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  1. Last month
  2. Now at #35 in the long running informative 'Northern Connections' series by @Kenb Northern Connections # 35 -  Child Of Friendship, Train Robbers
  3. October 2023
  4. Lester Fred Tipton was born 1st September 1948 in Detroit Mi. along with twin sister Leslie Viola to their parents, Mr & Mrs Willard Tipton.
  5. September 2023
  6. In April 2022, MD Records unveiled a double-sided 45 featuring two tracks from the archives of Pioneer Studio in Detroit. Following our successful efforts in tracking down another surviving member of the group known as The New Sensations, we are now able to share the complete narrative and further enrich the history of Pioneer Records.
  7. Here is an opportunity to celebrate Lea Manor and meet up with friends on 23rd September 2023. The promoters are Martyn Bradley, Kev Spittle @Munchkin and @munchkinette
  8. August 2023
  9. Today, we have another story to share - the remarkable tale of The Gambrells, a previously unknown girl group from the heart of Detroit. Thanks to the efforts of our researcher and label partner, Jordan Wilson, and the discovery of long-forgotten studio tapes within the Pioneer Studio vault, we can now shed event more light on the incredible journey of Sharon, Pat, and Sandra
  10. July 2023
  11. We have just reached #34 in @Kenb's long running informative 'Northern Connections' series.  Northern Connections # 34 Lew Hanson, Mary Mundy & Soul Syndicate/Seven Sense
  12. June 2023
  13. The latest Northern Connections episode #33 from Kenb
  14. May 2023
  15. Burford Fishback - A man with many irons in the fire (aka Sonny Fishback / Sonny Fisher) Burford 'Sonny' Fishback was born in Nashville, Tennessee but moved to Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 13. He attended Madison Jr. High there in 1953 and in 1957 he  transferred to Central High School joining Mohammad Ali there. Sonny's plan and dreams included becoming a nightclub singer...
  16. The story of Vel Lewis, Life member and more....
  17. April 2023
  18. The latest Northern Connections episode #32 from Kenb
  19. March 2023
  20. The upcoming release of the Shrine Vinyl Lp from Kent Records stirred Andy Rix aka @Andy Rix to pass on his second set of his Shrine related sleeve notes, the ones written for the 'Shrine - the Rarest Soul Label Vol.2' 2000 Cd release...
  21. 30 Years Of Northern Soul In Todmorden. A commemorative booklet issued at the Charity Anniversary Evening 20th April 2001. Walsden Cricket Club
  22. February 2023
  23. A deep-dive into the song’s roots in the Philly Sound, its second life as a Northern Soul classic, and its resurrection as...
  24. How did an obscure Texas recording end up on a national label years later and how did it get there ?
  25. January 2023
  26. Colstar label, FIRE, VIP's, Magicians. A San Francisco Pop Festival that never happened, an associated album of that festival that didn't have the artists perform who were  credited on it, and a Kiwi mod behind it. Tap to view
  27. We regret to learn of the sad passing of Bonnie on 8th June 2020 and of Anita on 31st December 2022, Interview with Bonnie & Anita Pointer recorded 2018
  28. November 2022
  29. From Doo-Wop to the Drifters to the dance floors of the UK and beyond. A brief chat with Chuck Cockerham.
  30. Northern Soul Connections #30 - The Seventh Sense, the long running series hits #30. Tap below to read...
  31. Charles L. Blakely from prison to the recording studio and a release on the UK label Soul Junction.
  32. The "Miss Motown" record (is one of two 45's) that completely surprised, excited and confused any and all "Motown" collectors or "Motown" interest, when one of the two 45's suddenly appeared on "Ebay" in 2015.
  33. August 2022
  34. Northern Soul Connections #29 - Murphys Law - The latest in this now very long running series of soul connected connections
  35. March 2022
  36. A group with just three releases of which until recently little was known about them but they still managed to cause much confusion amongst collectors.
  37. Northern Soul Connections #28 - The Strange case of the Imaginations - Fraternity Records The 24th instalment in this long running series from Ken b - tap below
  38. January 2022
  39. Project Awakening - Black History Month USA February
  40. December 2021
  41. As the days pass by it seems that more and more archival material is becoming available online, with local papers just being one available source for looking back.
  42. November 2021
  43. Ella Woods was born in Lexington, Mississippi and moved with her family to L.A when she was 5 years old...
  44. October 2021
  45. An examination of the role of the Treadwell Family , and the history of the Drifters , whose story is told in The Drifters Girl - Opening in London next week.
  46. Guests on the late Bob Abrahamian's Sitting In The Park radio shows would occasionally mention Teens With Talent (TWT). 
  47. September 2021
  48. Pee Wee Ellis had worked as Esther Phillips' bandleader back in the 1970's; he said he had a beautiful live show tape...
  49. Article found on line about the group formed circa 1965 in San Diego and recorded "This Is The Day" on John B Kopit's" KOPIT label.
  50. August 2021
  51. A review of the book, It Ain’t Retro: Daptone Records & The 21st-Century Soul Revolution...
  52. What Soul film biographies are long overdue ?
  53. "Many are touched by adversity, they fall down and they never get back up, whereas some go through adversity and discover their true self". How one man after finding himself down took the plunge to find and rescue unissued recordings for the work to hear.
  54. Doris Duke - Deep Soul Queen. Another quality fully featured article by @Peternickols 
  55. A scan of a newspaper article from1978 looking at the drug side of the Casino... 'Life and soul of long Wigan Nights'
  56. July 2021
  57. A Personal tribute to Amy Winehouse on the 10th anniversary of her death
  58. Last year we (Soul Source) had the pleasure to publish a quality fully featured article by member Peternickols. We now have a revised/updated version of this article submitted by Pete....
  59. May 2021
  60. Northern Soul Connections #26 - Soul Sensations, The Soul Sounds and Devil Worshop The latest Northern Connection from Kenb #26
  61. March 2021
  62. First one of 2021. Ken b's latest Northern Soul Connections #25 Northern Soul Connections #25  Lewie & The 7 Days and friends from the Show-Me state Read via...
  63. February 2021
  64. Black music has been the soundtrack to my life. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Like whisky it matures with age. It resonates even deeper now in today’s post truth world just as much as it did in the 1960s and 70s when the protest song and socially co
  65. January 2021
  66. LARRY PAYTON, CHICAGO. This post is an incomplete file with which I have two choices; leave it to gather dust no doubt never to see the light of day again or to share it as it stands with you guys in the Soul community...
  67. There's been a bit of talk around the Norma Jenkins version of 'Try Love'. Thought it might be timely to share this article Keith Hughes wrote 25 years ago with a bit of assistance from myself. The first Motown office outside Detroit ...
  68. December 2020
  69. Big Wheel recording artist Sandy Hollis contacts Dave Welding and her story is revealed some 50 years after her brief recording career.
  70. November 2020
  71. 'Where's Wigan - a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul' - BBC London radio station GLR 1999 Digging through the 6-pacs led to this packed away show from the late 1990s. Rather than just dump it on mixcloud have dug out the text that accompanied the show...
  72. Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Fame Records, world renowned recording studio and label is highlighted here with a best of type compilation by Dean Rudland spanning the years 1964 - 1968. 24 of the very best of the Sound of Muscle Shoals.
  73. A review of Dave Godin A Northern Soul, a biography by Stephen Stevlor.  Review by Damian Conaghan.............. aka Dim 
  74. October 2020
  75. More Source 6 Pacs from 2001/2003 onwards featuring selections and words from Irish Greg, Carl Fortnum, Alan H and Nick Brown
  76. An article Steve Armitage, and I, wrote in 1993 ... explaining the number system Ain't That The Truth! - The Motown DM Master System By Steve Armitage & Andy Rix Acknowledgements To Ron Murphy (Detroit)
  77. The story of Willie Weems ...inc The Dontells, 4 Brothers, Sam & Kitty, The Turks and more

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