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  1. Rip Johnny great lad, yip he loved his records.
  2. Iam after the above please, m- condition with company sleeve thanks.Please pm
  3. If you look at john manship site he does say there is 2 label types both saying 1973.
  4. Take your point chalky.How about dubious copy.
  5. To be honest ive seen many a record described as reissue or second instead of bootleg on all sites, including on here.
  6. Hunt for red october and The Untouchables for me, a great actor.R.I.P.
  7. Yip thats happened to me a good few times thought it was a bug in the android app.
  8. Ronnie and robyn sidras theme does it for me.
  9. Hi after the above M- condtion please.Please pm.Thanks.
  10. You might try Raym on here he might still have some.
  11. Hi looking for original copy of Frankie & the classicals/What Shall I Do/Calla.M- condition only please clean labels etc.Please pm Thanks

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