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  1. Times we live in, forget the going rate on anything, price wise, nothing surprises me, the scope is a lot, lot larger than the Northern Soul fraternity throwing their hats in the ring on these items, worldwide, there are collectors of "rare" Soul music, no pidgeon holing, people who've never been to a niter over here, every week people are aghast at the prices changing hands, all bets are off, prices are a reflection on how much someone wants a record, nowt to do with "going rate" we'll just have to get used to it, it's not going away Kev
  2. Thanks Alan, that'll be on Lu Lu then ? Hope you're well Kev
  3. Sorted, Many thanks Kev
  4. Looking for a clean copy of Alvin Green and Green Fire-Turning on and tuning in Please message if you can help Kev
  5. Bollocks to the fags, anyone who ain't got this book already, believe me, it's essential Kev
  6. Bobas collection was a joke, he had the lot, Sweet, Group Harmony Soul, which is my bag, I still, and always will, tap into his archive shows, he loved the artists, and as we know, interviewed loads of the groups on his show, especially Chicago groups, still can't believe he's gone, forget the trumpt up self serving so called BIG names, this man was in another league, we miss you Boba, R.I.P Kev
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if 7 Nombres went across the pond, rare, and the type of thing the West Coast guy's go for, think it's better known over there Kev
  8. Ey up Steve Have a great day mate Kev
  9. The Invincible, Together, We Can Make Something Happen, Album, Heard the title track on one of Boba,s shows while having my monthly bath. Fantastic Group Soul from Englewood, Southside Chicago, 1975, 5 really strong tracks, but, Together, is an absolute killer Kev
  10. That's it, everything is now practically in people's collections, the auction items from Tim Brown and John Manship have been submitted from people's collections, record digging trips to the States are nowhere near as productive as they were, two contributing factors, the US are well on to it, have been for years, and, you can only go to the well so many times, anything fresh and of interest to the dance driven scene gets offered to certain DJs, the door, as you suggest, keeps revolving and revolving Kev
  11. Fantastic and fitting eulogy Col, everything is right there about this genuinely lovely guy, never ever heard him raise his voice, loved a laugh, great sense of humour, genuinely shocked and gutted at seeing this, RIP Johnny, you and Tony got plenty to catch up on up there Kev
  12. Have a great New year my man, and thanks for the invitation, would be an honour Kev
  13. Great show, plenty of Sweet gems new to these ears Kev
  14. Ey up, just seen this, have a good un Joan Xx
  15. The Born Free album is an absolute masterpiece, killer ballads and scorching group dancers, different, but every bit as good as Soul Superman album Kev
  16. A twofer Carl, "Guess that don't make me a loser " ain't too shabby either Kev
  17. An 8 million pounds sounding record for £8, there is a god after all, Come Back Home, one of the greatest group Deep Soul records ever, the last minute or so is not of this earth Kev
  18. Quality batch there Baz, Love-Thats the way it is, a gem, and a bargain

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