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  1. pilgrimsoul


    Chris Rose,Dave Appleyard and Brian Burton spinning the biggest Northern soul and Motown floor fillers are joined this time by Jez Wensor with his huge knowledge and equally impressive collection to keep you happy and dancing. 8 -1 £5 on the door Lovely venue with a great bar and really warm welcome. We have folk travelling from all over to enjoy this event so come along and join them and immerse yourselves in the wonderful atmosphere.At The Boston Conservative Club (no politics involved),Main Ridge,Boston, Pe21 6qq. Please note that there is a no talc policy but we do offer an alternative (slipperine) which is great to dance on.
  2. pilgrimsoul

    Technics tonearm height adjuster

    Cheers guys, pretty obvious really, doh.
  3. pilgrimsoul

    Technics tonearm height adjuster

    My height adjusters were seized on my 1200s so I've cleaned and greased them but I'd like to know why they move up and down and what's the optimum height for just playing vinyl and why, any ideas ?
  4. pilgrimsoul

    Soul Spirit 70s/modern soul.

    There is a Wedding Anniversary to celebrate so there will be cake
  5. pilgrimsoul

    MODERNSOULCLASSICS - Brough, East Yorkshire

    Cheers buddy
  6. pilgrimsoul

    MODERNSOULCLASSICS - Brough, East Yorkshire

    Is it ticket only or can you pay on the door ?
  7. pilgrimsoul

    Technics Direct Drive Decks

    The 1200 is virtually the same as the 1210 except for a voltage change switch on the latter,they are very robust and as mentioned earlier virtually bulletproof.I have a pair of 1200s with ortofon cartridges and they are superb.
  8. pilgrimsoul


    It's shaping up to be a cracker of a night so come and dance the winter blues away with superb music and atmosphere as we head towards spring.
  9. pilgrimsoul

    Record Store Day 2018

    Here's the full list of offerings from Soul Brother Records
  10. pilgrimsoul


    A group in my neck of the woods have started a campaign to get the homeless off the streets, especially during this cold snap.They've raised money via social media and put a couple up in hotels and bed and breakfasts, campaigned the local council and other groups and are awaiting the outcome for these poor souls.One of them has severe learning difficulties and got into a huge amount of debt because there was no support for him and he..
  11. pilgrimsoul

    Idiot seller

    I posted a thread in wants,a guy offered me his record for a certain price and I said that I'd have it,I had no reply for 3 days then he messaged me today and said that he'd had a better offer, what a complete C***.Is there no honour left ?
  12. pilgrimsoul

    A couple of 70s

    Sorted with both ,thanks Chris.
  13. pilgrimsoul

    A couple of 70s

    I'm after nice clean copies of these two 70s classics please. Randolph Brown It ain't like it used to be and Oscar Perry He sent me you Many Thanks,Chris.

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