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  1. until

    Two from me the first always reminds of Robbo,think I heard him play it first. The Astors "more power to you" Beverley Shaeffer "even the score" A great double sider the flip a selection from The Jacko's last week I think
  2. until

    Shaping up nicely for the request hour,any more people! Or is it the producers selections?
  3. until

    Three from me if possible all 70s/80s dancers this time Phillip Ballou "we'll be together" Unissued 70s magic Sir Henry Ivy "he left you standing there" Rivage "strung out on your love"
  4. She looks amazing "don't you care anymore" a personal big fave from the early years at Wigan
  5. until

    Great stuff Martin,enjoy tonight,some quality tunes coming our way.Have a great new year!!
  6. until

    A full night of music it is then,all kicking off with Dean Anderson at 7pm and best of Bury VAN from 9pm seeing out 2020 in fine style.The usual high jinks and banter in the chat rooms,gonna be a good one!!
  7. until

    Also spookily the show never recorded,you had to be there.Oh what a night!!!
  8. until

    I'll probably be on mixcloud,but will check into radio king chatroom during the night!!
  9. Yeah Bury VAN has been the mainstay for a lot of people,never staying the same,different themed shows every month keeping it fresh.Looking forward to NYE for the "best of Bury" Some great output on the vinyl front,Russell Paine at Super Disco Edits has also unearthed some top drawer unnissued 70's soul,long may it continue!! and agree Pete,hopefully not too much longer before we get to go back out again!
  10. until

    No mixcloud yet Wilxy ??
  11. until

    It was the "live" anniversary in November mate,I'll leave it to Pete C to elaborate
  12. until

    A top night in store!! Bury VAN still rolling down the road,seeing 2020 out in fine style.As it's the best of 2020,hopefully no outtakes when we were all getting to grip with recorded intros for the saturday nights some monumental blunders and we all listened in wonderment as Pete C delivered the smooth as silk introduction for each show!!(we won't mention the broken glasses or the lost car keys) lol
  13. Happy Birthday Joan,have a great day Mick + Karen x
  14. c\u as just brothers,wouldn't know if the true artist was known at the time

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