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    Football, staying fit, real ale, soul on original vinyl
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    Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham
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    That raw Sweet Soul sound, Joe Walker-We need each other

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  1. kev cane

    Living Room DJ

    See you in June JO xx
  2. kev cane

    Living Room DJ

    Thanks Mike Yeah, got a little of my mojo back I think Hope you are well Kev
  3. kev cane

    Living Room DJ

    Few days off work, went to the record room to spin a few Charles Swain, David Tolbert and The Black Liberation band - Many times I cried Berganees - Time is gonna change Bump and The Soul stompers - Standing on the outside Donald Jenkins - Music Revolution Fantastic Epics - Walk in the limelight Religious Souls - Sinner Man Joy Incorporated - Cryin for your love (Love Stormy Weather is great, but not this great) General Lee - We did it baby Full Force-A long way together Love, Unity and virtue - Let love shine Spice - For old times sake Church - How long For those interested in the Sweet, Deep and Group Harmony side of things, will be announcing next Sweet Deep and Soulful intended for late June shortly Kev
  4. kev cane

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    Some great versions, particularly The Radiant, but my fave is The Jordan Brothers Kev
  5. kev cane

    3 Nice ones

    For Sale Lee Williams and Cymbals - Love is breaking out /Til you come back - Carnival Exc £60 In demand Cross over winner with super Sweet flip Brothers of Soul - Come on back - Boo £45 Exc Cross over brilliance on the Orange issue Four Sonics - Easier said than done /Greatest love - Sport £80 VG++SOLD Awesome Detroit Double hitter £2.50 1ST CLASS SIGNED FOR POST PayPal as F&F please Kev
  6. kev cane

    California Soul

    On Friday August 3rd, The Golden Bull in Oakland is well worth a visit, those Bay Area guys have some great stuff, especially the mid tempo group stuff, a guy I know called Cameron Thompson is a resident DJ there and he has some great stuff, think you'll do well to strike lucky if you are digging for stuff in the Califs, these guys are right on top of it, a lot of rare soul collectors, especially the Sweet and Group stuff, have a great trip, sounds fantastic Kev
  7. kev cane

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    My mate Gaz Simon was DJing at a place in Gateshead back in the early 80,s, there were some skinheads in, Gaz said the atmosphere was a bit iffy, while doing his set one of the skins came up on the stage and asked if he would play "there's a hole in my shoe" by Neil, Gaz, by now shitting himself tried explaining he didn't have it and it was a Northern Soul do.At that, the skinhead walked off the stage, along the front of the decks and pulled Gaz from underneath the decks by his legs, there was fooking hell on Priceless Kev
  8. kev cane

    Lee Williams, Brothers of Soul

    For Sale 2 Beauties Lee Williams and Cymbals - It's Everything About You-Carnival Brilliant Crossover, Excellent condition £75SOLD Brothers of Soul - Come on back - Boo Brilliant mover on the Orange issue, Excellent condition £60 £2.50 P&P 1st class signed PayPal as F&F Thanks for looking Kev
  9. kev cane

    Four Sonics

    For Sale Brilliant Detroit Double hitter Four Sonics - Easier said than done /Greatest love - Sport VG++ £100 post Inc UK, anywhere else to discuss Best Kev
  10. kev cane

    3 to go

    For Sale Lee Williams and Cymbals - Lost Love/Peepin through the window - Carnival, Lovely white promo, great double hitter, Excellent condition £50Sold Four Sonics - Easier said than done /Greatest love - Sport, again great double hitter, VG++ £100 Jimmy Raye-You must be losing your mind /For the sake of love - Garrison, Once again, great double sider Excellent condition £100Sold I take care of postage UK, anywhere else to be discussed PayPal F&F Thanks for looking Kev
  11. kev cane

    More Detroit

    For Sale Four Sonics - Easier said than done /Greatest love - Sport VG ++ £125 Inc post UK, to discuss anywhere else PayPal F&F Thanks for looking Kev
  12. kev cane

    Detroit biggie

    For Sale Fantastic double hitter Jimmy Raye-You must be losing your mind/For the sake of love - Garrison Demo in excellent condition £120 +postage (to be discussed) PayPal as F&F Thanks for looking Kev
  13. kev cane

    Low Rider biggie

    For Sale Sunny and the Sunliners - Should I take you home - Key-Loc Excellent condition on the much rarer San Antonio Texas first label £125 includes postage in the UK Bank Transfer preferred on this one but will do PayPal Best regards Kev
  14. Already mentioned him, great guy with a super Sweet Soul and Modern Soul collection, keen as mustard about Soul music, oh, and Coventry City Kev
  15. kev cane

    Soul in the Hole, Sweet, Deep and Mid-Tempo room

    Thanks Jo, an enjoyable night indeed, great to play records you love without having to sell out to keep a dancefloor busy, loved your sets xx Kev


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