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  1. Another great night in store BOOM!!
  2. Two from me Notations "now I know how it feels" Ruby Andrews "I let him take me in his arms" Looking forward as ever to saturday WHOOSH
  3. Mixed Bag of Sales,enquiries/reservations via PM The Swans "nitty gritty city" M- Dore (re-issue) £40 c/w Rita + The Tiarras "gone with the wind" Re-issue from a few years ago,now hard to find! Willie Welch's Band "what's ever fair" Ex (demo) Blackbird £30 Funk edged Dancer Git Shorty "walking on air" M- MD £40 In demand Modern Soul Pulse "sunshine" Ex Street Soul £30 Classic Modern Soul Major iv "just another lonely night" Ex (demo) Venture £15 Same both sides Killer version of Temptations The Ell
  4. Looks like I missed a good one,we were on baby sitting duties,great work team BVAN
  5. Good Friday Sales,enquiries/reservations via PM Peggy Gaines "sweet way of living" Ex Ref-o-ree £20(sold) Great mid tempo dancer Cindy Malone "try to understand" Ex Capitol £30 Great crossover dancer Git Shorty "walking on air" M- MD £40 In demand modern soul,now deleted Pulse "Sunshine" Ex Street Soul £30 Modern Soul Classic Buena Vistas "boss sauce" Ex BB £15(sold) Storming Instrumental Dancer Pauline Shivers "won't you come back home" Ex O-Pex £15(sold) Soulful mid tempo Detroit
  6. until

    Great Stuff,what a night it was!!thanks for sharing the uploads Simon.
  7. until

    Save some for me lol
  8. until

  9. until

    This raised a lot of interest last night,as played by Pete C
  10. until

    Well we celebrated the 1st anniversary in fine style,with bumper audience figures on mixcloud and rightly so!! The music was off the scale,it just got better and better. Great set from Richard Searling with some jaw dropping exclusives!! In the nicest possible way, hope we're not celebrating another BVAN anniversary and we can be out and about in the venue!! BVAN take a bow
  11. until

    No plastic bottle throwing at the DJ Andrew lol
  12. until

  13. until

    Well my Virtual VIP pass got me in first tonight, ahead of Steve
  14. Mixed bag of sales,enquiries/reservations via PM Git Shorty "walking on air" M- MD £40 Modern Soul Essential Pulse "Sunshine" Ex Street Soul £30 Classic Modern Soul Sam Dees "Signed Miss Heroin" Ex (demo) Atlantic £20 Deep Soul Scorcher Maxine Brown "Bella Mia" Ex UK Avco £20(sold) Great flip Willie Welch's Band "Whats ever fair" Ex Blackbird £30 Funky Edge Dancer David Morris "midnight lady" Ex Buddah £20 Evergreen 70s dancer Troy Keyes "you told your story" Ex ABC £20 Storming Oldie Major iv "just another lonely night
  15. until

    Nearly there Steve,really can't wait now.The Banter and high quality tunes will be flowing in equal measure,don't miss it's gonna be that good!!

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