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  1. Soul Night in Memory of John Lewis (Louis)

    great night loved it and im sure louis would of loved it to. great work to all involved in making last night happen hats off to you all
  2. RIP 'The Greatest'

    changed boxing forever with his flash antics and put downs total entertainer and a true champion RIP ALI
  3. Burscough British Legion Soul and R&B Night

    always enjoy BURSCOUGH BRITISH LEGION top night only complaints were sound system was a little quiet last night and to many djs would of liked to hear a longer sets by djs just but top night thought Mr Cunliffe and Harrison were top draw. if you haven't been your missing a great night yet again left happy and for a £5 total value for money in my honest opinion
  4. thought and prayers are with you dean, kick its arse mate
  5. THE DELLS top group always like there releases and i couldn't begin to start to list all there records but 2 of my personal favorites are "make sure" and "your song" awesome group only wish id got to see them perform
  6. leeds rhinos

    Sorry but the competition has been the same for years ,each team has the chance to get into top 4 then its knock out rugby .they took it to golden point to beat saints truth is castleford bottled it in the challenge cup and in grand final. its known as pedigr...
  7. How far would you travel..

    Lancaster to Allerton (shotts) seemed to take ages,then Lancaster to 100 club only thing i feel asleep on train on the way home and woke up and asked where we was to a passenger who said we had just left Carlisle next stop Edinburgh. 2 hour wait there, then ...

    great night enjoyed it, top tunes and great atmosphere good night had by all .hats off to baz and all the djs keeping the lowton spirit going long may it continue.

    just had a phone call of a mate baz wanting postcode but its wrong on the fliers mate just a heads up its got it as WA23 2AQ sure people will check on the internet but its WA3 2AQ for those using postcode of the flier
  10. Daybreak

    no joy mate sorry both know there sat on a record thats never going down in price and keeping them for there rainy day fund/retirement fund if i here of any pop up i will get in touch all the best and good luck
  11. Daybreak

    will do andy
  12. Daybreak

    both mint copies mate well looked after will pass it on tomorrow and get back to you
  13. Daybreak

    ive a couple of friends how both have copies i will ask if they are willing to sell for you mate no worries message you back in a day or 2 all the best peter
  14. Daybreak

    i personally have seen loads of original pap of copies and dont think it is a rare as first thought but for a great double side record with 2 great songs on it you can see why its in demand .
  15. Grumpy Soul

    what a top night by far one of the best nights ive had in ages. music was amazing great mix of great 70s and shit rare oldies. a pleasure to see mr manship on the decks .just wish it could be more often as its such a great event never had a bad night there. Well done to phil and joan and the grumpy djs cant wait for the next one 10/10 highly recommend a vist if u havent already. was not one GRUMPY face in the venue