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  1. Dave Thorley

    Back To The Marshall Rooms, Stroud

    Back To The Marshall Rooms, Stroud !!!! Relive hot summer days and nights at this legendary home of the Stroud Alldayers. Now a cool club & Live music venue, the owners, Tom De Brabant, Lotte Lyster and Keith Allen (yes that Keith Allen) have asked Jerry Hipkiss, David Greet & Myself to bring you some of the fun we had back then. So Saturday July 14th gonna do it all again 9pm - 3am. Original DJ's play all the classic stuff !!!!!! If you fancy cool a weekend break in one of the jewels of the Cotswolds, then this is for you 14 July at 21:00–3:00 pin The Marshall Rooms 27 Nelson Street, GL5 2HH Stroud, Gloucestershire https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/northern-soul-nite-the-marshall-rooms-tickets/8330315
  2. Dave Thorley

    New Stuff 4 Sale - Top Dog Records

    Morning All Another bunch of nice shiny things, 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good', including these ........ Darondo Pulliam - How I got over - Ocampo - Mint £250 Henry Turner Jr. - Why don't we come together as one - Hit City - Mint £150 Patrice Holloway - Stolen hours - Capitol - VG £240 Katie Love - Don't let it go to your head - Muscle Shoals - VG+ £30 Janie Grant - My heart, your heart - Parkway W/D - Mint £175 Kenny Hamber - looking for a love W/D Mint- £75 Ramada Singers - Inflation - Mint- £100 Grady Gains - Let your thing hang down - Jay - £50 Lyn Roman - Stop I don't need no sympathy - Brunswick W/D - Mint £20 Larry & The Larks - Tell me - Veep W/D - VG £100 Donny Mann - No more childs play - Avalance - Mint £30 Lennard Patton - Play by play - General - mint £100 Profound Images - Uptitch - Kris - Mint £30 Sugar - Most important thing/I want you girl - True Soul - Mint- £75 Plus a whole bunch more, full description on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Thanks for looking
  3. Dave Thorley

    Crossing The Tracks Radio Show 10-04-18

    Crossing The Tracks !!!!!!!!!!!! Another busy night on little GFM Last nights show up for listen again https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-17-04-18/
  4. Dave Thorley

    Rare Detroit Modern Soul Gospel LP

    Supa Rare Modern Soul Gospel LP From Detroit and produced by Brinstone Ingram, this is a stunning soulful 80's set that rarely come up for sale. Here in stone mint condition £50 +P&P This track give you an idea of the quality of the set, get over the spoken intro Sweet Communion Singers - Sweet communion - AIP International https://youtu.be/PqwaYiiyJIA
  5. Dave Thorley

    White Demo Sunday !!!!!!!!

    Here's a nice bunch of white demo 45's, they look so good................. Magic Night - If you and I had never met - Roulette - Mint £160 Ledgends - Fear not/Gotta let you go - Commonwealth - Mint £60 Little Rock Brotherhood - Girl watching on Broadway - Ref-O-Ree - Mint £20 Sam Dees & Bettye Swann - Storybook children - Big Tree - Mint £15 Profiles - I still love you - Bamboo - £100 Calvin Williams - Lonely you'll be - Atco - Mint- £60 Bobby Womack - I don't know - United Artists - Mint £15 Steelers - Get it from the bottom - Date - Mint £20 Bobby Militello & Jean Carn - Let's stay together - Gordy - Mint £25 Debbie Taylor - Just don't pay - Arista - Mint £50 Dramatics - Choosing up on you - Chess - Mint £15 Marlena Shaw - Pictures and memories - Columbia - £15 Billy Davis - Three steps from true love - ABC - Mint £20 Thanks for looking, Dave
  6. Hi All, another day and more nice new things for your consideration 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' Buddy Ace - Screaming please - Duke Demo - VG+ £325 Round Robin monopoly - I'd rather loan you out/Life is funk - Truth W/D - Mint £50 Rueben Bell - Another day lost - Murco - Mint £30 Bobby Hebb - Evil woman - Crystal Ball - Mint- £75 Babatunde Olatunji - Takuta - Paramount Demo - mint £70 Mighty Sceptors - The big let down / Hey lady - earth - mint- £450 Freedom - You got the power - Malaco - mint £25 Bottom & Co - Spread the news - Motown - mint £50 Lenny Curtis - Nothing can help you now - End - VG £575 Veniece - Eighteen days - Hi demo - Mint £50 Veda Brown - Brand new tomorrow - Raken - Mint £20 Lou Rawls - See you when I git there - Philadelphia International W/D - Mint £20 5th Dimension - No love in the room - Arista W/D - Mint £20 1619 B.A.B. - World - Chess Demo - Mint £45 Sandra Phillips - I wish I had known - Okeh - Mint £275 Plus another 100+ new things on the site, full description on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk
  7. Did you get one yet !!!!! Got 10 copies of each to go now !!!! £20 each +P&P — CBLL018 Release Alert — Here we go with the second one on the day. Another musician, another great voice who wants his music to be listened and danced to overseas. And here we gotta thank Yann Vatiste big time for the great help in making this possible. Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Sax & Keyboard Player, Singer William Travis aka "El Willie" began his professional career in the early 70's, when he joined The Original Drifters as a sax player. After playing with the Original Drifters for about 4 years, Karl Knighton, Larrice Byrd , Stan Travis, and El Willie decided to get off of the road for a while. Since most of the band members desired to keep the band together they gave themselves the name “Nobody' s Children”. They recorded the first version of “Shardarp” for Chet Davenport’s label Toeholt in 1976. El’ Willie resung it for us a couple of months ago, 42 years later at 68 years old, to get it Cannonballized and exported around the world. We arranged this version with a beautiful hot summer in mind, with the late hours at the party in mind, with the beach and the cocktails in mind and we are very proud of this work for a couple of main reasons: it ain’t been easy to get to it and our family keeps on enlarging with artists and collaborations, for the great happiness of authors, mates, our musicians, the production team, the djs and the dancers. It’s a sense of inclusion, and that’s what it's all about --- CBLL017 Release Alert ---- After the deep funk, the raw funk, the street funk, the modern funk, the jazz funk and the prison funk, here we go with the first example of dollar funk ha ha ha. Jokes aside, some of you may recall a little post I did a couple of weeks ago about old school american soul artists who are still doing their music. So, this one is the first of our 2 todays releases. The first version was recorded last year at a studio in Louisville (Kentucky) by a band that gathered together again after several years and privately released it on a 45 which has been brought to me by my pal Dave. When I called Ron Lewis to give him my congratulations for the great music, it came out they will be doing more stuff and trying to round up other old school Louisville musicians in the attempt to revive the soul and funk sounds in the area. I told him we are at their service if they wanted to export their sounds overseas, and that bit of conversation went more or less like this: Ron: “Yeah man, we gonna doing this stuff more and more” Alberto: “Let’s get it on Cannonball wax and make it listened around the world” Ron: “Yeah man let’s do it, that’s my stuff man” Alberto: “...But Ron, you know we are a club label and we do music specifically for dancefloors so we might need to make some changes to the song...” Ron: “Yeah man do it, we are dance people!” Their original track was over 5 minutes long and, as those of you into vinyl pressing stuff might probably know, on a 45 the longer the track the poorer the sound fired out of the grooves. That means that if we wanted to pull out good sounding stuff to be pumped off nowadays sound systems we had to do some work on it. So, after some laughs and a few more “Yeah man” Ronal gave us the go to Cannonballize a little their original cut, basically Rhodes, drums, guitars and congas plus a little remodeling of the vocal layout, and here it is the result. Get a copy, play it out loud, and see the ceiling start cracking right after a few bars to eventually tumble down on your head. Hear Both ............ https://youtu.be/Y3oHoB3aNvk https://youtu.be/sUPRkk3-_e4
  8. Dave Thorley

    More New Stuff - Top Dog Records

    No it's fine, it sold
  9. Hope you guys enjoy this !!!!! Last Nite show now up for listen again, 'From the hard to find to the just plain good and everything soulful https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-tracks-radio-show-10-04-18/
  10. Dave Thorley

    More New Stuff - Top Dog Records

    Hi All Another Day Of New Stuff !!!!!. 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' Buddy & Stacy - Angel / A thing called jealousy - Twirl - Mint £15 Blanch Carter - Halos are for angels - GSF W/D Company Sleeve - Mint £175 Bobby Diamond - Stop - Columbia W/D - Mint £175 Joneses - Who loves you - Epic W/D - Mint £45 Ray Frazier - Your eyes - Carriage Trade - Mint £125 Invitations - Living together is keeping us apart - Silver Blue Rare Issue Company Sleeve - Mint £35 Ray Batts - Love me - Faces - Mint £60 Gary Ferguson - Mama come see about you daughter - Mothers - Mint £100 Midwest Franchise - I'll be around - MCA Demo Company Sleeve - Mint £120 Don Gardner - My baby like to boogaloo - Tru-Glo-Town - VG+ £70 Universal Mind - Reach out for me - Red Coach - Mint- £20 Tymes - Here she comes - Parkway Company Sleeve - mint £40 Apollas - Just can't get enough of you - Loma W/D - Mint £60 Liberty - Girl you better wake up - BASF Company Sleeve - Mint £30 Valentinos - Sweeter than the day before - Chess - VG+ £300 Winfield Parker - I'm on my way - Spring W/D - VG+ £30 Bobby Hutton - I've got a memory - Philips Company Sleeve - Mint £25 Valentines - Got myself together - Sound Stage 7 Company Sleeve - mint £35 Thanks for looking, just up loaded over 100 new titles to the site www.topdogrecords.co.uk
  11. Dave Thorley

    Share the love - Bargain Of The Week

    ----- Share the love, Bargain Of The Week ---- Got a small grip of these last trip from the label own, his last copies, so gonna pass on my good luck to you guys. Super rare killa funky version of the Edy Giles song, with the bonus of one of a 'Sir Shambling' pick on the flip. Stunning southern soul ballad. L.C. Steels was a journey man artists from Texas that only recorded a handful of tunes, but all are well regarded on various parts of the soul scene. Has sold for £300+ in the past, here today just 5 copies to go, when their gone their gone for good. By far the rarest on the label. All are stone mint wax, but with a tiny bit of staining on label L.C. Steels - losing boy / Pretty Black Woman - Faces £175 +P&P https://youtu.be/DTyf96tGmmY https://youtu.be/XQ3cXRXWoIk
  12. Dave Thorley

    Lenny Curtis price revised

    OK 'Hands Up' might have been a bit strong on the pricing of these so all three 'Revised' Three rare classics Here are three rare classic, all in so, so condition, see video clip for sound grading and pictures of label. All recorded on Technics deck, Shure White Label cartridge, no filter, all play no jumps or skips. Would say all are VG- but play very well as you can hear, listen, look and you decide if it's for you ......... Lenny Curtis - Nothing can stop me now - End £575 https://youtu.be/FYUirJi-yQU Patrice Holloway - Stolen hours - Capitol £240 https://youtu.be/Tt-Acmc1AvM Bobbettes - I've gotta face the world/Having fun - RCA W/D £200 https://youtu.be/eBBZSljRYZc
  13. Dave Thorley

    Rare LP's

    Here are a few rare LP's for sale Savoir - Flair -Savoir Flair -Soultex Mint Sealed £100 Stuffed full of modern soul & boogie killers, produced by the great Roger Boykin, rare Dallas, Tx. LP (Includes Happy hour, Your the best) Fantastic Four - Best Of - Soul (White Demo) Mint-/VG+ £50 Just a classic Lp stuffed full of great Detroit dancers, here on a supa rare White Demo. Freedom - Free - Malaco - Mint Sealed £25 Harder of their two LP's, this 1980 set has stunning dancers and equally cool ballads Reginald Forch & Jesse Harrison - The same - Crazy Cajun - Mint Sealed £35 Oh so cool 70's dancers including the stunning 'There ain't nothing wrong with me & Love war' - Reginald Forch. Flip 'No man is an Island' Jesse Harrison
  14. Dave Thorley

    New Stuff 4 Sale - Top Dog Records

    Hi All Another week of cool new arrivals 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' including these shiny things Kurtis Scott - Build, build, build - Happenin' - VG+ £650 Anna King - Mama's got a bag of her own - End - Mint- £70 Carl Carlton - I can feel it - Back Beat (Demo) - VG+ £170 Billy Thunder - Sexy Indian lady - Thunder Star - Mint £100 Soul Shouting Tommy - I'm a man - Anla - Mint- £40 Dede - Soul & The Spidells - Soul chills - Julmar - Mint £35 Hank Marr - White house party / The out crowd - Wingate - Mint- £100 Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen - Country fried chicken - Lightin - Mint £140 Rayfield Reid & The Supernaturals - Stick-Shift - JSJ - Mint £50 Dayton Sidewinders - Go ahead on - Carlco - Mint £250 Jimmie Reed Jr - I ain't going no where - Mercury - Mint £300 Debbie Taylor - Just don't pay - Arista - Mint £40 Eddie Jay And Ray - Keep smilin - PPL - VG+ £50 Prince Geno & The Tailormades - Brand new man - Aladdin - Mint £225 Soul Twins - She's the one - Back Beat (Demo) - VG+ £65 Inspired Gospel Singers - He will provide - Golden Shield - Mint £50 Plus a whole bunch more, full description and sound files on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Thanks for looking, Dave
  15. Three rare classics Here are three rare classic, all in so, so condition, see video clip for sound grading and pictures of label. All recorded on Technics deck, Shure White Label cartridge, no filter, all play no jumps or skips. Would say all are VG- but play very well as you can hear, listen, look and you decide if it's for you ......... Lenny Curtis - Nothing can stop me now - End £700 https://youtu.be/FYUirJi-yQU Patrice Holloway - Stolen hours - Capitol £300 https://youtu.be/Tt-Acmc1AvM Bobbettes - I've gotta face the world/Having fun - RCA W/D £250 https://youtu.be/eBBZSljRYZc

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