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  • Birthday 02/11/1961

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    Football, staying fit, real ale, soul on original vinyl
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    Aycliffe Village, County Durham
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    Big Daddy Graham Trio-Pretty Little Girl Of Mine

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  1. The MB,S is a want of mine, some great stuff on there
  2. Yep, "Ain't no coming back" defo sounds earlier than the inferior (imho) "Showstopper/Door" Kev
  3. Yes Mike, remember clearly, as soon as a record was "Pressed" the aura and appeal for the relevant 45 all but disappeared Kev
  4. Will be in touch Jakob, questionnaire with you by Saturday, love it !!! Kev
  5. Great choice, not live, but try Once you had a heart, I'm sure you'll get the same result Kev
  6. As usual, the hottest ticket in town, magnificent soulful diversity, catch up with you guys later in the year (bloody shifts) Kev
  7. Bought this for the flip, One Kindness deserves another, fantastic guitar work, lo-fi recording, which adds to it imo, sort after on the Sweet Soul scene in Califs, so imagine it's getting a bit scarce as it's collected on two fronts Kev
  8. His finest moment imo, and that's saying summat Kev
  9. The Exceptions is exactly the reason I bought it, fantastic Group record, will be hard to beat that in the new release of the year for 2020 imo. Early doors I know. On the same level as the best release for last year, Love, Unity and Virtue, Let love shine on Six Nine Records. Poundsy, who was responsible for the release, along with group member and currently still active, Howard Johnson, sold the limited press from a flat in Newcastle I think, They went quickly, 80% were sold to California collectors where it was originally recorded but never issued in 1976. I think the rest went to mainland Europe, hardly any to UK collectors. Kev
  10. Ey up my man, can't wait for both, essential reading Kev
  11. Thanks Jack, yes it is, it's took me about 7 years to find one

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