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  1. Got me thinking whilst watching the programme last night.. with the usual footage, if somebody, somewhere in the world has any private video footage hidden away, taken on a normal night from the Casino without the "film crew , lights. camera action hysteria. It would be absolute Gold dust. Suppose it would have surfaced by now,( not many video cameras about in those days i know)but it is a possibility, a long shot i know, but still a possibility, maybe someone who left the scene many many years ago when the Casino died who never looked back (there are some) who has an old video stuck up in the loft or down the cellar gathering would be priceless
  2. Garrett Saunders - A Day or Two - Serock Condition VG xol (clip for ref) £40 paypal ff + 2 pp Record Guaranteed
  3. Obscure Ohio Blue eyed Soul Gem. THE MONTOURS "Goin All The Way " Grade strong VG free post uk. £100 Sound clip & scan from actual Record for Sale. Montours short.mp3
  4. Lydia O,connor - Nobody wants you/Troubled Child - Miss Hemisphere Brill Rare Double sider, condition.. Strong VG, (light hairlines& ringwear) ..plays Strong & Loud Dont come up too often, last one on discogs sold for £400 price £147 youtube clip for ref
  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR To Mike and all the Staff & Members on SOUL SOURCE
  6. In the late 90s a mate and i ran a few Soul Nights (upstairs) at the Time & Place night club In Bradford, Moey was the Leasee/owner of the club and i found him a very friendly enthusiastic guy, he packed the place out downstairs.
  7. Agreed, they keep moving the goalposts, so to speak..remember getting sky sports, then all the matches went on to sky sports 2 etc,etc then came BTsport and now prime i,m not gonna subscribe to anything more now ive hit my limit,.. wonder whats the next thing they,ll dream up to extract more dosh from premier league footie fans, the mind boggles
  8. Have done..says document not found not many people replying to the thread..guess there having the same prob eh
  9. Watching Man U v Tott now..coverage ok so far, picture appears not quite as crisp as Sky, but no probs with focus, streaming etc

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