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  1. ADVANCE NOTICE ::::::::::: ADVANCE NOTICE Soulful Beats with Bernie O'Brien & Barry Pitcher is on Love Soul Radio London live this Sunday 1pm PLEASE SHARE let everyone know ..... thanks WWW.lovesoulradiolondon.com
  2. Just been rumaging in a few old boxes and found quite a few oldish Fanzines, thought people might like a look
  3. How doe one subscribe to the newletter
  4. Allright for some, I'll be there Wednesday at 8pm, informal gathering, preparing everyone for Thursday am rehearsal, work work work til Sunday at 00.30 am when the live show finishes, then it's MY time Looking forward to chilling Bernie, really looking forward to the weekend
  5. Mr C I need them to keep me afloat and sane over the weekender. I will reserve them for you after the weekend, Would you like them autographed ?? Bernie
  6. Woh ho ho Prestatyn here we go

  7. Let's not forget KENNY HAMBER, He'll be performing 4 tracks including his 2 massive 60's monster tracks MARY LOVE with 5 tracks which will also include the wonderful "I'm in your hands" SIDNEY BARNES with 3 huge northern soul tracks AND The Midnight Hour Band, who will do an opening number tribute to a recently departed soul artist AND AND The PRESTATYN PARADE (The Finale) which will feature all artists on stage in an unrehearsed party finale Bernie
  8. Hesitations are indeed an attraction to look forward to They WILL be performing a set list of 7/8 songs I've never released artist set lists in advance of the gig because I think the live show itself should be exiting as the songs get played But anyone interested can be assured that all the well known tracks will be included Bernie
  9. For Northern fans, KENNY HAMBER will be at the October event as our guest, Kenny is booked for March to perform, but is coming to check out Chuck Jackson
  10. Just to let you all know Set list now all agreed and finalised We are in for a massive show with Chuck agreeing all 16 of our set requests, including all his popular tracks Can't wait bernie
  11. You need to be thinking outside the box The Volumes also were known as another band Think Think
  12. Yup But not tellin' We've written 8 tracks for them Wanna do some guessing ? Bernie
  13. Maria, long time no see, hiya That's a good guess, mmm you'll hav eto wait and see, Let our love is deffo in there

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