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    Soulful soul / rare soul / Cider !! / Strong dark ales !! / Class Crossover & 70's SOUL / MUFC / Binka and Misty (Cats) / Record fairs / Old interesting pubs / the Vietnam war era / The 60's / River angling / Son Jack, and Wife Karen
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  1. SPINNIN' and DRINKING Drinks tonight - Moorhouse Blonde Witch Ale / Thatchers Haze cloudy Cider / Montelciego Rioja Reserva 2014 / Cockburns Fine Ruby Port - Oooohh mate 1/ PERFORMERS - Set me free (MIRWOOD) 2/ JIMMY JONES - Make believe everything's all right (CAPITOL) 3/ EBONEY KEYES - If you knew (PYE Germany) 4/ DARROW FLETCHER - What have I got now (JACKLYN) 5/ FOREVERS - What goes around (WEIS) 6/ RENALDO DOMINO - Not too cool to cry (TWINIGHT) 7/ NOTATIONS - I can't stop (TWINIGHT) 8/ ARCHIE BELL & DRELLS - Dancing to your music (GLADES) 9/ DORIS JONES - He's so irreplaceable (UK NEMS) 10/ HIGH INERGY - First Impressions (UK MOTOWN) 11/ SEBASTIAN WILLIAMS - I don't care what mama said / Get your point over (OVIDE) 12/ SOUND 70'S - I'll be waiting (CAPITOL) 13/ EMOTIONS - Shouting out love (UK STAX) 14/ BETTY WRIGHT - I'm gettin' tired baby (ALSTON) 15/ JOHN GARY WILLIAMS - Whole damn world is going crazy (STAX) 16/ FORECAST - Love Line (ARIOLA) 17/ LEE WILLIAMS & CYMBALS - Love is breakin' out (CARNIVAL) 18/ LA FAMILIA INC. - Do you love me (BSR) 19/ TIMI YURO - Can't stop running away (UK MERCURY) 20/ DAVID RUFFIN - You can come right back to me (MOTOWN)
  2. Went to see the excellent QUEEN and SLIM last weekend, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith (actually from Peterborough) as a black couple who have to go on the run after a racist Police Officer is shot and killed, and their various encounters and evasion of capture while trying to make it from Ohio to Cuba. Highly entertaining movie, and a pretty cool soundtrack, also.
  3. Why would anyone cover up G. Gaynor ' We just can't make it ' when there are countless copies at car boots, record fairs, record shops, etc - always thought covering up discs was to prolong their life as a current spin and to hide the true identity of the sound to keep it as an exclusive, obviously not the case with a 50p boot record !!??
  4. Went to see 1917 last night, superb entertainment, tense, enthralling, gritty, and riveting, well recommended.
  5. If you mean One-nighter, loads of copies about from a few quid upwards, came out twice on US Motown, and also came out on UK Motown, great 70's dancer, prob not played out enough because of availability (not an uncommon story).
  6. HOME SPINNIN' and DRINKING 1/ BROOKSI - This love (Black Rose) 2/ JOYCE JONES - Help me make up my mind (Vee-Eight) 3/ SCOTTY TODD -Ain't no big thing (Philips) 4/ VERBIE DOMINO - I've been fooled before (Toi) 5/ WILLIE WEST - She's so wise (Timmion) 6/ B. BUTLER / ENCHANTERS - Gotta get away (Okeh) 7/ MARVA WHITNEY - This girls in love with you (King) 8/ FOUR TOPS - Don't bring back memories (UK TMG) 9/ TEMPTATIONS - Girl, why you wanna make me blue (Gordy) 10/ ART GENTRY - This is my chance (UK Kent) 11/ CAROLYN CRAWFORD - I'll come running (Motown) 12/ CAROLYN CRAWFORD - Ready or not (UK Kent Anniv) drinking tonight - Innis and Gunn BOURBON BARREL Porter // Hobgoblin (Wychwood Brew) Ruby Ale // Torres 10yr Spanish Gran Reserva Imperial Brandy - No gnats piss here, Mr. Fortnum !!
  7. Agree with Chalky, nowhere near as good as the marvellous Mary Wells orig version (actually one of my favourite female artists), but an interesting and very worthwhile double-header of Motown covers, and I won it on Ebay several years ago for $20.
  8. I see that Ronny Lowe and Dominos ' The one that really loves you ' / ' Too many fish in the sea ' on Panther Records (same label as Ward Burton) is fetching some decent money, have the same 45 on the same release no. credited to Willie Hammond, seems to be a little rarer ? Notice on the R. Lowe release, the label states vocal by Willie. Anyone else got the same release ?
  9. I think you mean the US 45's price guides there, it's the UK 45's guide I'm looking for. Best, J.
  10. EDDIE HILL - I can't help it / I can hear you crying (GE GE) EX 65 FABIANS - Would you believe (BLUE ROCKET) VG+ 40 TONY WASHINGTON - You played me on a string (JAMO) EX 50 SOUL BROS 6 - I'll be loving you (Plays great) (ATLANTIC) VG 25 JOHNNIE JACKSON/BLAZERS - What you gonna do (J-MER) EX 60 WILLIAM BOSTIC - What you do to me (BL/SILVER) (SOR) EX 25 DYKE & BLAZERS - Runaway people (Styrene) (ORIG SOUND) EX 25 LITTLE ROSE LITTLE - You've got the love (Demo) (ROULETTE) EX 40 KNIGHTS & ARTHUR - I can tell the world (Demo) (ROULETTE) VG+ 20 JIMMY HELMS - My little devil (UK) (CAPITOL) EX 15 BUGALOO BRASS - Grazing in the grass (DEMO) (UK) (DECCA) EX 20 FOUR TOPS - I just can't get you out of my mind (UK) (PROBE) VG+ 8 Payment - PayPal as gift, 45's 2.75 UK recorded / Overseas contact me. Prices in UKP.
  11. Anyone on here got a spare / unwanted Manship's UK 45's Guide for sale, don't want to pay them £14 plus £8 post ! Please PM.
  12. Got one of these somewhere if you're still looking, think it may have a slight warp, will look it out. J.
  13. Hi, stayed in Manhattan for a week last summer, visited a dozen or so record stores, would recommend SUPERIOR ELEVATION, HUMAN HEAD, NORTHERN LIGHTS (all Brooklyn), also ACADEMY (12th St Manhattan), didn't get to the Bronx, but I think there are 5 or 6 to look at there. Good flea market near Flat Iron building (can't remember if Sat or Sun morning), picked up a few decent 45's and LP's. If you are anywhere near the Kip's Bay area, would recommend TIVOLI restaurant / Diner, excellent and not expensive, 283, 3rd Ave, Manhattan, and for large selection of Beer and craft ales, ALBION Bar, 575, 2nd Ave.
  14. Got this somewhere on Money records, think it's a really nice one ... will look it out.

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