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Local Soul Events - Going local down in...

Local Soul Events - Going local down in... article cover

As the weekend arrives the thinking is that a highlight of a feature of the Soul Source Event Guide may be a useful thing for those off out and about

The feature being highlighted is our 'local' soul events guide  which is a built-in feature of our Soul Event Guide

It works as in...

you hit up the 'local' button and you get a listing  all your  local events

What 'Local' means is all up to you...

It can mean

  •  your isp reported location (your browser ip)
  • your browser/ (Using GPS, Cellphone Triangulation, Wifi, Router, etc)
  • if logged in your soulmap/profile location
  • custom range ( 50 miles is the default - members can customise)

You just choose which works best for you

Anyway as the best way to find out how it works is to just give it a go, here's the link


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