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  1. * MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR * To Mike & the team, & all Soul Soucers! Keep on keepin on, Stay safe y,all
  2. Never get tired of hearing this masterpiece..and never will
  3. One Hour of Old Stompers.
  4. Rare Soul Banquet (incs frying).. some lesser known 60s tracks..maybe of intrest to some.. Records from my own collection past & present, others not, sharing the love.
  5. Just uploaded this, maybe of intrest to some..
  6. I,d say defo No Superb double header btw
  7. Only seen a couple down the years,and my copy soon got snapped up via a online auction,not wildly known thought, which can detract from its value, reportedly rarer than bcys. ballpark figure 450/600
  8. Priced to Sell , instant payment. pm with price/condition mach
  9. Thats been happening to me on U.S ebay for about 3 months ..very odd, aint a clue how to fix it
  10. The Marlins - Angel My Baby/ Dont You Know -Camaro (not intrested in the one on discogs) Instant payment for right deal.
  11. Went to the Ritz all dayers in the 70s, couple of times straight from Wigan niters, also Rarest of the rare events in the nineities, vaguely remember goin to a warm up venue beforehand in Manc, may of been that temple of conveinace place as previously mentioned, if memory serves was it a long narrow kinda place about 12ft wide? all a bit surreal now,.. probably smashed..Great times
  12. Any info on this record, is it rare?

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