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  1. The Marlins - Angel My Baby/ Dont You Know -Camaro (not intrested in the one on discogs) Instant payment for right deal.
  2. Went to the Ritz all dayers in the 70s, couple of times straight from Wigan niters, also Rarest of the rare events in the nineities, vaguely remember goin to a warm up venue beforehand in Manc, may of been that temple of conveinace place as previously mentioned, if memory serves was it a long narrow kinda place about 12ft wide? all a bit surreal now,.. probably smashed..Great times
  3. Any info on this record, is it rare?
  4. This was a regular big spin, floor shaker circa 79 seldom heard nowaday, got booted, originals are v scarce. dont think ive ever heard this played out since w.c
  5. Vest-had label chalky, the springers, every night and day?
  6. while were just clarifying this record, can you tell me if the flipside "theres nothing id rather do"is on both releases?
  7. Thanks for posting that incredible podcast steve, for me, one, if not thee best to surface .. i was there that night and to be able to relive it, is priceless .. Superb mate
  8. Got me thinking whilst watching the programme last night.. with the usual footage, if somebody, somewhere in the world has any private video footage hidden away, taken on a normal night from the Casino without the "film crew , lights. camera action hysteria. It would be absolute Gold dust. Suppose it would have surfaced by now,( not many video cameras about in those days i know)but it is a possibility, a long shot i know, but still a possibility, maybe someone who left the scene many many years ago when the Casino died who never looked back (there are some) who has an old video stuck up in the loft or down the cellar gathering cobwebs...it would be priceless
  9. Garrett Saunders - A Day or Two - Serock Condition VG xol (clip for ref) £40 paypal ff + 2 pp Record Guaranteed
  10. Obscure Ohio Blue eyed Soul Gem. THE MONTOURS "Goin All The Way " Grade strong VG free post uk. £100 Sound clip & scan from actual Record for Sale. Montours short.mp3
  11. Lydia O,connor - Nobody wants you/Troubled Child - Miss Hemisphere Brill Rare Double sider, condition.. Strong VG, (light hairlines& ringwear) ..plays Strong & Loud Dont come up too often, last one on discogs sold for £400 ..my price £147 youtube clip for ref
  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR To Mike and all the Staff & Members on SOUL SOURCE

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