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  1. until

    Canadian please Simon
  2. until

    Big frank - oh no you won't see me cry And al kent - where do I go from here please Simon
  3. Great times mate but got to say had you lost some buttons off your shirt that night? Cracking video though pal
  4. It was covered up by Shaun gibbons, Make a happy home by donnie Saunders and the Don Juan's. He got it off Richard Searling as an unknown and covered up as Sam and kitty. Sold it on to Carl Fortnum years ago. Just spoke to Shaun and asked for you @Carty61.
  5. until

    Happy new year to everyone, let's hope next year is better and the vaccine kicks covid arse and we can get back to living. All the best Pete
  6. until

    All the best to you and the family for the new year mate. Hopefully the return of periscopes and seeing you do your leg thing again
  7. until

    Come on Mr Crampton spill the beans?????
  8. Great start to the year out and about promoting wrong crowd then covid. Got to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the production team and djs who appeared at the BURY VIRTUAL ALLNIGHTER. Its been a main stay of what's got me personally through this year. Good crack on chatroom even with Nigel . New years eve should be a blast I'm for sure. Simon idea was amasing and still as good as the 1st show cheers to all involved all the best for the new year all, hopefully we will dance again in 2021
  9. until

    Come on mick prey tell about the keys and glass . Looking forward to an excellent night of music and seeing the new year in with BVAN listeners. Been a rough year but bury has been a lifesaver for many of us. As for the music found is unreal (hard to remember them all) but I'm sure the team will surely remind us. Dean Anderson show to get the night started then the BVAN ALLNIGHTER. Great work team and truely is apriecated all the best Pete
  10. until

    Ste Your getting to that age though now pal. . Hope you have a good Christmas mate
  11. until

    Absolutely loved last night all djs were really top draw, enjoyed it from start to finish. Definitely think there should be another 70s crossover night in the future weeks. Music was fantastic one of the best night yet for me. Hats off to the djs and most of all the BVAN production team for there endless work and commitment. 10/10 in my opinion
  12. until

    Nice one Charlie Smith on as well, really looking forward to this satuarday night, can't come quick enough
  13. until

    I forgot it 70s night forget al kent was 60s . Sorry team.
  14. until

    Al kent - where do I go from here. Tavares - I never had a love like this before. Are my 2 please gents
  15. until

    70s crossover now we're talking. Bea great change. Looking forward to this one. Bury keeps raising the bar and pushing forward top work BVAN team

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