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  1. The Story - Inspirations - No One Else Can Take Your Place

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   13

    Thanks to Kev Roberts the story behind The Inspirations on Breakthrough, one of Northern Soul's rarest records.

  2. Northern Soul Connections #3 - Valentines

    Soul Articles · Kenb · ·

    Northern Soul Connections - Time for the third in this ongoing series of northern soul music themed infographics, valentines...

  3. Northern Soul Connections #2

    Soul Articles · Kenb · ·

    Northern Soul Connections - The second in this ongoing series of soul music themed infographics

  4. Rare Soul Uncovered - History Of Northern Soul 1984 Sleeve Notes

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·   12

    Another scanned sleeve notes found, this time the scan is from the Charly Comp Rare Soul Uncovered by Dave Evision

  5. Best Soul Books of 2016

    Soul Articles · Stormcock · ·   18

    I think it's been a vintage year for books on the history of soul music....

  6. Northern Soul Connections #1

    Soul Articles · Kenb · ·   2

    Member @Kenb has just passed up the first in a series of soul music themed infographic 'connections', #1 Northern Connections...

  7. Stax Northern Soul Disco LP Sleeve Notes

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·   12

    The current forum topic called Stax Dancers - reminded me that somewhere had the ocr scanned sleeve notes of...

  8. Linda Tate - Sad News And Her Story

    Soul Articles · Andy Rix · ·   1

    Despite trying to locate Linda for years I never quite got there ... but thankfully

  9. Going Deeper Nick Pride & The Pimptones [Interview]

    Soul Articles · IMirza0613 · ·

    Interview with Nick Pride discussing the band's brand new album 'Go Deep'

  10. The Richard Caiton Story

    Soul Articles · Boxy · ·   2

    The Richard Caiton Story - "I never did music for money; it's always been for love".

  11. The Esquires - The Family Tradition Continues.

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   12

    The musical Legacy of one of Milwaukee’s finest harmony group’s is being kept alive by their children.


    Soul Articles · Keep The Faith · ·   3

    Sarah Collins became a YouTube sensation with covers of Northern Soul classics. Now she’s taken to the road with a live band.

  13. The Story Of Larry Banks And The Servicemen

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   29

    The story of Larry Banks & The Servicemen whose recording career was brief but left some memorable, sought after music.

  14. Ken Knox And Co - Give Me Just A Little More Time

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    Ken Knox, for over 30 years a member of the Internationally renown Chairmen Of The Board will be touring the UK this Autumn.

  15. I Hate Country Music, But Not Country Songs

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   27

    Country songs cut by country singers are awful, but in the hands of fine soul acts they can blossom into fine recorded work.

  16. Just Another Soul Group -- Popular Five

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   7

    Popular Five had no hits & yet enjoyed releases in Europe. After they disappeared, lead singer Warren Wilson, had a solo career.

  17. The MVP'S Uncovered!

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   20

    "Turning My Heart Beat Up", one of the scenes iconic 45's. Here the mystery of who they were is finally revealed.

  18. A Northern Soul - Teenage Fanclub's Gerard Love talks Soul Music

    Soul Articles · Okeydoke · ·

    Teenage Fanclub's Gerard Love talks Soul music with Peckham Soul before this Saturdays Together Event

  19. Ronnie Canada: From Cleveland Ohio to Watford

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   8

    Ronnie Canada's career has been a long & ongoing one. After starting out in Cleveland in the 70's, he's now based in Watford.

  20. Together with Belle & Sebastian - Peckham Soul Interview

    Soul Articles · Okeydoke · ·   6

    Interview with Belle and Sebastian's Chris Geddes on all things Northern by Peckham Soul's resident DJ Craig Jamieson

  21. Soul Junction is Runnin' Wild with the Scott Three

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   7

    A popular spin for the best part of a decade or so on the Rare Soul Scene, it now sees a release via Soul junction.

  22. The Al Kent and Ronnie Savoy Story

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   13

    a brotherhood of men (and one wife) as successful, popular and influential as anything produced by the Motown machine

  23. Think About It Girl

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   12

    Solid Solution's "Think About It Girl" as been a much played and favourite track on the Uk Soul Scene for some years now. We have here the great story of the group and it's m…

  24. Al Perkins legendary Detroit DJ

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·   3

    Together they would form a group of independent labels and promotion companies that would become a major part of the beating heart of Detroit music in the early 70's

  25. Tyrone Edwards aka Tony & Tyrone

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·   12

    Early on they became close friends of Carolyn & Aretha Franklin, who help them whenever they could to develop their careers

  26. The Post Wigan Years - Northern Soul

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   104

    Much has been written about the Northern Soul scene up to the demise of The Wigan Casino, but very little has actually been written about what followed. For many, the scene d…

  27. Ann Sexton Story

    Soul Articles · Boxy · ·   9

    The Ann Sexton Story and details of her Concert at the Wilton on the 14th November 2015.

  28. Soul Clans and Allniter venues of Scotland

    Soul Articles · ukvibe · ·   29

    This Soul Map of Scotland

  29. The Art of Ian Clark on Uk Vibe

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   17

    Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article just up.

  30. The Willie Parker Story - New Century Soul 12th Anniversary

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   3

    Manchester's New Century Soul once again brings a historical event to it's Anniversary All Nighter!

  31. Cream Cracker 10 years finish in November

    Soul Articles · kev such · ·

    Not too long to go now till the 1st of August for the 10th Anniversary Cream Cracker. I have also decided that the 21st of Novembers Charity Cream Cracker in aid of Scotties…

  32. A tale of two Dittys - Bletsoe Reunion 2

    Soul Articles · Winnie :-) · ·   4

    I got there pretty much as it was starting, parked the car in a field...

  33. Reflections from the Corfu Weekender May 2015

    Soul Articles · Winnie :-) · ·   7

    So 24 hours or so after the event, I thought it would be right and proper to put together a few words to reflect the weekender as a whole. For those with a short attention sp…

  34. Lil Gray - Are You Fooling - The Story

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   7

    Following on from Soul Junctions latest release by "The Dynamic Sounds Orchestra" who feature amongst its members Norwood Gray Jnr. and article telling the story of Norwood's…

  35. Soulshakers Bamberg Celebrates 10 Years

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·   14

    As always there is a little trepidation in the weeks leading up to this event in our house. Will anyone turn up? Will the guest DJ's fit in ?, Will the weather be nice ? Have…

  36. Stuart Cosgrove - Soul Man - Short Film

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·   15

    Writer and Soul Source member Stuart Cosgrove features in a short film (8 mins), talking all about his latest project and beyond with pics and sounds...

  37. Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five

    Soul Articles · Windlesoul · ·   4

    Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five from Greensboro, NC were a popular frat party booking throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Venues in the 1960s included the Polo Club (Win…

  38. Skegness Weekender 2015 Lookback via Winston

    Soul Articles · Winnie :-) · ·   8

    Skegness weekender and where to start?

  39. The (Soul) Generation

    Soul Articles · Windlesoul · ·   2

    This Wilmington, North Carolina band was largely composed of high school students. Their sole 45 release was a very competent beach cover of The O’Jay’s Minit classic “Hold o…

  40. George McGregor - Detroit's busiest drummer.

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   28

    McGregor's recollections of his time in the pop music 'business' are candid, direct and brutally honest, and provide a tantalising insight...

  41. Bob Meyer and the Rivieras

    Soul Articles · Windlesoul · ·   6

    Bob Meyer and the Rivieras (not to be confused with the Indiana Rivieras) were from Charlotte, NC. They were one of the earlier beach groups, originally formed in

  42. The Delacardos

    Soul Articles · Windlesoul · ·   5

    The Delacardos were an all black vocal and instrumental group from Charlotte NC, who formed initially at high school. They made at least nine records between 1959 and 1967, s…

  43. The Tempests

    Soul Articles · Windlesoul · ·   27

    The Tempests were a very popular band from around Charlotte NC, which ran from 1963 to the mid seventies, with frequent personnel changes (up to twenty five members in its hi…

  44. Soulbowl

    Soul Articles · neckender · ·   133

    For those avid collectors of rare soul vinyl, the mail order list of SoulBowl (proprietor, John Anderson) ...

  45. The Passions: If You See My Baby

    Soul Articles · Windlesoul · ·   12

    One of the most popular and rarest 1960s girl group 45 discoveries with northern soul appeal is without a doubt The Passions for their “If You See My Baby” (Elvitrue & Sateli…

  46. Rugby and I ain't talking balls - Allnighter Lookback

    Soul Articles · spot · ·   9

    Where to begin? It's been a while since I put pen to paper for a Venue review but ...

  47. The Delgonives From A Song Writers Perspective

    Soul Articles · Carl Dixon · ·   32

    From a song writers perspective. Loving you always came easy by The Delgonives.

  48. Shredded Wheat Advert Background Interview

    Soul Articles · Russell Gilbert · ·   17

    Here's an advertising industry insider's perspective on the making of the ad. It's an interview with the director, Finn McGough, who has...

  49. DJ Words - London NYE Allnighter Profiles

    Soul Articles · Yann V · ·   2

    From the events section, a few dj profiles lifted from the London NYE Allnighter Comments<br />

  50. 2014 Don Davis and Deon Jackson by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   13

    Don Davis and Deon Jackson by Rob Moss the passing of two of the soul scene's most revered icons.

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