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  1. pilgrimsoul


    The next instalment for your dancing pleasure is on Saturday November 30th at The Boston Conservative Club (no politics involved). Residents Dave Appleyard, Brian Burton and Chris Rose are joined by guest dj Mick Clark (Hot Wax Soul Club). 8-1 £5 on the door A lovely venue with great bar staff and a huge welcome, not to mention quality across the board music all brought to you via a superb sound system.
  2. pilgrimsoul


    Another night of quality across the board soul music with residents Dave Appleyard, Chris Rose and Brian Burton. We are joined by guest dj John Hall who's birthday it is as well so it's sure to be a cracker. 8-1 £5 on the door At the Boston Conservative Club ( no politics involved) Pe216qq A lovely, friendly club with a warm welcome and fantastic bar staff. The floor is lovely to dance on but there is a no talc policy.If you require anything to slide on we supply Slipperine which works as well as talc without the cloud so better for asthmatics too.
  3. Big Brooklyn Red,first bar Rick,great track.
  4. Always loved this track,I'll have to dig it out again I think.
  5. A nice cover of the Ten City track.
  6. They asked him about the "fashion" on the One Show and he said that he was going for the Northern Soul look,didn't realise there was one,I always thought it was folk stuck in timewarp
  7. A nice bit of funk edged gospel by The Swan Silverstones
  8. pilgrimsoul


    Another night of superb across the board soul with a sprinkling of Motown. Residents Chris Rose and Dave Appleyard are joined by Nick Porter,Lloyd Walker and the nicest guy on the scene Martin Stanford. 8-1 £5 on the door Saturday July 20th at The Boston Conservative Club(no politics involved) Pe21 6qq.
  9. Love these newish tunes that are recorded in the retro style, sorry about the language
  10. That didn't take long
  11. pilgrimsoul


    Another great night to look forward to with the usual suspects ,Dave Appleyard ,Chris Rose,Paul Sendall and guest dj Alex Gallagher.If you've not seen her dj and dance then you're in for a treat. Playing a varied selection of Northern Soul and Motown ,classics and underplayed. £5 on the door 8-1 at the Boston Conservative Club (no politics involved)Pe21 6qq Please note that there is a no talc policy but we do offer Slipperine as an alternative.

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