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  1. How much do these go for normally ? (Actually think this is easily her weakest Motown single), listed as NR in the Motown the history book by Sharon Davis. So is Supremes 1374 ' Where do i go from here ' and Originals ' Call on your 6 million dollar man ' on Soul 35121, but all 3 on regular issue.
  2. Please PM to reserve. Post - UK 1st Recorded £3 / Sp delivery £7.95, overseas enquire. Payment by PayPal F&F (or add 5% to cover charges). KIM WESTON/Marvelettes - Do like I do / Finders keepers (UK T. Motown 1000) VG++ / Vg (couple pops M'lettes) £50 GLENDA McLEOD - No stranger to love (HGEI 2nd press) EX £75 BETTY WRIGHT - I found that guy / If you love me like I love you (Alston) EX £10 ODIA COATES / PA
  3. It's all over - Charles Mann, or the world again - Honey Townsend !
  4. Mmmm....at that sort of price i might think about selling my G. Knight and Pips, especially as i have it on 2 albums. (Altho' come to think of it, it stands me at quite a bit, 50p at a Stamford record fair a few years ago). Madness.
  5. Got a nice copy on DOT (seems to be harder) if you were interested.
  6. EDDIE HILL - I can hear you crying / I can't help it (GE GE) EX £45 BUGALOO BRASS - Grazing in the grass (DECCA UK Demo) EX £20 BABY WASHINGTON - No time for pity / There he is (SUE) EX £25 21ST CREATION - Tailgate (Wigan spin '80) (GORDY) EX £12 CORN BROS & SIS ROSE - Too late to turn back now (UA) VG++ £20 LV JOHNSON - Find yourself another man (PALOS) VG+ £20 JAMES LEWIS FIELDS - How long shall I wait (TOP POP) VG/VG+ label wear £25 BOBBY WOMACK - Tell me why (BEV GLEN) VG+ £8 CHOCOLATE COMPANY -
  7. I know ' Unda my skin ' / ' Love affair ' by PHAZE II on US Jack-pot records is a saleable and in-demand item on the Modern / Rare Boogie scene, but is their other 45 on the same label, Jack-pot MF-302 (1984) ' Get it up ' / ' I want to say ' a known item, just curious.
  8. I see a copy of VAN JONES ' I want to goove you ' is currently going to go for good money on Ebay, on CONWAY Records (is this a Detroit label?), I've had this side for years on SILVER SOUND Records, credited to Van Jones and the Jays. Always thought this was a much cheaper release than the similar titled ' I just want to love you ', altho' always thought the ' Groove' release a better disc. Is it gettging played, and does anyone know which label came first ?
  9. Hi Baz, hope you are all ok, just a little question (not sales), Re: recent Modern Soul comments on here, you mentioned a 45 by the Pinkishons... don't know what this is ? Surely not the Pinkooshins on Mercury, only £30 or so ? All the best, Jez. Spalding.
  10. This started happening with me afew months ago, dosen't seem to be a problem if you save the dealer and/or save a particular 45 they are selling, then you can usually view the rest of their items.
  11. Didn't see Eddie Williams ' Trade my soul ' or Ted Wilson (SIERRA) on the list ?
  12. Didn't see GEORGE LEMONS / ANTIQUES / GUITAR RAY / HAMILTON MOVEMENT on the list ? Also TYREE DAVIS (METROLINA SOUL, prob not well known enough)
  13. Didn't see GEORGE LEMONS / ANTIQUES / GUITAR RAY / HAMILTON MOVEMENT on the list ? Also TYREE DAVIS (METROLINA SOUL, prob not well known enough)
  14. Paypal as F&F, 1/2 45's £3.05 UK recorded, addit 45's 35p extra. Overseas please contact me first. (First dozen all nice copies, VG++ or better, clean, centre's intact)' 1/ FREDA PAYNE - He who laughs last / Slightly out tune (HMV) 15 2/ SOUL MERCHANTS - Stormy weather / Whole lot of lovin' (PRESIDENT, demo stamp) 14 3/ BILLY WALKER - A certain girl (COLUMBIA, same Ern K. Doe) 15 4/ FOUR TOPS - I just can't get you out of my mind (PROBE) 10 5/ E W F - Biyo (CBS) 4 6/ LOUISA MARKS - Caught you in a lie (SAFARI, same R. Parker) 5 7/ E
  15. HOME SPINS and drinks ! 1/ LARRY WILLIAMS - I believe in you (GOLDTAG) 2/ CHANGING SCENE - Magic love (C-TOWN) 3/ JD JONES - Yesterday's love (NEW WORLD) 4/ CREATIONS - I've got to find her (GLOBE) 5/ DARROW FLETCHER - What have I got now (JACKLYN) 6/ MIKE JEMISON - You'll never get my love (LAKE) 7/ JJ BARNES - She's mine (UK Contempo) 8/ WILLIE HUTCH - I choose you (UK TMG) 9/ SKIP MAHONEY - Running away from love (ABET) 10/ P-FUNK ALL STARS - One of those summers (HUMP) 11/ DAVID RUFFIN - No matter where (MO

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