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  1. Tell him good job could do with a laugh top bloke. Yeah mate gonna be a good night, really up for it ready for a good blow out after our night and with no better company than you nutters
  2. Awesome tune Paul
  3. And the scars mostly mental ones
  4. Looking forward to bury mate, must have a meeting of mind or a good chin wag, see you there if not before
  5. Yes it does mate but this is class in my opinion anyways pal.
  6. Yeah mate it's only right everyone gives them a great send off, after 16 years of entertaining as like minded folk as ourselves and Craig
  7. Nice choice mick, fitting and a quality record
  8. Sad to see but thanks for your years of hard work and sticking with it, always enjoyed ALL your events. What a great line up in the main room and the Kenwood suite. Let give them the send off they deserve and get your backsides to bury... Sorry rant over Cheers to Chris and Marcelle for everything you done Thank you x
  9. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Nothing mate till we book our dates for next year so be a bit yet.
  10. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    What a great night firstly the djs aboutsolty knocked it out off park. (top class). Guest DJ Dean Anderson was Top draw. Then to you the people who attended without we wouldn't be a wrong crowd. Next year's date coming soon. Watch this space...
  11. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Been stress central mate I'm telling u but we are ready for the next installment..... 24 hour to go
  12. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Can't wait for tomorrow night, lots of work but be worth it In the end(we hope).
  13. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Hope it's a friend we both now be good to see him as well been a while since I've seen them both.
  14. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Yes mate it will be great to catch up with you.
  15. Rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Be great to see you there mate . You know you must be do something right to have you in attandance len, see you there pal.

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