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  1. gardens


    Roger E mail sent
  2. gardens

    The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Looking forward to the weekender as always even more looking forward to playing a few tunes
  3. gardens


  4. gardens

    45s for Sale - 60s & 70s

    Ulrich PMd you
  5. gardens

    Soulmates - Modern Soul "Just So" Reunion

    Looking forward to this Dicko should be a great night
  6. gardens

    Cleethorpes Weekender

    Lindsay Possibly interested in the 2 passes but don't need the accommodation, what's your best price for the tickets only. Keith
  7. gardens

    Mary Chapman The Queen Of Northern Soul

    Cleethorpes was the best and stillis
  8. Miff Long time no see , still not seen you at Just so Dec 27th mate get yourself there Bickers
  9. gardens

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    Could not agree more with your comments Payo the music just gets better month on month. Its so refreshing to hear both new and underplayed sounds, its a pleasure to listen to them dance to them and be invited to play a few. More and more people travelling from away the night goes from strength to strength. Keep up the good work Payo its a pleasure being involved.
  10. gardens

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    The quality of the music just gets better, its great to hear an element of new sounds every month. Keep it going Payo its what the scene needs to progress and stay fresh.
  11. gardens

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    Its a pleasure to play and attend an event which produces quality music month after month. I could be accused of being biased towards this event but the scene has to progress and be fresh regardless of what genre you are into in my opinion its SOUL music. Thanks to all who attend hopefully a few more will get on board. Great to see the Cox family there yet again , maybe we may even see the main man DJaying with us . Come on Cleethorpes Lets keep going Bickers
  12. gardens

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    Whilst I could be accused of being biased because of the fact of being a resident DJ in my opinion the quality, freshness and diversity of the music played on Friday at a single night soul session was some of the best I have heard since the days of Blackpool Mecca. It is testament to the DJs promoter Payo and all of the support from all parts of the country. If you haven't attended give it a go you wont be disappointed.
  13. gardens

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    The music gets better every month, another great night I know you have one or two class DJs lined up keep it going Payo.
  14. gardens

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    Some great tracks there dicko sorry I missed them but look forward to hearing more of the same next month from the cleethorpes soul sessions DJs Hope to see you there and the rest of the Scunny crowd Bickers


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