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  1. Just askin but could it have been already broken when put in the bag.Then seller claims of royal mail
  2. It shows green sold in the completed listing.So i think it went through.
  3. As it has sold for a low price and he's so convinced its a realin he might hold it back and try and sell it on again in the future.
  4. Contact ebay money back gaurantee not as described bootleg.
  5. Well there yu go you learn something new every day
  6. Small 45 reissue stamped,big 45 stamped styrene original, also big 45 moulded label vinyl boot possibly stamped.Hope this helps
  7. Temptations/ Forever in my heart loads of these jumped Vol 1 numbered box set.And everything said above.
  8. Yip that does look like the boot which i purchased around about 76 the only difference i can see on your label was mine was a shiney glossy type paper label.

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