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  1. Glad i,m outta it ,what with nights out etc, worked on the demo for 30yrs low loaders and bulk tippers up and down the country day and night hard graft, i started on crash gearboxes then eaton twin splitters etc, only auto gearbox i ever drove was when i did a stint on the motorway snow ploughs..now happily retired.
  2. True Chalky..but once bitten, i just cant see em been intrested in getting us outta the poop, theres a shortage in their own countries too, and they have better facilities over there and can pick and choose now. then the logistics of issuing the visas, accomodation etc etc, i reckon its gonna be a long haul (excuse the pun)
  3. I also dont think the european drivers will be too eager to return for a few months either, especially as the government left them stranded in Dover over Xmas last year,its a complete mess and cutting corners dumbing down the HGV test is no answer its a reciepe for disaster, its a known fact in the haulage industry experience is essential (catch 22) companys seldom employ or would risk units & loads with newly qualified drivers. Bring in the army? how many of them have ADR Fuel Tanker licences, not so many would be my guess and half of those that do will be deployed overseas anyway, so its not gonna be a quick fix situation.
  4. I,m one of those expecting a love bomb to land on my doormat from Boris this week, but no thanks.
  5. Hi can i take the patrinell statin plx, mack

  6. Instant Dosh waiting, Where did you go, fair price paid , plz pm, Cheers
  7. My heart belongs to you - plz pm with price/conditon - Dosh waiting
  8. Just noticed this Rare Northern podcast i did 5yrs today, hit 6th in the global N.Soul chart, just listened again and thought that was pretty neat, so thought i,d give it a share, may pass an hour. Once i dig it out i,ll upload the tracklisting..enjoy
  9. Queens hall had a Brill atmosphere, only light i saw was like a bedroom table lamp on the side of the dj decks up on the balcony, worst had to be that Dragons Niter at a place nobody could find in Farsley (suberb of Leeds) in the 90s, dance floor with a maximum of about 10 people, soulies still arriving at 4-5 in the morning,those that could find it, and then record dealers were tucked away in a quiet seperate room altogether, worst niter i ever attended.
  10. it certainly was loud alright, after several months of going, i had to visit my dr,s with a constant ringing in my ears, "whats your job he enquired or have you been around ampified music? errr.. the penny dropped, Casino speakers, Tintinitus diagnosed.
  11. At the end of the day, dont think many Soulies will ever lose the faith, its been a lifelong association for me and many others, and always will be till the day i die.
  12. DSC_0656.JPG
    Roy Hepburn - Loving Lies - Desiree Promo. £75 Free uk pp, over seas at cost, paypal f&f. superficial marks VG, Picture & (unedited) clip from actual Record for Sale. ROY HEP.mp3
  13. That made me laugh, you never hear that saying anymore, used to be a common term for a wanna be pretend soulie, Div" Divvy" are they still about nowadays
  14. Just watching the opening ceromony now , wheres all the coverage gonna be?cant see anything on the beeb listings today or red button.
  15. Edwin Bee - call for my baby - decca plz pm price & condition
  16. Edwin Bee on Decca Ive been loving you/Call for my baby plz p.m with price - Thanks
  17. The thing that annoys me with these cover versions is when the masses hear these tunes, the cover artiste usually gets all praise & recognition,and the original artiste is often oblivious to them. The amount of people that think that soft cell are the original artiste of tainted love is a case in point amongst many others.
  18. Not for me..poor immitation of the original
  19. Bessie Banks dont you worry baby mate
  20. Think they could be more than one record with those lyrics, is it male/female/group helps to narrow it down a touch , Mach
  21. A Collection of known/Semi known tracks, some rare. mainly 60s Soul Track list to follow (Not uploaded to f/book etc)
  22. ernie.jpg
    MICKEY & ERNIE - BABY I,M IN LOVE - HOT LINE M.J Clean Labels VG++/EX- £150 Paypal f&f to avoid fees +p.p
  23. Muriel Day - Nine Times Out of Ten - Page one SOLD
  24. 20210227_133611.jpg
    THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL - (Rarest Format?) Thats The Way/ Together Nice Chile solid center Issue in EX condition (Sang in English, identical to the Phantom take) £250 Paypal f&f or add 5%

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