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  1. Mike My take on this is straight forward, many followers of our wonderful scene simply cannot afford to pay some of the exorbitant prices that some records nowadays demand. So on that note if they are buying boots,dodgy reissues carvers whatever you want to call them for their own personnel use, in other words in their house for private enjoyment then fine. However as a DJ and collector I take offence to someone at a gig Im djaying at playing a boot of a record I was about to play when they have paid peanuts compared to the several hundreds I may have forked out.
  2. Firstly I hope everyone is fit and well in these difficult times, as we have said many times whilst attending many events Keep The Faith . Whilst tidying out the garage today I stumbled across a large bag of old Black Echoes, just by chance the one I picked out was dated February 14th 1976,I remember the event well apart from what actually the Trammps played, probably too busy discussing or buying records. Keep well and look forward to once again listening,dancing and enjoying our wonderful scene.
  3. I can only echo everyone's thoughts and sentiments about, a good all round honest guy who I had many dealings with and had the pleasure of many trips down to Kings Lynn. Rest in peace mate and god bless.
  4. Me also Andy good luck with decision its not easy
  5. I got a notification cant remember if it was via an E mail or through the post but the holding centre would not release the record until the import duty was paid. It might pay you to trawl the net and find out where the holding centres are Im sure mine was in Yorkshire somewhere.
  6. The last time this happened to me it the record was being held in Yorkshire somewhere until the tax was paid, I duly paid the import duty on line and the record arrived at my local post office.
  7. until

    Looking forward to the weekender as always even more looking forward to playing a few tunes
  8. Gardens


  9. Looking forward to this Dicko should be a great night
  10. Lindsay Possibly interested in the 2 passes but don't need the accommodation, what's your best price for the tickets only. Keith

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