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    Kings of Soul..Mr Lucky,..Monique. Cliffhangers etc

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  1. Mach

    Moody blues at tha casino

    yeah remember Searling playing it.,but that Moody blues tracks an head scratcher
  2. Mach

    Moody blues at tha casino

    Cant remember that one myself,only the Gypsy track by Ellen & Shondells but theres many stuff thats clear in my mind from the Casino that nobody else ever remembers..probably coz most were blocked
  3. BILLY HARNER - I,VE GOT TO CHECK YOU OUT - V-TONE - MINTER - £ 99 paypal f/f or (add £4 for fees) p&p uk recorded 3
  4. Kenneth Ruffin - Cry Cry Cry - Carnival W/D 150 condition VG+ few light marks etc, plays strong see and hear actual Record below, sound clip from ion usb turntable no filters. FREE Post UK CRY CRY.mp3
  5. Mach

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    Got to be up there for me.
  6. Kebs Stafford Monster on RESIST M- £150 (paypal as f/f or add 4% uk post 3) No Holds First come First served..
  7. May be of intrest to some... https://www.mixcloud.com/christopherwalker940641/keep-the-faith/
  8. Mach

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Another station road memory for me..but probably played elsewhere too
  9. Mach

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    yeah, never hear it nowadays, was a biggie, very rare too, only ever seen one original copy in 40 yrs
  10. Mach

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    And another one..
  11. Mach

    Pictures of Us

    Nah Pete..you look Great there mate
  12. Mach

    Pictures of Us

    Dont be shy Guys & Gals..get em up
  13. Mach

    Pictures of Us

    joining in the fun, heres one circa 80/90s,yours truly (with the man) and another from about 3yr ago,(and wife caught in the mirror) .
  14. Mach

    Casino Club advert

    Mr M,s was pretty easy from left hand side of stage (by the gents) up the stairs turn back on yourself, pretty much little ginnells everywhere if you didnt care about you,d bump into ..as you know some dodgy folk lurking in the shadows .
  15. Mach

    Casino Club advert

    Yep me too, .. quite a labyrimth & tricky trying to negotiate all the bodies on the floor in the dark, and im yet to see another cloakroom like that one.


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