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  1. T&T - Simple girl - Artex Mint £35 Hard to find True Soul related killa boogie from Little Rock,. Now catching plays from 80's boogie players, catch this before it jumps in price, Nice ballad flip https://youtu.be/PWPJH_3exCo Kyonez Howard - Goin' away - Christie - Mint £60 Rarer version of this great uptempo Baton Rouge killa, much cleaner none sound effect version https://youtu.be/77oIOuwLZN0 Frankie Sanders - Take another look/Blues time in Birmingham - Juana Mint £25 AKA Larry Sanders on this so, so cool midtempo stunner, flips not shabby either
  2. Johnny Dollar - Girl your mamma told ya - McCormick VG £350 Supa rare Chicago storma. Although credited to Johnny only, this is a great group harmony lo-fi dancer. Rarely comes up for sale, not listed on Discogs. Sound file is from the actual record for sale. https://youtu.be/oB5cRt0nhW0
  3. Calif. Soul Explosion - This feeling/Chain of fools - Pashlo Mint £50 This current indemand 2 sided killa from Oakland with Wylie Trass's gusty vocals is a winner. Produced by label owner Leroy Smith and stalwart of the cities music scene. Hear both sides ............... https://youtu.be/eRQTASyDSx0 https://youtu.be/dn0X889uKkI
  4. Don't Miss This !!!!! Sorry 15 mins flat and I've sold out !!!!, but check out Juno, they still have some Might Whites - Given My Life - Kent 45 So honoured to have been able to help this killa 45 along on it's way. One of the best 70's group dancers to make it to wax in recent years. If you ain't got one already, have 10 landing in the next few days, Order today, first come first served £13.00 plus shipping Screwed up on the sound file, doesn't start until 1:30 ....... https://youtu.be/bkCMl_5LxCQ
  5. So got busy today with a cool summer groove mix ............... A journey to the outer reaches of obscure Soul, Funk & Boogie. Full of lesser known boogie bangers !!!! https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/the-outer-grove-modern-2-boogie/
  6. Here we go, been a while, so new mix. Down and dirty funk to disco boogie with a bunch of lesser known stuff plus a few dance floor destroyers, enjoy !!!!! https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/soul-2-disco/
  7. A Few 4 2Day 1619 B.A.B. - World - Brown Sugar Mint £55 Rare original label Billy Preston - The Girls Got It - Capitol Mint £140 Thumpin' good 60's dancer Calif. Soul Explosion - Chain Of Fool/This Feeling - Paslo Mint £50 2 Killa Sides From Oakland, early 70's funky dancers Denise LaSalle - I'm so hot - MCA Mint £60 The late great lady delivers a modern soul killa Eddie Foster - Closer Together - Ocampo Mint- £250 60's Stafford mid tempo classic Getto Kitty - Stand Up And Be Counted - Stroud Mint- £120 Funk classic !!!!! Ike &am
  8. A few things !!!!!!! + Bargain Of The Week T.S.U. Toronadoes - What good am I/Getting the corners - Atlantic VG+ £30 Technics - Cause I really love you - Chex Mint- With DJ Copy stamp £100 Tyrone Edwards - Can't get enough of you - Invictus Mint Company Sleeve £25 George Perkins - Baby I love you/Keep on loving me - Royal Shield Mint £25 Master Plan - Clinton Park - De-Lite Mint- Issue £55 Cre-Shendos - You're still on my mind - Aquarius Black prine/gold stars Mint £200 Lee bates - (What am I gonna do) what am I gonna say - IX Chains W/D Mint- £45 Main I
  9. A few tough ones ...... Constellattions - I don't know about you - Gemini Star Mint- £1400 Ethics - There still be a sweet tomorrow - Vent W/D VG+ £30 Mystiques - Put out the fire - Twinight - Mint (Drill Hole) £1500 Vic and The Catalinas - Talkin about my girl - Barclay VG+ £75 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Too late Okeh Demo - Mint- £450 Curt Davis - Yoni - Oh Angela - Cin-Town Mint- £400
  10. Another Random, Mixed List .............. Ann Byers ‎– Here I Am - Academy Mint- £250.00 Sons Of Slum ‎– Right On - Stax Mint £45.00 Etta James ‎– Seven Day Fool - Argo Mint- £75 Sebastian ‎– Wasted Days And Wasted Nights / Living In Depression - Pesante Mint- £75.00 Anquette ‎– I Will Always Be There For You - Luke Skyywalker Mint £50.00 Herb & Doris ‎– Somebody Somewhere Needs You - Hip VG+ £100.00 The Fame Gang ‎– Twangin' My Thang / Turn My Chicken Loose - Fame Mint £80.00 Bobbie Roberson ‎– Don't You Leave Me Baby - Bolivia Mint £85.00
  11. Mixed bag !!!!!!!!!!! Venturas - Heart Of Love - Green Light VG+ £1000 Billi Welles & The Outer Real Unlimited - Trying to keep from crying - Mercede - Mint- £500 James Kelly Duhon - So trusting - Jude - Mint- £750 Mickey & The Soul Generation - Iron Leg - GCP - VG £150 Barbara Lynn - I'm a good woman - Tribe (Demo) VG+ £140 Ann Byers - Here I am - Academy - Mint- £250 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Too late Oken (Demo) Mint- £400 Willow Band - Willow man - Epic (Demo) Mint- £100 Pretenders - I call it love - Carnival - Mint- £350
  12. Hi Dave, just for the info; the Diabolics yellow label issue I believe it to be the other way around. The yellow label copy, supposedly longer lasting (stretched), is just pitch down around 32 RPM's... Once I Had both and played them next to one another and the 'black' label copy 'singed' in tune and the yellow not... For what it's worth. Cheers, Tim

    p.s.; read online that those who first noticed the record (previously unreleased from tapes) got the black label. Yellow copies surfaced after/later...

  13. A Few mixed to go Enchanting Enchanters - Boss action/No one in this world - Ben Mo Keith VG+ £350 Carbo Brothers What can I give her - Cenco Mint- (has name label stuck on one side of label) £175 Tommy Tate - School of life - Koko - Mint (Company Sleeve) £12 Peter Prewitt - U.A.- TS Mint £450 Sunny & The Sunliners - If I could see you now/Should I take you home - Key-Lock VG (Plays loud and proud) £220 Garnat Bros - Diamond soul - Garnat Bros Mint- £80 Bodacious - (Will you) groove with me - Super Nova - Mint £55 Diabolics - I bet you never knew - T
  14. https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/lynn-sherman-brandy-farewells-all-alone-again-olam-6024.html
  15. BARGAIN OF THE WEEK Lynn Sherman & Brandy Farewells / All Alone Again Olam Mint- £200 A supa rare Detroit early 80’s sweet, Sparse male vocal with backing from Brandy. Just sold on a well known auction site for £295 This was the first copy to come up for sale in many years, got two copies here to go, then their gone for good. Image come from another source, mine is less the writing on the label.

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