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60s Soul at The Movies - Urban Hymns magazine cover

Seems to be that a spot of a northern soul reference in the movies shows up almost every week nowadays . 

This time around a couple of northern references crop up amongst a recent new release called Urban Hymn which (yet again) is showing in the Toronto Film Festival, so not seen it but the trailer does have a very brief Darrell Banks moment

Video below but note that it is time linked so you need to replay it to watch the full trailer

'URBAN HYMN is a redemptive coming of age story which follows a neglected and wayward teen, Jamie, whose incredible singing voice offers her an escape to a better life until she finds her loyalties torn between her inspiring, unconventional care worker and her possessive and volatile best friend'

After reading a review there may be a chance of further 'northern references' in the complete film as apparently the mother passed on to the main character her love of 'northern soul', but as the review seems to be a usa based one then there may be some confusuion about the term 'northern soul'. So guess the soundtrack details may be interesting once out

Anyway the film looks all right at first glance, and while haven't seen the full film, this and other recent 60s soul related exposure has to be a good thing yep?

Well I just looked out of the window and the sky still seems in place, how's it your way ?


review here


Imdb film page here





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Also features one of my heroes (non Soul) but still a great lyricist and social commentator Billy Bragg. I'm a lover of indie films so will be checking this out for these two reasons alone.

Its also a Brit Flix set against the 2011 riots so the use of the term Northern Soul may well be in the right context. Apparently they share a love of vintage soul music (now that does make us all old farts!) 

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I love good British social realism so looking forward to seeing this regardless of soul connections. At for posting Mike

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