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  1. Sorry about late reply, I’ve been away, I’ll look tomorrow if you still haven’t been sorted
  2. Are you still requiring this ?
  3. Thanks everyone, for shedding some light and information on this subject
  4. Taz , how do you make that assumption?
  5. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated, had it around 10 years, it seems I may have posted in the wrong section before , apologies for that , thanks
  6. Hi everyone. Can someone share some light on this release had it about 10 years , thanks
  7. Shocked to hear this, very nice guy, who I’ve not seen in ages, so sad RIP Karl
  8. Shocked and saddened to hear of Ricky’s passing , such a nice guy who we traded many records over the past , RIP old mate, condolences to all family and friends
  9. CHAPPELLS your acting kind of strange c/w Help Me Somebody on the multi coloured Bedford label £300 post £8 overseas I’ll quote you
  10. Ok some pretty rare stuff here inviting offers on these Frank Dell He broke your game valise ex intial. On label SOLD Eddie Hughes Soul Searcher Bard VG+ SOLD The Monzas you know you turn me on Moon ex SOLD The Venturas Heart of Love Green light records Ex bit of a warp plays fantastic Very popular floor filler Bernard Williams Focused on you, Harthon ex SOLD The chappells your acting kind of strange Bedford ex The Isonics Sugar Kammy vg ++ Superlatives Won’t You Please Be My Baby Dynamics so so good SOLD That’s it for now please pm offers thanks for looking Post £8

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