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    Soulful soul / rare soul / Cider !! / Strong dark ales !! / Class Crossover & 70's SOUL / MUFC / Binka and Misty (Cats) / Record fairs / Old interesting pubs / the Vietnam war era / The 60's / River angling / Son Jack, and Wife Karen
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  1. Got this somewhere on Money records, think it's a really nice one ... will look it out.
  2. HOME SPINNIN' and DRINKIN' 1/ Pick up your troubles - Lee Vanderbilt (UK BELL) 2/ Stop, come down, come around - Duane Clark (UK SPARK) 3/ One of those summers - P-Funk All Stars (HUMP) 4/ Save me - Bob and Marcia (UK TROJAN) 5/ I believed - Alma Faye (FLAMINGO 12) 6/ Time don't wait on no one - Angela Davis / Reubin Fisher (FLAM ARROW) 7/ Standing in the darkness - Ethics (VENT) 8/ I believe in you - Larry Williams (GOLD TAG) 9/ Love is all right - Cliff Nobles (COLUMBIA Canada) 10/ Fearn's Brass Foundry - Don't change it - (UK DECCA) 11/ Come get it - Swamp Dogg (ALA) 12/ Give me your love right now - Bobby Moore (CHECKER) 13/ Fallin' in love with you - Atlantic Starr (A&M LP) 14/ Love with hope - James Taylor (OVIDE) Drinks this afternoon - Sadler's 1861 White Beer / Robinson's Ginger Tom Strong Ale / Torres 10 yr old Gran Reserva Spanish Brandy.
  3. Hi Baz, looks like ' You are better' came out first on the Yellow (with Englewood NJ address, not Inglewood LA !) credited to ARTUS SATTERFIELD, then on same no but with Irvington, NJ address, credited to ARTUS on the purple label ? Also other later releases on AXIS with a Walnut Street address. Still not too sure, then.
  4. Anyone know for sure if the purple issue copies of ARTUS - You are better (AXIS Records) are genuine US 1st or legal 2nd pressings or boots, also came out on a yellow label Axis, but credited to ARTUS SATTERFIELD (and a West Coast address, not the NJ on the purple label).
  5. So a poor final between two clubs that have never actually won the Premiership, Liverpool have done well, but can hardly claim to be the Champions of Europe, not won their own domestic league for 29 years, Spurs not since 1961, combined total of Not winning own domestic league a paltry 87 years !?!
  6. Home Spins, and Alcoholic things !! 1/ Would I do it over - ULTIMATIONS (MAR-V-LUS) 2/ Time don't wait on no one - A. DAVIS / R, FISHER (FLAMING ARROW) 3/ I found that guy - BETTY WRIGHT (ALSTON) 4/ Stay with me tonight - ARTHUR ADAMS (RCA) 5/ Got to be real - DEMETRI (STAND-BY) 6/ Easy going me - AMBOY DUKES (POLYDOR UK) 7/ Are you for real - ROBBY FORTSON (PZAZZ) 8/ Pusher Man - JAMES KELLY DUHON (JUDE) 9/ I'm the man to see - MILT MATTHEWS INC (LP Track Commonwealth Utd - Local car boot find) 10/ Cold winter in the ghetto - LONNIE HILL (EXP 12 - Alt mix) Drinks tonight - Hardys (Australia) Chapter & Verse Shiraz // Rheinbacher Weissbier German Wheat Beer // Bulmers Orchard Pioneers Cloudy Apple Cider (only 99p at B&M - OOoh mate, it's on me radar)
  7. 100 Club several weeks ago, numbers down (even Central London didn't seem that busy), but a very enjoyable night, as you would expect from probably the one UK venue that you will consistently hear rarer, different, obscure, forgotten and excellent 60's / 70's Soul spins
  8. Yes, you're right, different song altogether, must have got mixed up with another sound with two very different versions, shows how your memory and recollection can suffer over the years. But still think the Flock is terrible. Gary Lewis and the Playboys look and sound soulful compared to this. But each to their own.
  9. 2 days off work, wife gone out, Audio Technica ramped up !! 1/ BOBBY WOMACK - Colour him Father (Continium 12) 2/ LEE FIELDS - Just can't win (Truth Soul) (Superb last night at Cambridge) 3/ LEE FIELDS - It rains love (Big Crown) 4/ WALTER JACKSON - After you there can be nothing (Okeh) 5/ NEWCOMERS - Open up your heart (Volt) 6/ GWEN DICKEY - Don't tell me it's over (UK Swanyard) 7/ SOUL BROS / Joi Cardwell - Let it go (Deep Soul 12) 8/ MIKE & BRENDA SUTTON - We'll make it (UK Sam) 9/ GLENN JONES - Keep on doin' (RCA) 10/ ARTHUR ADAMS - Stay with me tonight (UK RCA) - Top 3 drinks tonight - Bulmers Cloudy apple orchard pioneer cider (99p at B&M) // Wickwar station premium ebony ale (another great B&M cheapie) // Taylor's 10 year old tawny Port
  10. Anyone that thinks the FLOCK version of ' Take me back ' is a good sound should be admitted to a lunatic asylum straight away !! (What a bloody insult to the excellent and exuberant LEE FIELDS)
  11. EBAY - NEW AIRMAIL CHARGES ????????????? Sell a few 45's on Ebay from time to time, not done it for a couple of weeks or longer, listed a few, have noticed my charges for airmail now seem to have disappeared, and Ebay have imposed their own chart of shipping costs depending on the particular country ? For example, a 45 sold to Spain I would have charged £8.75, now it is showing at £14 something, and it looks like some countries have an import tax charge looming ? Also, a 45 I listed today now has the option of the buyer having the CLICK AND COLLECT, wtf, never done this, not really interested, not over familiar with this, not my choice at all ? (No wonder so many people are pssed off with these Ebay Nazidoaswelikeandsoddtherestoftheworld 'people' ).
  12. Hi, I have a spare of this release, G. Chandler ' Bet you never thought ' / ' Baby that's love ' (CONSTELLATION C-166 issue) - nice clean copy,clean labels, plays better than a VG++ if you are still looking. Best, Jez.
  13. If you look at 45 cat on the Internet, listing for the label, it states ATTEIRAM (Marietta, Georgia spelt backwards) Publishing Co. made its debut in 1971, and it looks like the Arthur Willis was the 1st release ?
  14. Remember this getting spins at Notts Palais 1977, was a real love it or hate it item (I've always really liked it) - actually it got really slated in some soul music mags at the time (they must have wanted the Joe 90's and Rainbow People / Bobby Goldsboro's instead), think there is a counterfeit and a bootleg (have had both), got the white stamped demo in my box - a proper BLACK 60's SOUL record !

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