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  1. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us at the ukrainian club over the last two years Thanks Chris and Brian
  2. Very sad to hear about Grant R.I.P. mate
  3. Should be a good night tonight with two great guests dave beech and tom dacey it should be musically interesting
  4. Will do ken it is a great track cheers
  5. Should be another good night of rare soul at the UKRAINIAN CLUB this friday . unfortunately chris penn and his monsters can't make it this month but will be back for the march date so we have 3 competent quality guest dj/ collectors for tonight Iin DAVE HALL LES HARRISON AND TONY MAC . We would also like to thank everyone for the positive comments and support . PHIL DUNN 7 - 8 DAVE HALL 8 - 9 TONY MAC 9 -10 LES HARRISON 10 - 11 CHRIS CHURM 11 -12
  6. Hi everyone just a quick update unfortunately resident dj of the ukrainian club and top man chris penn has informed us that he has been ill for a few days now and is still not feeling too good so sadly will not be playing out this friday. Fortunately John slipmat hillel has been drafted in at short notice and will entertain us for the final hour with some superb tracks from his vast collection of us and uk rarities, I am sure it will be another great night of rare soul 60's and 70's considering the calibre of our guest dj's this month Geoff Buckley who is a well respected dj/collector and nice guy and Phil Etchells a local top guy who has quietly been collecting for a long time and phil dunn doing the early spot who always plays a few nice tracks you should know but might not. Thanks chris churm
  7. Should be another good night of quality rare soul with guests dave beech playing class tracks and john hillel airing his latest rarities too
  8. Should be a good night at this great little venue
  9. Looks like tonights latest instalment should be another great night of rare and not too rare quality soul music on original vinyl obviously. last month was superb with a brilliant set from top guy mick howard who we hope will guest for us again We really appreciate people making the effort to check it out with so many venues to choose from and so far it has had a really positive response .
  11. The superb Mick Howard will be guest dj this month so we are sure it will be a great night of rare soul Chris Penn unfortunately can't make the friday feb 17th night due to work commitments but will be back in march.
  12. This is really sad , absolutely devastated , i still can't believe our mate glenn has gone , what a great guy a real gentleman who would stand up for his beliefs and would not see anyone done wrong, he who would do anything for his family and friends . On the soul side he was a 100 percent dedicated . to the scene artists musicians records etc so much passion it was unbelievable . I first met glenn in the mid 80'S when we both transferred to new jobs at the company we worked for . another great soul character Jonah from oldham said to me you should have a chat with that tall guy glenn he used to go to the casino and all over the place so i approached him . we got on well and he told me he lost interest when the pop stuff was being played at wigan so had not bothered for a few years but he still had some records so the next day he brought them to work to see if i was interested in any of them and we went through them on our dinner break, i said are you sure you want to sell them .yeah they're no use to me he said so we did a bit of a deal. A few days later i asked him if he wanted a tape of somethings i had bought over the last few years sam fletcher freddie houston etc , ok then i 'll have a listen . i warned him it's not your 100mph stuff from 1976, about a week passed no mention of the tape so i asked him" what do you think of the tape glenn did you like any of them " he replied " they're shite man they're all too slow " at least he was honest and said what he thought . about a month later while having a brew in work he says " Chris can you do me another tape some of those records have really grown on me ," what the shite ones " . Glenn was on a mission he loved the music more than most people i know he wanted to know every detail about the artists labels everything buying more and more records every week , every day it was a pleasure going to work knowing you could spend a few hours swapping record lists fanzines tapes and talking soul and football and having a laugh . Glen always got autographs and memorabilia from the artists he met and usually a copy for me ,he usually managed to find some of my long time wants at the weekenders and soultrips and tell me all the info and current goings on . what more could you want . Over the last few years we would meet up at the greatstones manchester with jim smirk and the macc lads and always have a great night all taking the mick out of each other and everybody else . Like our mate steve says it;s never gonna be the same again. Thanks for the friendship and laughs mate R.I.P. GLENN and our condolences to Gill and the girls. Chris and denise churm

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