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  1. veggie

    Few for sale

    Dee Dee Warwick , funny how we change places, private stock, cond m- £50 Edwin Starr, time/ running back and forth , U.K. Tamla cond m £40
  2. veggie


  3. veggie

    T&t Something On My Mind

  4. veggie

    T&t Something On My Mind

    Dosent come up often and a nice clean copy
  5. veggie

    T&t Something On My Mind

    T&T something on my mind cond Vg+ £150
  6. veggie

    T&t Something On My Mind

    T&T something on my mind , on cobra, VG+ £175
  7. veggie

    2011-06-10: Cleethorpes 6Ts Weekender

    thx ady for another great weekend.just having my first pint since sunday.as i only got back to my real body yesterday(one day later then last year).modern room vast improvment ,hard one to call on best spot,but cliff steele sat afternoon was a blinder.roll on 212.
  8. veggie

    Aretha Franklin

    aretha franklin "Wonderful"7" inch preferred
  9. veggie

    Chuck Jackson&yvonne Fair

    now now its a picture of the tallest building in the world.
  10. veggie

    Chuck Jackson&yvonne Fair

    wanted chuck jackson &yvonne fair,IT MUST BE LOVE BABY.any info on this ,dont know if its 7 or lp track any help.
  11. veggie

    1 Want

    one just went on ebay for £11,missed it,dough
  12. veggie

    1 Want

  13. veggie

    Just Soul Ii

    First timmer for me and trish,and all ready in diary for next one.Not a bad tune all night,thanks to all, might have to stay next time dident get back till 5.30
  14. The hertfordshire car is full and cant wait ,its been along time.


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