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  1. Dave Thorley

    Five Rare One's To Go

    Five Rare One's To Go Evelyn Thomas - If that's love I don't want it/You've got that something - Pirate - VG+ £175 Rare comes up for sale on this cool two sider. One side uptempo 70's crossover soul, flip down to the bone Sista Funk Hear Both Priscilla Page - I'm pretending/Throw the poor dog a bone - Topper - Mint £175 2 Classic 60's midtempo Detroit dancers, rarely seen in this condition. Dave Hamilton written and produced Hear both Art Tarus - I know the time is right - Exuma - Mint £500 Supa soulful midtempo 70's crossover soul. Cool horns, flute and his mellow vocals. Flip is an outstanding pounding midtempo crossover behemoth of a track, awesome !!!! What a 2 sider for your money and rare..... Hear It Kapp Ivory project - It's all over - Det Mi - Mint- £75 Early 80's Detroit modern soul midtempo winner. Kapps pretty vocals in a duet with equally cool female singer over shuffling beat and piano Bobby Blues Ray - Soul - Ross - VG+ £250 Has angel hair marks on wax, but plays closer to mint. thumpin uptempo 60's Bat Area dancer of the highest order. Here on the rarer first local issue............
  2. Dave Thorley

    More New Stuff - Top Dog Records....

    More New Stuff - Top Dog Records.... Bunch more new stuff 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' Alex Spearman - That the way love is - Rosemont - VG+ £100 Jerry & The Champions - Tantalizing/Be by my side - Clayboard - M- £170 Windjammers - Poor sad child - Boola-Boola - Mint £80 Sonny Freeman & The Unusuals - Try it - Jarda - VG+ £75 Nocentelli - We put the rock in your roll - Summit (With pic bag) - Mint £200 Tabby Thomas - Sexy's sally - Blue Beat - £225 Chronical Church - Bionic Movement - Pashlo - Mint £100 Fred Hughes - Baby Boy - Brunswick (Company Sleeve) Mint £50 Chuck Bernard - Hall of soul - New Breed - VG+ £175 Mighty Passions - Baby Dumplin - Bridge - Mint £50 Bobby Black - Right on - Axis - Mint £400 Priscilla Price - Just pretending - Topper - Mint £175 Sunny & The Sunliners - Saving my love for you/When my baby cries - Key-Loc - Mint £150 Plus a bunch more, full description @
  3. Dave Thorley

    Rare Soul (20 records) !!!!

    Whole bunch of classic Rare Soul (20 records) !!!! Carstairs - It really hurts me girl - Red Coach original W/D Mint- £175 SOLD Jackie Wilson - Because of you - Brunswick W/D Mint- £100 SOLD Fred Hughes - I keep trying - Exodus Vinyl Copy Mint- £200 Danny Wagner - I love a true love - Imperial Demo VG+ £120 SOLD Gia Mateo - If you can't say anything nice RCA W/D Mint £200 Sonny Craver - I wanna thank you/I'm no fool - Teri De VG+ £200 Carstairs - He who picks a rose - Okeh VG+ £70 SOLD Artistics - This heart of mine - Okeh VG+ £150 Natural Four - I thought you were mine - W/D Mint- £350 SOLD G.Davis & R. Tyler - Hold on help is on the way - Parlo Mint- £150 SOLD Flame N King - Ho happy day - N.Y.C.S. VG+(plays close to mint) £250 SOLD Esther Phillips - Just say goodbye - Atlantic Demo £150 SOLD Constellations - I didn't know how to - Gemini Star W/D Mint £175 SOLD Frank Beverly & The Butlers - If that's what you wanted - Gamble VG+ £550 Jeanette Williams - Something's got a hold on me - Back Beat Demo Mint- £250 SOLD Epitome Of Sound - You don't love me - Sandbag Original VG+ £300 Garland Green - Girl I love you/It rained - Revue VG+ £150 Eddie Bishop - Call me - ABC VG+ £200 Robert Thomas - Salvation - Charay Mint- £220 T.J. Williams - Baby I need you - Josie Mint £250 SOLD
  4. Dave Thorley

    Unissued Studio Acetate !!!!!!

    Unissued Studio Acetate !!!!!! This came from my good friend Gordon Keith many years ago, one time joint owner of Steeltown records. Thumpin good 60's two sider. It has some issues with the with the disc, but the play surfaces are intact. Any one buying it will also receive a second acetate cut from the first, to play out. Both sides are uptempo dance floor destroyers and credited to C. Kenwood & The Fassinations - now the time has come/C. Perry & The Fassinations - Funky twist Gordon told me that he produced the session, but nothing was ever done with it. Anyway way disc is here for anyone interested, in light of recent unissued acetates of this type to sell I want £1100 to let it go. Due to the fragility of the original disc, happy to meet a buyer in the UK and hand over in person.......... Hear both sides ...............
  5. Dave Thorley

    2 rare 45's

    Stupid rare deep soul/funk 45 New Love Ltd - One man at a time/Universal funk - Arco - Mint £500 Many believe these to be tracks from a Brazilian only LP. But here is the original and only 45 from the set to see the light of day. The band are actually from Brunswick, Ga and take the group name Intersate 95 from the coastal highway that runs through the city. Recorded in the city's Boblo studios at 3807 Norwich St., Brunswick, Ga. The 45 has the original takes of both tracks, that leave the later Brazilian versions standing. 'One man' is a much deeper southern feeling take, that is soulful in the extreme. The flip 'Universal' is a deep funk banger that is entirely different and clear recorded some years earlier than the boogie version to appear on the LP. Only one or two copies of this 45 have ever sold through the web, originals of the LP have sold for £800+ recently. The 45 gives a massive bang for buck with a Southern deep side that is up the with tracks like Betty Fikes. The flip is a killa deep funk jam of the highest order Hear both ............. Another one bargain, with an issue !!!!!!!!!!Sonny Harris - The Vibration - San-El OK this 45 has an issue,a strange make on the first 1/3rd of record on 'The Vibration' side, but it is hardly audible. Flip is close to mintSo first £175+ P&P gets it
  6. More hard to find bargains of the week 45's Magnificent Perfection - You know where I'm coming from - Known Artist - Mint £35 Outta Alabama comes this late 80's slice of big beat mid tempo boogie.. Nice lead vocals, keyboards, synth drums and backing vocals So hard to find rarely come up for sale a couple on the web, not in this condition, stone mint !!!!!!!, has sold for way more Ken Meredith - Wondering - HoMark - Mint £50 Oh so hard to find vocal version of this basement funky late 70's killa from Atlanta. Most copies are mis-presses with the instrumental. Flip is a cool sweet soul winner little known by many collectors of this. Drums, keyboards and horns and his pretty vocals and a real killa basement feel .................... J.E Morsan - By your side - M.G.S. - Mint £40 Came out on two labels in Detroit one as J.E. Morsan and one as J.E. Morgan, this is the harder to find press. Midtempo crossover soul of this highest order. Killa horns, drive train drums and his soaring vocals £££'s of record for very little................. Mighty Hannibal - Hymn No 5/Fishin' pole - Shurfine - Mint £15 Southern oh so soulful socially conscious song of the highest order. Flip is an over looked 60's thumpin dancer, which would grace any floor. Here on the much rarer original Shurfine label, nomally beat, this is stone mint ............Hear Both !!!!! Michel Cloud - This love I have - Beth - Mint £35 Little known oh so good midtempo soulful gospel drive train from Michel AKA Michael Cloud how also released on the sister label HoMark. This rarely come up for sale, only one on the web at the moment and that is VG, stone mint copy here
  7. Dave Thorley

    Relative Unknown Sweet Soul 2 sider

    Relative Unknown Sweet Soul 2 sider From the late 70's come this Louisville 45. Chequee was a long time local artists, but this was his only 45. Only sold through the local record store, this private press is so hard to find. Side one is a nice mid tempo sweet winner. Flip is a cool stepper, both with a haunting baseline, drums and keyboard and his accomplished vocals. Relatively little comparable pricing, but here today 3 mint copies at a very fair £50 +P&P
  8. Dave Thorley

    Bargain Of The Week ..........

    Bargain Of The Week .......... Lee Porter - Bad situation - Michal - Mint £35 +P&P Real hard one out of Memphis, midtempo funky crossover POWERHOUSE. Lee's deep and gritty vocals telling a tale of his bad predicament. Cool keyboard intro into a percussive funky rhythm track with cool guitar licks for added effect. Rarely come up for sale, only one for sale on the web for way more. Got just three at this price, don't miss it !!!!!!!!
  9. Dave Thorley

    7 More Hard To Find Soul 45's !!!!!

    7 More Hard To Find Soul 45's !!!!! Donald Moore - I'll be your lover - Dimokrasi - Mint- £450 Another hard to find Cincinnati modern soul wonder, midtempo stunner, swirling strings, pretty piano and percussive drums, give this such a haunting sound. Here on the original label design, so hard to find................ Jimmy Soul Clark - I blew a good thing - Karen - Mint £175 arguable his best, Hestor Wylie written and produced on this midtempo slice of Detroit magic. His pleading vocals at the top of their game, funky little backing production, so good, and this a mint copy, rarely seen. Flesh - You look so good/Dreamin' - Trey - Mint £350 Oh so hard to find boogie killa from way down in Georgia, just outside Macon. Classic early 80's sound, fat base guitar, riding the rhythm of a dance floor winner, Flip is the equally good oh so soulful stepper 'Dreamin'. Produced by the Smith Brothers, same guys behind the equally hard to find Any Other Business AOB. Rarely comes up for sale, don't miss it !!!! Esther Phillips - Home is where the hatred is- Kudu - Mint- £45 Her rendition of the Gil Scott Heron classic song, gritty 70's socially conscious, funk infused stunner ............. Curtis Blandon - In the long run - Wand (Demo) - Mint £200 Big production Chicago mid tempo crossover gem, Gene Chandler at the desk. Here a stone mint copy and a rarer demo press. Infinity - Put everything in place/Party man - White Horse - Mint £275 A modern soul killa 2 sider, mid tempo soulful group winner on the A side, backed by an up tempo dance floor winner. Both have that cool fat beat, nicely placed breakdowns and a rhythm that just drives along. Inspired Gospel Singers - He will provide - Golden Shield - Mint £50 Until recently unknown soulful gospel stepper from the early 80's. From the Royal Shield/Golden Shield group of Baton Rouge that brought so much great soul, comes another. Strong male vocals backed buy three part harmony. Track is a constant groover, simply a stunner............
  10. Dave Thorley

    Sweet & Low Specials, 9 killas !!!!!

    Sweet & Low Specials, 9 killas !!!!! All are Mint/Mint-, never seen a needle !!!, something for ever pocket Sugar - I want you/Most important thing - True Soul £55 From the cool Little rock label come this classic sweet soul stepper, killa harmonies and so sweet lead vocals. Flip is the addition of of a crossover gem, that has killa shades of Arnold Blair Curtis Wiggins - Can't buy love with money/Stand up when I talk to you - Palm £100 One time member of the Louisville Heartbreakers brings us this killa two sider. Starting off with a spoken intro, the A side moves into a pleading slice of stunning mature sweet soul. The flip is a midtempo horns and things funky destroyer .... Epics - Lets walk in the lime-light/I want to be your girl - Zot £150 What a two sides slice of group harmony sweet soul, now real hard to find. A side with it soaring lead vocals matched with superb backing vocals, strings and things. Flip side had been over looked due to the popularity of the A side, but mid tempo crossover group perfection............. Brighter Side Of Darkness - Because I love you/Ooh bay - Starvue £15 This has Chicago written all over it, full production backing, strings, horns oh so good. Teen sweet lead vocals back by stylish backing harmonies. Flip continues the classic Chicago sound into a mid tempo crossover winner. Bobbie Roberson - Don't leave me baby - Bolivia £50 What more can be said about this indemand killa 2 sider. This has become, over the years a 'Lowrider' classic, with the bonus of a nice crossover flip. Soulful in the extreme, female lead over male group harmonies Spec & The G.H. Outlaw Gang - Hell girl/I wonder about myself - Faces £45 Outta Shreveport, La comes this unique slice of jazz style vocals over powerful horn section and swirling keyboard, but soul with a capitol 'S'. Flip and it don't stop, a total funky dancefloor destroyer, what a two sider ............ Samuel T. Robinson - Somewhere in Mississippi - Vimla £15 One of the great southern deep soul sides, pleading vocals with haunting keyboard passages, his broken heart is plain to hear............. Impalas - Think it over - Down To Earth £15 Now we are in 'Lowrider' heaven, questioning lead vocalist with great harmony response backing vocals, then the bonus of a full classic Chicago backing, sublime Soul Searchers - (My) Living won't be in vain/Gone on home - Memorial £60 Last one for today, is soulful gospel heaven that just raps you in a warm blanket of goodness, classic oh so soulful message song one side, flip is a great tribute song to MLK IMPORTANT these all have water damaged labels, wax is mint, never seen a needle, but has a little residual in grooves from years of storage, but play close to mint !!!! Thanks for looking
  11. Dave Thorley

    A bunch of bargains, 9 in fact !!!!!

    A bunch of bargains, 9 in fact !!!!! All are mint/Mint- never seen a needle !!!!!, all prices +P&P Frankie Saunders - Take another look/Blues time in birmingham - Jauna £15 One of the great early 80's 45. One side midtempo modern soul magic, the flip is the personification of Southern Deep Soul Love, Devotion & Happiness - Joy sweet joy - PEU Jadan £25 Driving midtempo keyboard, cool rhythm guitarnand strings then that oh so soul female lead and those harmonies. The flip is a equally joyful ballad Robert Thomas - Crazy about you - Hawk £15 Nowdays over looked killa Chicago 1980 stepper, with Roberts soaring vocals and choir harmony backing, cool soul, instrumental flip Charles Wilson - In the room next door to the room - Ecko £25 The hardest to find on the label and one of the best Sylvester Boyd - I don't want nobody - WJJ Productions £25 Rare first label fro this killa funky crossover winner from the early 70's The Ravenettes With St. John & The Cardinals - Since you've been gone - Shurfine £35 Much, much rarer first label for this thumpin 60's girl group mid tempo dancer produced by the mighty Wendell Parker Bobbie Roberson - Don't leave me baby - Bolivia £50 What more can be said about this indemand killa 2 sider. This has become, over the years a 'Lowrider' classic, with the bonus of a nice crossover flip. Soulful in the extreme, female lead over male group harmonies Jewel Bass - Sugar britches - Malaco £25 Lead singer of Carbon Copies, this is just a awesome midtempo slice of sista funk/rare groove that is getting hard to find ........... Gordon Keith - Look ahead - Calumet £45 Thumpin good 60's dancer from the days of Stafford and the master Guy Hennigan. From the man from Gary, In and the owner of Steeltown Calif. Soul Explosion - This feeling / Chain of fools - Pashlo PH 1003 £50 From the Oakland, Ca label Pashlo comes this killa funky group 2 sider. Produced by label owner Leroy Smith who also owned Ocampo records. This was Leroy's own group where he used local stalwart Wylie Trass on vocals. Has sold for as much as £300 in the past, on the web now for way more in lesser condition. today this stone mint copy £50 +P&P. Got 5 copies, when their gone etc..........'The feeling' cool midtempo rhythmic stormer, flip continues the theme with a driving beat version Don Covey written song and what an intro it has !!!!....
  12. Busy weekend getting stuff on site, here 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good', including these shiny things ..... Louis Younger - Night chick - Spectrum - Mint- £100 Brotherly Five - losing my girl - CGA - VG £500 Mighty Passions - Baby dumplin - Bridge - Mint £50 Significants - I'm loving too hard - Alesver's - Mint £300 Calif. Soul Explosion - The feeling/Chain of fools - Pashlo - Mint £50 Sonny Raye & Fancy - Calvin No1 - Sportscene - Mint £75 Chronicle Church - Bionic movement/Mystery - Pashlo - Mint £60 Bloody Truth - We won't leave it undone - Yas - Mint- £75 Flirtations - Nothing but a heartache - Deram - Mint £30 Bobby Bland - Shoes - Duke - VG+ £35 Ronnie Dyson - Lady in red - Columbia W/D - Mint- £50 Plus a bunch more, full description on site Thanks for looking, Dave
  13. Dave Thorley

    New Stuff 4 Sale - Top Dog Records

    More of that nice new stuff, 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' including these shiny things ........ Bobby Womack - Find me sombody - Atlantic - VG+ £100 Wylie Trass and the Soul Explosion - Since you been gone - Pashlo - Mint £50 Chain Reaction - Lady in red - Fish - VG+ £60 Artus Satterfield - You crushed it - Axis - Mint £30 Chick Willis - First rule of cheating - True soul - Mint £40 Big Jay & the house rockers - Funky horns - Vangee - mint £150 Will Barnett - If I love you - L&W - VG £60 Lonnie Larry - Got to find her - Magic Touch -Mint £50 Edwin Starr - Don't tell me I'm crazy/Who is the leader - EMI Electrola/Tamla Motown (German pic bag) - Mint £15 Coke Escovedo - Make it sweet - Mercury - Mint £45 CWCP - You blew my mind - Dan John - Mint £30 Jackey Beavers - Hold on - Sound stage 7 (West Coast W/D) - £25 Marlena Shaw - Woman of the ghetto - Cadet (Demo) - VG+ £50 Plus a bunch more, full description on site Thanks for looking Dave
  14. Dave Thorley

    Hard to find Oakland 45 !!!

    Hard to find Oakland 45 !!! From Leroy Smith's cool little label come this uptempo strings and things instrumental dancer, with a nice funky edge. Flip is a musical tour de force, mellow string laden first minute leads into a guitar lead midtempo slice of magic, with tones of George Benson or Wes Montgomery .......... Always been a tough one to find currently on the web at over £75 in poor condition, has sold for way over £100 in the past. Here today, 4 copies, stone mint £60 +P&P The Chronicle Church - Boinic Movement/Mystery - Pashlo Hear both .........
  15. Dave Thorley

    Rare Soul/Gospel 45 !!!!!!!

    Rare Soul/Gospel 45 !!!!!!! Stunning female lead that sits between 'Lowrider' and Deep Soul. Cool stripped down instrumentation with pretty rhythm guitar, female harmony backing and the soaring vocals of the lead singer. Flip is a a great midtempo mover, again great harmonies, guitar and lead vocals. The group herold from Grand Rapids, Mi, but this cool little 45 was recorded down in Shreveport, La. Little warehouse find all are mint wax, never seen a needle, little H2O staining on label. Rarely comes up for sale and has for £100+ in the past Gospel Tones - Memories/I believe there's a god somewhere - Memorial £50 +P&P