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  1. Larry Payton - Chicago Soul

    LARRY PAYTON, CHICAGO. This post is an incomplete file with which I have two choices; leave it to gather dust no doubt never to see the light of day again or to share it as it stands with you guys in the Soul community...
      11   Blackpoolsoul |
  2. Motown in The Brill Building - Keith Hughes & Andy Rix

    There's been a bit of talk around the Norma Jenkins version of 'Try Love'. Thought it might be timely to share this article Keith Hughes wrote 25 years ago with a bit of assistance from myself. The first Motown office outside Detroit ...
      22   The Yank |
  3. Sandy Hollis : The Lost Detroit Soulstress Found

    Big Wheel recording artist Sandy Hollis contacts Dave Welding and her story is revealed some 50 years after her brief recording career.
      23   Tlscapital |
  4. Northern Soul Connections #24 - Soul Reflections... who, where, what

    Ken B's latest northern soul connection, #24.
      2   Kenb |
  5. GLR Radio 1999 - Where's Wigan - a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul

    'Where's Wigan - a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul' - BBC London radio station GLR 1999 Digging through the 6-pacs led to this packed away show from the late 1990s. Rather than just dump it on mixcloud have dug out the text that accompanied the show...
      1   Tomangoes |
  6. New Kent CD Review - This Is Fame 1964-1968

    Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Fame Records, world renowned recording studio and label is highlighted here with a best of type compilation by Dean Rudland spanning the years 1964 - 1968. 24 of the very best of the Sound of Muscle Shoals.
      4   Chalky |
  7. A Review of Dave Godin A Northern Soul Book

    A review of Dave Godin A Northern Soul, a biography by Stephen Stevlor.  Review by Damian Conaghan.............. aka Dim 
      3   Tam La Motown |
  8. More Source 6 Pacs from 2001 onwards

    More Source 6 Pacs from 2001/2003 onwards featuring selections and words from Irish Greg, Carl Fortnum, Alan H and Nick Brown
      1   Tomangoes |
  9. Motown 45 Numbering - Ain't That The Truth!

    An article Steve Armitage, and I, wrote in 1993 ... explaining the number system Ain't That The Truth! - The Motown DM Master System By Steve Armitage & Andy Rix Acknowledgements To Ron Murphy (Detroit)
      6   Andy Rix |
  10. Willie Weems - His Story

    The story of Willie Weems ...inc The Dontells, 4 Brothers, Sam & Kitty, The Turks and more
      19   micky kent |
  11. Kenny Carter - Showdown - The Complete 1966 RCA recordings Review

    30 years after recording, Ady Croasdell unleashed the unreleased masters of RCA upon the famed 100 Club dance floor. Amongst them Kenny's What's That On Your Finger. 2020 sees the complete 22 tracks Kenny laid down in those sessions finally released.
      2   Chalky |
  12. Soul Source 6 Pacs from 2000 - Revisited & Rehoused

    Long time Soul Source members may remember how about 20 years or so ago we used to have a 6 Pac audio feature here on Soul Source,
      6   Girdwoodinc |
  13. Jan Bradley Interview - Bob Abrahamian 2008

    A highlight of a forum post by the late Bob Abrahamian back in 2008
      8   Chris Turnbull |
  14. Northern Soul Connections #23 - Soulsations and then some

    Ken B's latest northern soul connection, #23. Soul Exotics, Emporers, Twila and the Twighlights, The Soulsations, and (no The) Soulsations.
      4   Kenb |
  15. Dave Godin - A Northern Soul - Book Preview

    The fascinating and colourful life story of one of the most respected and important figures in black American music and the British Soul scene. From his teenage discovery of Rhythm & Blues in 1950s Bexleyheath,
      18   Sos Club Vinyl |
  16. Betty LaVette - He Made A Woman Out Of Me - Feature

    'A deep look at a high-point in smouldering, storyline country-tinged southern soul, one of those wonderful and rare occasions when all of the undeniably top-drawer participants came together at the peak of their considerable powers to produce a genuine..'
  17. Soul Odyssey 1968 - Book - Jonas Bernholm - Online in Full

    Jonas Bernholm has been in touch and kindly shared details of a book of his which is available to read freely online in full under Creative Comments License via York University 'It's a diary from my Soul Trip in USA 1968 & meetings with numerous artists..
      4   geobuch335 |
  18. Leeds Central 1975

    My journey into being a Northern Soul lover for 45 years.....
      10   MrT |
  19. New Book 6 Whitworth Street - The Birthplace of Northern Soul

    A book is about the Northern Soul years of the Twisted Wheel Club, at its Whitworth Street location.  It is about how one little basement club, in Manchester, created a worldwide music phenomenon.
      8   Tomangoes |
  20. Digging in the Texas Triangle 2019 - Record Hunting

    Digging in the Texas Triangle 2019. Record hunting adventures in Texas and the Austen Record Convention
      16   Baz Atkinson |
  21. The Most Sought After Rare Northern 1 2 3

    The Most Sought After Rare Northern. This list contains what I consider the most sought after and rare original release Northern soul 45s at this point in time. Read on...
      127   Mike |
  22. Little Johnny Jones - Feature

    Little Johnny Jones - Feature. More about this very special deep-gospel recording by Jimmy Jones in due course - but first, what of the vocalist himself? 
      5   DukeBurgundy |
  23. Timmy Willis Feature

    Timmy Willis Feature. Information about soul vocalist Timmy Willis has always been sketchy but the singer’s “Easy As Saying 1-2-3” is such a monumental slab of deep-soul that I thought a little digging was in order.
      2   DukeBurgundy |
  24. Joe Valentine Feature

    Joe Valentine only put down some 14 tracks in the early-soul era  between 1960 and 1968 and yet still managed to produce three stone deep classic performances
      9   Source Team |
  25. Texas - A Big State But A Small World

    Texas - a big state but a small world - In April 2020 my interest was piqued when a I saw 2 mysterious Chicano records on 2 different web sites of respected sellers...
      2   Kenb |

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