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  • Birthday 02/11/1961

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    Football, staying fit, real ale, soul on original vinyl
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    Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham
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    Big Daddy Graham Trio-Pretty Little Girl Of Mine

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  1. Hey John, Why the fuck are you selling this gem for Kev
  2. Debating "what is" and "what isn't" an auction record opens a whole can of worms and could be never ending, we all know vinyl has gone crazy, so none of us should be surprised these days at what turns up under the hammer, I'm certainly not Kev
  3. Already wished you the best on IG Baz, still, here we go again hope you had a great time my man Kev
  4. Can't wait for it my man, hope you and Nic are well Kev
  5. Just to reiterate what Robb said, the Sweet Soul collectors go after the flip, the awesome "I Done Told You So" and they all say that the Chicago Music Bag is the original Regards Kev
  6. Got me wires crossed,thought it was the wider distributed Smash issue at first and was gob smacked,then scrolled up to find it to be the much harder local issue Regards Kev
  7. Great record, should fly out
  8. Mellow Fellows is real bad ass Hugo, awesome stuff Kev
  9. Final reduction on this near mint copy beauty Spice-For Old Times Sake-Carrie £300 UK, I take care of postage, anywhere else to discuss Cheers Kev
  10. RIP Chuck, massive part of arguably the greatest Soul Group ever, I treasure every album I have by them Kev
  11. The reason it will have fetched 3000 dollars is because the flip "My love is true" is an awesome record, coveted by many of the Sweet Soul collectors in Califs Kev

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