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  1. Lydia O,connor "Nobody Wants You"/ Trouble Child Superb Rare double sider on Miss Hemisphere condition Strong VG plays Loud & Clear light ringwear see pic £175 (youtube clip for ref) can send soundfile.
  2. Stumbled across this live tape the other day whilst going through my tape collection looking for something else. Dont know the origin, but thought i,d upload & share it. Any info dj,s etc welcome,..Enjoy Cheers (use any browers other than firefox) https://www.mixcloud.com/christopherwalker940641/live-catacombs-cats-1974/
  3. I too was a regular at the Casino from the mid 70,s right through to the final nighter (that was,nt) in 81. Like most Soulies at the time i also attended various other nighters & dayers throughout the country, some small venues, others larger ones, some with good sound systems, some really crap ones, some with good atmospheres some with none at all, but the Casino was unique and no other venue had that special earthy magic. (imo)....Life long unforgetable memories
  4. Fantastic work guys ..looking forward to these
  5. The Experts on JOBY 1st label before tag ltd, Record is in VG condition, light marks on vinyl,label etc,plays with light crackle odd pop, but over powered by strong loud vocals. (money back guarantee if not happy, no probs) £40 +2pp uk
  6. May pass an hour for blue eyed soul beach music enthusiasts. (track list in podcast comments on mixcloud) enjoy..Cheers Mach
  7. King George I,m Thru Losin You.. Keb Darge,s monster "The Chessmen " c/u from Stafford. Ex Condition, Clean labels & vinyl £160.. lovely copy, dont often come up now. (clip for ref only)
  8. Totally agree, love hearing the forgotten underplayed, leftfield obscure Wigan floorfillers..it wasnt all freddy chavis etc.. Legends is IMB and its a keeper
  9. Hard Record, dont come up often.
  10. A Record i never tire of hearing and have done since my teens is this one, if rare im sure would be massive..brilliant peice of soul music..to me its got it all... gotta be the best tenner ever spent. Quality dosent always cost a fortune.
  11. He had good taste imo, and spun some left field stuff as well i.e as mention esko affair etc and pretty sure he spun that Legends record on pumkin. p.s did Steve ever get round to uploading that last spot to mixcloud?
  12. Enjoyed making it...hope you enjoy listening
  13. Congratulations Richard & Thanks for the memories, ..Cheers!
  14. Will pass an hour ..some Quality Choons.Track list added on mixcloud.

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