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  1. Is there a list i cant see it.Ok mate i see you are trying to upload one.
  2. He is responsible for giving you a postage label if he does not then you should have raised a case with ebay they would then come down in your favor and give you a recorded postage label to print he would be charged for it.Hope this helps.
  3. Hi i am after a m- copy of chuck jackson/ hand it over/ wand 149 only.Please pm.Thanks.
  4. Hi iam after a m- copy of above please pm thanks.Merry Xmas.
  5. Hi just received nice copy of Ruby Winters/ Better on Candian Diamond question is the Diamond record sleeve same as USA version.Thanks to all.
  6. Yip but plenty daft fu..ers bidin his on his stuff.
  7. Trouble is a think not many dj's have it Sean chapman is the only one whos played it for me.But fantastic record.
  8. You may be able to right a few comments in the neutral or positive NON PAYER.
  9. Hi iam after a original M-copy of Frankie and Johnny/I'll hold you/Hickory/ 45-1391.No boots please Contact pm thanks.
  10. I had a black stock copy way back in the 70s played perfect no distortion.

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