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  1. Yip nice Steve makes me cringe when yu see people scrape them up the curb.Try showroom shine for tyre black stays on and smell like pear drops.
  2. Nice to see a alloy wheel without curb rash
  3. Rip Johnny great lad, yip he loved his records.
  4. Iam after the above please, m- condition with company sleeve thanks.Please pm
  5. If you look at john manship site he does say there is 2 label types both saying 1973.
  6. Take your point chalky.How about dubious copy.
  7. To be honest ive seen many a record described as reissue or second instead of bootleg on all sites, including on here.
  8. Hunt for red october and The Untouchables for me, a great actor.R.I.P.
  9. Yip thats happened to me a good few times thought it was a bug in the android app.
  10. Ronnie and robyn sidras theme does it for me.
  11. Hi after the above M- condtion please.Please pm.Thanks.
  12. Yip came out same time as anderson brothers, lee mitchell the economy and a few more bloody hell its a long time ago

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