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  1. Excellent condition promo copy £325.00 plus postage Sold
  2. The Curtis Liggins Indications 'What it is? ' Hi, would like to put this up for sale... Excellent condition Not sure of current price Thanks in advance
  3. Don't let me down, along with I keep trying big faves of mine. For any rocksteady fans, this is a great take on a Fred Hughes tune...
  4. Maybe too slick to be tagged garage but it's got a psych garage vibe I think . Vocal flip great too imo
  5. Haddon Hall Hotel, Devonshire Place, Eastbourne E Sussex BN21 4AJ DJ's Ian 'Taffy' Guy Stuart Trevellion ..guest DJ Rob Wilde
  6. Not that I'm obsessed with this tune or anything I just noticed this 45 up for sale... All the copies I've seen pics of on Dr Bird have the pop out centre. This has a set centre...like some of the recent 'Sanctuary records' Trojan et.c re-issues Not saying it's not legit...just curious https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GLEN-MILLER-WHERE-IS-THE-LOVE-FUNKY-BROADWAY-7-45-UK-ORIG-DICTOR-BIRD-DB1089-EX/162911944981?hash=item25ee4f0115:g:QoIAAOSwXqVajSoI
  7. My lack of common sense amazes me I set up.my decks in the garden yesterday and they were sat in direct sunlight for a good hour before mr f*ckwit decides to test the system and sticks a 45 on...why is it jumping I ask myself as I watch the record curl up like a dead spider! I touched the metal platter afterwards and you could fry an egg with it I put the 45 back in it's sleeve and took it somewhere cool...miraculously it has gone back to.It's correct shape Proper numpty
  8. This is my messy music corner Sanctuary from a crazy world
  9. I think she was Bob Marley's publicist through Island It was quite a good 'beginners guide' As a white brit, roots reggae is understandably more resonant to a black audience as the lyrics speak of black history and slavery, as well as African roots I am falling more in love with this music, just as we white boys dug the blues in the early 60's It's a shame the skinhead crowd find it boring, although I'm secretly glad they stay in their cul de sac
  10. I think the term Skinhead reggae describes the music recorded in Jamaica (and the UK, eg Symarip, Pama Dice et.c) which was post rocksteady (with the fast organ and guitar licks, and different beats) but generally recorded pre 1971 (unless DJ voiceovers are included)....I suppose it is a similar generalisation to the term Northern Soul It's a shame, as there so much good reggae the skinheads are missing out on (eg good heavy roots, and rockers), but presumably they are only allowed to dance a la moonstomp and must follow the rules at all times to fit in
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhhKieDSQ2Y Great Ja interpretation of this, with Slim Smith on vocals
  12. And it includes the great Keep on Movin, covered so well by the Wailers
  13. Strictly 60's Soul & Jamaican Ska/Rocksteady/Boss reggae
  14. Dont think this is using a sample, but just the Bass line, and rhythm

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