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  1. Was played off the original Stevie Wonder - Uptight album back in the late 60's, never released as a single in UK/USA at that time as far as I am aware. Played it a couple of years ago in Scunthorpe and the response was great by those never heard before, and those not for a long time.
  2. Congratulations Mike and the team, and to the regular posters/conributors who have provided me with an enormous amount of information about venues/artists/ records etc over the many years. Steve
  3. Some new releases from the Mecca. I Just Can't Say Goodbye - Philly Devotions You've Got To Try Harder - Ronnie Walker Sending My Best Wishes - Garland Green Heart Be Still - Jackie Moore (Album Track ) Steve
  4. Mine is identical except for one very small difference which is proberbly a huge one in value, the credit is spelt Wylia instead of Wylie. Steve
  5. Ordered a record case Sunday night and came yesterday morning so well pleased with service. Noticed internal error on website tonight when moving away from home page. Steve
  6. Can remember Pep playing it at The Winter Gardens and this was the first time I had heard it played, although it could easily have been played elsewhere.
  7. scunnyjack

    SCUNTHORPE Baths Hall

    I can remember a Northern Soul Roadshow night there back in the 70's and was a great night. The venue has been virtually rebuilt and like Kev says will blow the socks off. Great line up, deserves to be a packer. Steve
  8. I still have the Valentino version on Gaiee with the red printed sleeve and used to have a 12" version by Carl Bean on US Motown. The Valentino version was played at Cleethorpes in the mid 70's assuming as a new release. Steve
  9. I'll be at 2nd show in Scunny Chalky, great venue but maybe ambitious putting two shows on. Steve
  10. A Love Supreme - Will Downing This Time Baby - Jackie Moore Come To Me - France Joli You're The One For Me - D Train Steve
  11. I taped a good few as well but together with my Mecca, Wigan, and many Cleethorpes tapes got slung in the dustbin many years ago when no longer having a tape player at home or in the car. . Now have an Hi-Fi with cassette player. Steve
  12. Was featured as a new release on Robbie Vincents Radio 1 Soul Show in 1977 and I got the shortened version on Kudo 7 Inch. Used to listen Robbie every Saturday night in those days and was hearing some brilliant new US releases at that time.
  13. Lots of fave singers, many already mentioned as expected, but to pick only 2 all time faves it would be BOBBY WOMACK and MILLIE JACKSON Steve
  14. Mine arrived today but only had a chance to play a couple of tracks so far - New York City - I'm Doing Fine Now- being one and worth the money alone.. Looks like another brilliant compiliation MR D.and quite rightly deserves to be in the Top 40 Steve

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