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  1. Rhino


    Yeah mate good buzz about it and looking forward to having a catch up. Just getting over an op on my foot but nearly recovered. See u soon pal.
  2. Rhino


    Getting close now so looking forward to Lenny gracing the decks a dj that always delivers. As for gis one of the scenes characters and original cyber man but as a dj his taste is superb and never fails to pull out a few surprises. Gonna be a great night.
  3. Could it Joan livesey aka jumpin' Joan now there is a lady who can dance.
  4. https://youtu.be/jqu4g6rmJvs now here a few people how can dance it bit excuse 1st 20 seconds.
  5. Excellent thanks for the share much appreciated .
  6. Rhino


    Not everyone is as dedicated as you ste mate . Just trying to make it appealing to others . Glad you still able to make it pal.
  7. What are you doing in the other rooms musically?.
  8. This is a warning ⚠. Northern soul on TV be warned. It's all up to personal taste.
  9. The best dancer I've personally and around good lad Vernon, remember him winning the dance competition at the morecambe pier anniversary. Think I was told he won at station road didn't he ste. Taken it toll on him can't spin anymore due to years of doing it, old age catching us all up.
  10. It's definitely a complement as the say bird of a feather flock together
  11. Nothing common about you mate. Mad as a box of frog's for sure but never common. Criag says it's a good job there's only one!!!
  12. Maybe we need Lazer and lights, defo worked for this bunch. .
  13. What about crossover, modern. Just a point of how the scene has fragmented into so many smaller scenes. Northern, rare, crossover, modern and R&B etc and finding the right mixture of music to keep most happy very hard. Allnighter getting less and more top 500 working mens club soul nights are killing the scene in my opinion u only have to look at the event page.
  14. I personally think people wanting to dance in old clothes is up to the individual but there seem to be scenes within the scene. Honestly never see to many in the venues I attend. If you don't like it stop going to oldies nights as from what I've seen they look like there enjoying themselves. Different strokes for different folks. Leave them to there memories I'm off to create new ones. Depends on your point of view....
  15. Happy birthday Joan hope your having a good one, all the best Pete.

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