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  1. Real glad someone thought to do this, same as Tomo and Dave, I love the guy, defo "The hardest working man in show business" thanks Tomo for putting me onto this and many more, could go on about his lack of exposure on the British rare soul scene but it will turn into a rant, I think you know the problem being in that word RARE, enough said, lets enjoy the man Kev
  2. It ain't just us over here paying the big bucks, he lists quite a lot of Sweet Soul, the market for this is massive over there, especially in California, prices are sky high now, especially now the Brits seem to have cottoned on to this genre and are throwing their hats into the auctioning ring. Example being Liquid Fire-Loving you, very rare and brilliant, will go for a lot and will be very surprised if it leaves the USA. Kev
  3. Wonder what the reaction would have been if they had done "Average guy" or "Please take me back" my first reaction was that Simon Cowell and his muppets are not qualified to run the rule over The Masqueraders, however, after listening to Tats on the subject, he rightly reflected that Simon Cowell could be the ticket for these guys to make some real cash, then so be it I say, apparently, group member and mainstay, Sam Hutchinson works a nightshift job earning minimum wage, I remember when they did Prestatyn a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to speak with them, I asked where the great Lee Jones was, "driving a truck" came the reply which gutted me totally and ruined my weekend, so, for all of their countless soulful masterpieces (no exaggeration)that we so rightly love, they haven't paid the bills. I don't care now if they get up there and sing nursery rhymes, just as long as they are paid handsomely and get some well earned recognition, lets be honest, if they did break out with those incredible words "If I was a rich man" Cowell and his sugar coated arse lickers just wouldn't get it. Kev
  4. If Manny P. can,t beat him, McGregor won,t, what will McGregor do that countless challegers before him couldn,t
  5. Because of the dollars involved I think Mayweather will feel obliged to carry McGregor to give the gullible (millions) of punters a show for their money, hence saving a backlash Kev
  6. Thanks as always for putting playlists up Paul, we had an absolute blast, fantastic variety of all things soulful, big thanks to Dave for playing The Mist-The girl in the window for me after I pestered him all week also for playing (IMHO) the record of the day, Lorenzo Carpenter-My black sister, first time for these ears, absolutely awesome. All the lads were brilliant again. Kev
  7. Quite ironic, been playing "Loves victory" from the same set (Every Generation) for the last few days Kev
  8. Deuchars, Doombar, Hobgoblin and Bombardier are shite in my little world Kev
  9. Positive Sounds-I almost blew my mind-Shiptown Great stuff Steve Kev
  10. Hi Richard Most US collectors buy Group Soul, Sweet Soul etc, there are some Northern collectors but they are in the minority, you are right, some of the Sweet Soul, Group Harmony collections over there are fantastic, the market for that stuff is quite expensive but very vibrant Kev
  11. Will 2nd that Nevilo, was almost an honour to get your arse kicked by him when you stepped out of line Hope you still gonna contribute on here Rod Kev
  12. Kev Cane

    Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    Many thanks Andy, hoping to see you in September Kev
  13. Kev Cane

    Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    Time flying Pete, anyone fancy stopping over, The Bridge Hotel about 100 yards from Head of Steam is very reasonable price wise and very convenient Kev
  14. Just posted in Events Alldayers for Sweet, Deep and Soulful, Saturday, September 16th, check it out for full details. If you want tohear sounds like this, then get yourself there Kev
  15. Kev Cane

    Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    PLEASE NOTE :- THIS IS NOT A NORTHERN SOUL EVENT Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce the next instalment of Sweet, Deep and Soulful, focusing exclusively on the rarer (and not so rare) side of Sweet Soul, Deep Soul, Group Harmony and Mid-tempo Soul. The first two instalments proved to be a great success, lots of very positive feedback and enquiries as to when we planned the next one. The management of our fantastic venue also inviting us to stage our day on a more regular basis. We will be having a Soul drenched afternoon and evening consisting of the very best in rare Sweet, Deep and mid-tempo Soul, no more confinement to a couple of hours in a side room, ladies and gentlemen, its the main event, commencing at 2pm and finishing at midnight for the princely tax of £5 Joining resident spinners, Pete Foster, Gaz Simon and Kev Cane at the decks will be again probably the two finest Sweet Soul collections in the country owned by Andy Etheridge and Chris "Huggy" Huggins coming up in force from the South East, also, Special guest, Daz Carr, Sweet Soul enthusiast and collector from Darlington Andy and Chris are renowned Sweet Soul and Deep Soul collectors with very expansive knowledge of the subject matter, both regularly starring in the much heralded "Jim Wray Lounge" at The Essence Weekender Daz is a local lad with a fine collection of Sweet, Deep, Group Harmony and mid tempo soul and has supported the cause with great enthusiasm Our venue, The Head Of Steam is in the City centre of beautiful historic Durham City. It has a wealth of Hotels and B&B's and is on the London-Edinburgh main line. Not being satisfied with serving up the best in Soul music we are making sure the beer is to the connoisseur's taste, The Head Of Steam specialise in imported worldwide Beer, Craft Beer, Lager and Cider aswell as the best in locally produced Beers etc. The food is lovely and plentiful. We are situated upstairs in the Function room complete with balcony overlooking the lively and characteristic courtyard. It doesn't get any better. We are reverting to a pay at the door policy (£5 per person). Our capacity has been increased to around 150 Do not miss out, we had around 100 in last time out SEE YOU ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH Kev
  16. Kev Cane


    Hi Kegsy, sort of agree, but like Dave says, the vigils and condolences and routine we go through every time it happens won't stop it happening again, which is the bit of what Dave is implying that I agree with, action, not words and vigils is what is needed. Kev
  17. Kev Cane


    Spot on Dave, the only way forward is to get in amongst the bastards, sorry, but "already known to the police" don't cut it with me, change the laws, all this routine we are having to go through, having a vigil, "they'll never win", "our thoughts are with their families" will never stop until the relevant specialised forces have the power to act before the horse has bolted. Kev
  18. At last !!! Andy Etheridge has found his playlist from March 11th, going to use this opportunity to officially confirm our next Sweet, Deep and Soulful Alldayer at the fantastic City centre venue in Durham City, The Head of Steam, its happening on Saturday 16th September, full details will be going up in The Alldayer section in Events. Really glad to get hold of Andy's playlist, to say it sounded awesome back in March is an understatement as everyone who was there will agree. Lovelettes-I can't make you stay Gents and the Lady-I can feel those tears Flame N King-Strange love Mike Davis and Twighliters-My love Darnell Pitman-You hurt me Lavorn Smith-Without your love I'll be nothing Moondust Band-When you're loving me Sky's the Limit-Look at me now Chuck Armstrong-A better place Hoagy Lands-Reminice Jimmy Jones-Love don't lie Lee Hurst-Whole lot of your love Presley Strong-Let's be together 100% Pure Poison-Don't let your pride Home Grown Syndrome-Just you and me Atlantics-Unite the world Jonah's Whale-Why 2001 Black Essence-When you walk with love Fathers Children-Linda Charles Swain & David Tolbert-Many times I cried Spectrum-Loved by you Junction-Lets try it again Sevilles-Fallen in like Nobody's Child-All my friends call me a fool Willie Hobbs-Love em and leave em Jeanie Reynolds and Re-Leets-I don't mess around Samuela Williams-I'm tired of stealing your love Orbrey & Bernice-Let me lay with you tonight Glenn Gray & Cecily Walls-I do believe in love Bernadette Bascomb-I don't wanna lose your love Time-Lady, lady Meridian-I'll never quit Annette Poindexter-Wayward dream Andy has agreed to come up from the South East along with Chris Huggins and they are both going to spin more of the best in Sweet, Deep, Group and mid-tempo soul, if like us you are tired of the "same old, same old" and want a soul event that is completely unique, come and join us at The Head of Steam, Durham City on Saturday, September 16th Kev
  19. My kinda venue, totally refreshing unpredictable pl;aylists with no compromise on soul quality, need to get my ass down there, well done Scotters, Gouch and co Kev
  20. Will be very difficult picking that kind of stuff (the best) in that area Dave, those guys over there have got it pretty much sewn up, they are digging all of the time, I speak to quite a few of the guys over there on IG, will ask for you mate, hope you are well Kev
  21. Great picture, looks like a pint of Windermere Pale from Hawkshead Brewery, the best !!!
  22. As one would expect from Mr Etheridge, awesome stuff Kev
  23. Nice one Bri, essential, both sides class Kev

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