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  1. Great night and put together well. Yet another great night of top music, thanks to all the BVAN team
  2. Excellent request tonight top notch
  3. Good group of young lads coming through, home grown and wear the shirt with pride, future looks bright mate
  4. Thought the rhinos put a good account of themselves injuries considered was personally expecting a hammering off saints young lads stepped up and 12 man for most of 2nd half. Anyways back to lurking
  5. Well thank you Mr Crampton
  6. Stop and think it over - Anthony white Hey baby - Anthony white Larry Wedgewood - no more games Glen Jones - keep on doing 7"version. Sorry for late requstes Martin only seen yesterday. Hope you and the happy have an awesome day mate. Thanks for tonight team.
  7. Kenni Burke - let somebody love you. The carlettes - im getting tired George Hobson - let it be real Changed it
  8. Kenni Burke - let somebody love you. Guiter ray - your gonna wreck my life George Hobson - let it be real
  9. until

    Best night in ages, music was unreal and Richard's spot tick all the boxes and as for not playing the b side of the acetate was funny . Great banter in chatroom and bumper listeners. Love it hats of the Simon and the team for putting it together you should be proud.
  10. until

    Absolutely loved your set pal really was top draw mate
  11. until

  12. until

    Nice one Simon
  13. until

    Don gardener - we're gonna make it big. Please gents
  14. until

    Anacosta - what kind of love Connie Laverne - can't live without you My 2 choices please gents
  15. Top night gents, great music and range in taste. Your time and effort is truely apreciated by us all hats off to u all.

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