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    Soulful soul / rare soul / Cider !! / Strong dark ales !! / Class Crossover & 70's SOUL / MUFC / Binka and Misty (Cats) / Record fairs / Old interesting pubs / the Vietnam war era / The 60's / River angling / Son Jack, and Wife Karen
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    Melvin Moore !!

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  1. Didn't see Eddie Williams ' Trade my soul ' or Ted Wilson (SIERRA) on the list ?
  2. Didn't see GEORGE LEMONS / ANTIQUES / GUITAR RAY / HAMILTON MOVEMENT on the list ? Also TYREE DAVIS (METROLINA SOUL, prob not well known enough)
  3. Didn't see GEORGE LEMONS / ANTIQUES / GUITAR RAY / HAMILTON MOVEMENT on the list ? Also TYREE DAVIS (METROLINA SOUL, prob not well known enough)
  4. Paypal as F&F, 1/2 45's £3.05 UK recorded, addit 45's 35p extra. Overseas please contact me first. (First dozen all nice copies, VG++ or better, clean, centre's intact)' 1/ FREDA PAYNE - He who laughs last / Slightly out tune (HMV) 15 2/ SOUL MERCHANTS - Stormy weather / Whole lot of lovin' (PRESIDENT, demo stamp) 14 3/ BILLY WALKER - A certain girl (COLUMBIA, same Ern K. Doe) 15 4/ FOUR TOPS - I just can't get you out of my mind (PROBE) 10 5/ E W F - Biyo (CBS) 4 6/ LOUISA MARKS - Caught you in a lie (SAFARI, same R. Parker) 5 7/ EMOTIONS - Shouting out love (STAX, lovely sound) 5 8/ RIGHTEOUS BROS BAND - Rat Race (Phil Spector, Wigan Inst) 5 9/ KAY BARRY - Tell me what he said (EMBASSY, same as H. Shapiro) 5 10/GRAHAM BONNEY - Super Girl (COLUMBIA, Wigan spin) 5 11/ TOM JONES - Stop breaking my heart (DECCA) 5 12/ CHANGE (L. Vandross) - Glow of love (WEA) 4 13/ CHANGE (L. Vandross) - Searching (WEA, VG+) 4 14/ CLYDE McPHATTER - Lover please (MERCURY 1174) VG, fine 5 15/ ARETHA - Integrity (ARISTA, pic sleeve) VG+ 4 16/ GENE CHANDLER - Let me make love to you / Does she have a friend (20th CENT) VG+ 5 17/ DAVID RUFFIN - Walk away from love (T> MOTOWN) VG+ 3 18/ GENE PITNEY - She's a heartbreaker (STATESIDE) VG 6 (Plays well) Any queries, please PM
  5. HOME SPINS and drinks ! 1/ LARRY WILLIAMS - I believe in you (GOLDTAG) 2/ CHANGING SCENE - Magic love (C-TOWN) 3/ JD JONES - Yesterday's love (NEW WORLD) 4/ CREATIONS - I've got to find her (GLOBE) 5/ DARROW FLETCHER - What have I got now (JACKLYN) 6/ MIKE JEMISON - You'll never get my love (LAKE) 7/ JJ BARNES - She's mine (UK Contempo) 8/ WILLIE HUTCH - I choose you (UK TMG) 9/ SKIP MAHONEY - Running away from love (ABET) 10/ P-FUNK ALL STARS - One of those summers (HUMP) 11/ DAVID RUFFIN - No matter where (MOTOWN) 12/ BREWSTER CREW - I'm one who know (LIFELINE) Drinking today - McEWANS Champion Ale / Hobgoblin Ruby Ale / M&S Spicy Shiraz
  6. That Tams is a bloody reissue Olive, you old Shyster !!
  7. SPINNING (and drinking) AT HOME - Beat those Corona lockdown blues with some SOUL TOONES from your boxes !!! 1/ C.P. LOVE - Never been in love before (CHIMNEYVILLE) 2/ ART GENTRY - This is my chance (UK KENT) 3/ THE CHARTS - Keep dancing with me (VEL-V-TONE) 4/ REUBEN HOWELL - You can't stop a man in love (MOTOWN) 5/ RON ALSTON - One more tear (PHILIPS) 6/ J.J. BARNES - Please let me in (RIC-TIC) 7/ BOBBY PRICE - Your love has changed me (NITE LIFE) 8/ BOBBY FOSTER - If you really need a friend (SOUND Plus) 9/ CHRIS MONTEZ - Call me (FESTIVAL EP Austr) 10/ CHUCK CORBY/Chances - Happy go lucky (SOUND) 11/ ORIG LARKS - Together (SHAZAM) 12/ DYNAMICS - My life is no better (UK KENT) 13/ GLASS HAMMER - Why'd you put it to me baby (GUSTO) 14/ JIMMY HOLIDAY - I've been done wrong (DIPLOMACY) Today's drinks - St Peter's Cream Stout (Bungay, Suffolk) // Aldi Orchard Irish Cider // JS House Malbec
  8. What about Tommy Dodson - ' One Day love ' (Uptown) - spun at Wigan around '77, was prob too fast then, if it was played now, with the average age of Niter goers being around 78, I'm sure there would be multiple cases of cardiac arrest and/or severe respiratory failure ?!
  9. Hi, is the Marlina Mars still available please ? Thanks, J.
  10. Hi Henry, is the JHAMELS on Liberty still available ? Thanks, J.
  11. You should be totally ashamed Mr. Pumpkinseed, comments like that are unacceptable and morally wrong, impressionable young people reading that could be cajoled into a lifestyle of terrible substance and alcohol abuse. We all need to strive towards a new Puritan style of living and thinking, without indulging in these wicked shameful practices which you are keen to promote.
  12. Hi, is the Jackie Wilson still available, thanks, J.
  13. Hello, replying to your earlier message, RE: American Gypsy 45 on Chess, how much total inc. post, and and details please, J. Porter, 25 Park Close. Spalding. Lincolnshire. PE11 1PR. jporter1960@talktalk.net
  14. Hi, is the American Gypsy (Chess) still available ? Thanks, J.
  15. Hi Bri, is the Bobby Womack (UA) still available ? Thanks, J.

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