda Davis - Can You Remember - Duke (issue) £450 Now £420 VG++ again few lights marks but plays beautifully. Labels also in great shape. Will only send by special delivery - £7.50. Thanks! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  14. Would the Roots knotty Roots book have any info? Ive never actually had a copy to read it...
  15. Same with Coxsone and other reggae labels it would seem. From what i've heard the JA press of WITL is a bit more complicated. On Stag you want a dark brown label not the lighter golden one which i've heard is a later press. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks, J
  16. Just want to thank everyone who came, it was a superb night and all the DJs played fantastic sets. Our door staff were also excellent, many thanks. We had a couple of issues - one with sound in one room for very short while, and the light issue was also odd but we think it was mainly due to inexperienced staff at the venue. We'll note those down for next time. Many thanks again!

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