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  1. Pat Bradys 60th Birthday celebrations at Leeds - May 7th 2017

    · Rob Wigley · ·

    Well they say “time & tide waits for no man”, well as incredible as it may seem, Premium record dealer, Wigan Casino & Stafford

  2. Sharon Jones with E L Fields Gospel Wonders - Preview

    · soul source · ·

    Sharon Jones with E.L. Fields Gospel Wonders "Heaven Bound" / "Key To The Kingdom" Preview

  3. More More More Soul Source

    · mike · ·

    Just a quick highlight of changes to the top structure of Soul Source. After the recent upgrade we are now going...

  4. R.I.P Steve Aldo

    · Simsy · ·   5

    R.I.P Steve Aldo

  5. House of Broken Hearts by E. Mark Windle

    · Windlesoul · ·   2

    The northern soul of a southern city. A biographical collection of solo artists and groups from 1960s Nashville.

  6. Soul Map Gets Events - Site News

    · soul source · ·   1

    Recent improvements to the Soul Maps feature means that can now 'announce' the addition of all soul source events to the soul ma

  7. Sad News - Joni Sledge of Sister Sledge has passed on

    · mike · ·   3

    Reported in the msm the sad news that Joni Sledge of Sister Sledge has passed on at the age of 60

  8. Charity Soul at Prestatyn Northern Soul Weekender

    · the Happy Hooker · ·

    Prestatyn yn gwneud ei rhan dros Soul Elusen- (Pretstatyn does its bit for Charity Soul)

  9. The Night Owl Take Over of Birmingham Town Hall

    · Maryam Snape · ·   2

    The Night Owl take over listed building Birmingham Town Hall and make use of it's massive wooden dance floor.

  10. Trailer - Detroit '67 film - 12th and Clairmount

    · soul source · ·   1

    Detroit Free Press website is running a news item of an upcoming new documentary about Detroit's summer of 1967. Watch trailer

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