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  1. Shame to lose the upstairs room but with the dj line up its gonna be a top night with a fine mix of something for every one. Hope Winsford Soul playing out? Get craig told he has to be there.
  2. rhino


    really looking forward to what will be a top night of soul of the highest order. Nearly 8 years that's dedication and commitment and never once a change in direction musically long may it reign. hats off to you both you are an inspiration to us all.
  3. rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    First I'd like to thank the djs with out you it wouldn't be able to do these events, to all the who traveled from all over your company and excitement made it especially special night, good local support from the old pier days. Great talking to Winsford Soul (ste). Made my night mate and really enjoyed catching up mate. Here to the next one watch this space.....
  4. rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Yeah mate it includes you and Craig would never leave u 2 out. Be great to see you mate, Going for it Swinton as well hardcore mate
  5. hi mate sorry i didnt get back to you memory like sieve my number is 07877633493 for craig hope you lads and lasses can make it to the wrong crowd in lancaster on 2nd of march i know you u like the line up. taks care and tell craig sorry . all the best peter 

    1. Winsford Soul

      Winsford Soul

      Cheer Peter. I will pass on the details to the lunatic Craig.  I will definitely be going hopefully with Jayne n Craig amongst others.  Be good to see you again mate. 


    2. rhino


      tell the mad sod to get his arse to lancaster ,he knows the way terrorised me for years at morecambe. looks like its gonna agood night plenty of good feed back . cheers ste 

  6. rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    It's gonna be a great to see you both and 1st beers on me. Lots of great feed back and hoping for a good night. We know for one thing the music gonna be top draw.
  7. rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Hope you're on the mend mate be great if you could make it. Take care pal
  8. rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Spoke to him last night and is really looking forward to it. As have all the djs sorry, didn't get chance to get your mobile number as we did ambush u at burscough but as always you will knock it out of the park. Looks like a few familiar face will be attendance which is great As it says in description we're proud and honored for your services and all the other djs.
  9. rhino

    Wrong Crowd

    Lots of interest in this night about time a night like this took off in this North lancashire area. Hope it grows from strength to strength.
  10. simon ingham is a quality dj always enjoy his sets and getting plenty of work. never had a bad night at grumpy phil,joan,carl etc. and ted massey always bang on .
  11. Now then ste are you bring my mate along, be good to see u lads again. Bring on satuarday
  12. Mascara - it's cool used to get a spin in the early modern days great song.
  13. rhino


    From start to finish great night as per normal at grumpy. Nowing the week you had pal it was top notch long live grumpy u and Joan really knock it out of the park last night as well as Mr fortnum and all the other djs busy and great friendly atmosphere. Bumping in my old mate Craig blast from the past and Steve. 10/10.
    What a top night definitely the new home of the spirt of lowton. Music was top notch. Well done Baz and all your team and djs can only see this getting better highly recommend to anyone who wasn't there u missed top night
  14. hope you had a good one mate, plenty from morecambe area coming down to grumpy gonna be another top night .see you there mate

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