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  1. Soulhustler

    Frank Howard

    Someone must have one to sell me
  2. Soulhustler

    Frank Howard

    Wanted Frank Howard-Judy-Excello VG+ or better message with price Ta.
  3. Soulhustler

    Groovettes - Think it over baby

    Looking for The Groovettes - Think it over baby - Renees VG+ PM with price
  4. Soulhustler

    Early bird - Tuesday market - Quality Sounds

    Message sent
  5. Soulhustler

    September Jones

    Sorted now
  6. Soulhustler

    September Jones

    Looking for a decent copy of I'm coming home/ No more love Kapp issue if anyone has one going but wouldn't turn my nose up on a demo Fair price paid Message me Ta
  7. Soulhustler

    John Mills Passing Away

    Have some very fond memories of our trips to the 100 club & double decking at Albrighton. Rip John my friend I will miss your company and the laughs along the way Ken & Claudette xx
  8. Soulhustler

    Pure Soul Nuneaton 6-4-13

    Spins from last night Vince Apollo - I bare witness The Q - that's the way London & the bridges - Keep him The Chambers bros - I can't stand it Dickie Wonder - Nobody knows The Squires - Don't accuse me Howard Tate -You're lookin good Melvin Davis - Its no news EJ & The Echoes - You're gonna hurt Bobby Guy - Good enough Joe Arnold - No clouds in the sky Ralph Graham - She just sits there Edwick Rumbold - Specially when The Spidels - Pushed out of the picture The Drew-vels - Its my time Sheila Furguson - How did that happen Silvia Shemwell - He'll come back Intertains - Glad that I found you Mickey Denton - Now im mr blue Joey Gee - Its more than I deserve Barbara Mason - You better stop it Brookes O'Dell - Standing tall Thanks for having me top night
  9. Soulhustler

    pure soul at the crown

    Well had a good sort and still don't have a clue what to play!! the list keeps changing oh well lets see what the night brings can't wait.
  10. Soulhustler

    2011-07-30: New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

    And looking forward to both of them
  11. Soulhustler

    Kindred Soul @ Bidds Saturday July 23Rd 2011***

    Im putting on my top hat, shining up my best shoes, dusting off my tails lol
  12. Soulhustler

    The El Corols,tick Tick

    One time spin at the Drunken Monkey woud'nt part with mine
  13. Soulhustler

    Friday Soul Worcester Skecthleys Bar 1St July

    Looking forward to spinning a few, great line up
  14. Could be a couple more from wolves attending
  15. Soulhustler

    Kindred Soul @ Bidds - Sat June 11Th

    See you there Tony


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