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  1. Hi looking for a M- copy of reparata and the delrons/ panic/ bell issue or demo.Please pm thanks. STILL LOOKING FOR THIS.THANKS.
  2. Sombrero chester le street round about 77 very similar play list to Soulstrutter.Great times.
  3. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/major-vinyl-production-catastrophe-apollotransco-lacquers-burns
  4. Both me and my son have one each, great turntable for the money.
  5. Still looking for one of these.
  6. You might try Raym on here he might still have some.
  7. Hi looking for original copy of Frankie & the classicals/What Shall I Do/Calla.M- condition only please clean labels etc.Please pm Thanks
  8. Hi iam looking for a m- copy in sleeve of jimmy delphs - where there is love/ Hayley HR20 records.Please pm.Thanks. NOW SORTED
  9. Now sorted big thanks to Adey @SILVERFOX records
  10. Lookin for a m- copy of al de lory/right on/USA Capitol ony please pm.Thanks.
  11. Ok thanks for info but were does JH11362/PB11362 DEMO fit in stereo/mono both sides 3.58.Thanks.

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