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  1. until

    Curtis Anderson - The Hardest Part please mate
  2. until

    Was an excellent night, can't think of a bad set through out the whole 15 shows. Been a game changer for lots of us and really looking forward to getting out again. As said the 1st bury should be a packer and rightly so for the time, effort and dedication to entertaining us all. Hats off to Simon as I know he been up to his ears with this and work, your a legend mate and thanks to all the djs for there time as well.
  3. until

    Top sets so far mick was top as per usual, Baz has been digging deep and always on his game. As for Rob a 3rd set and top draw as the rest. Keep it u lads
  4. until

    Sequins - try my love please mate
  5. until

    Great evening had a quiet evening due to babysitting grand children. Give there parent a needed break but was listening and got to say musically was one of the best night yet but missed Lenny stories (sorry Simon). Got to say it been a real great thing you guys are continuesly for is it 12 weeks now and now gone 24/7 it's great when you get time to get your fix of top quality soul, so hats off to you all for saving our souls.
  6. until

    Pseudo Lenny aka Andrew was on form last night had me in stitches .
  7. until

    What a soulathon that was, quality from start to finish. Simon - top marks for putting together and the djs for there time and effort. True labour of love and these allnighter are keeping some of us going in these strange times. This I think us the people on the scene get behind the bury lads after covid and all get together at bury town hall to thank them (that and want to see lens dodgey dancing in his dad clown outfit) sorry mate but your banter is hilarious and is part of what makes it all work. That's 11 top allnighters THANK YOU ALL
  8. until

  9. until

    Looking forward to a joyous day of sunshine, music and maybe a beer or 2. Massive effort today Simon and co much appreciated
  10. Rest in peace Sue, a true lady and always got the room going. Be sorely missed x
  11. until

    The wife had the lap top and was just listening and was in a perfect world. Music last night was class all djs performed unbelievablely Mr Malloy was my personal favorite closely by Lenny for comment and taste. This is what is the highlight for a lot of peoples week. Great work Simon and the team and djs your time and effort is truely apreciated. for 10 weeks of class nights but all different mix been great to hear so many new to me records that are cheap and rare but that not it, it's the music hats of gents. Still say party at bury when the time is right 100%
  12. until

    Excellent line up bring on Saturday night
  13. until

    Or l00% pure poison - you keep coming back. Last one I promise
  14. until

    Choice of colour - your love please Simon.
  15. until

    Top of the stairs Collins and Collins please Simon

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